APRIL 25-29, 2016



Robotics Camp Flyer 2016 Updated April 1st

6TH GRADE-  This week we are learning about the Electromagnetic Spectrum.  On Thursday we will review for the test on Friday. All students have a light purple study guide to work on.



MS. JACOBSON’S CLASS –  Monday we played a What Kingdom Am I Game? and made our own Kingdom cards. Questions 28-32 were due and checked.  Tuesday we will play a review game.  Study your Classification Questions for the test.  Here is a copy of the key to study if you’d like.


Thursday we will look at our Petri dishes to see what organisms grew there.  Friday we will start a project (science experiment).


On Monday and Tuesday, we have an open book/open note quiz on Classification.  Everyone is working in groups to complete it.  Wednesday through Friday we will finish our Plant or Animal Book.

APRIL 18-22, 2016


6TH GRADE– Monday /Tuesday-Black Hole video—scary!

Wednesday/Thursday- We will learn chart stars by their temperature, size, and brightness

Friday Quiz


7TH GRADE-Monday and Tuesday- Ms. Jacobson’s classes will dissect a flower (taken from outside nature walk) and work on classification in the computer lab. Wednesday we did a plant lab.  Thursday we learned about the Animalia Kingdom and put micro-organisms in a petri dish. Friday we will have a Classification Quiz on whether organisms in the six kingdoms have a nucleus and how each gets food.

Ms. Sussman’s class will work on all assignments Monday and Tuesday (Milestone Review Packet, Classification Questions, and Dichotomous Key)  Wednesday and Thursday we will go to the computer lab and work on the Animal Classification Digital Poster. It is due Monday.   Friday the above assignments are due. We will start a Plant/Animal book Friday and continue working on it next week. There will be an open note quiz Monday on Classification.

April 11-15, 2016

6th grade- We are learning about stars and reviewing for the Milestone test.  No homework except for working on Milestone Review packet.

7th grade– We are doing group work with classification and Milestone Review.  In Ms. Jacobson’s class, we are working on a Milestone walkthrough Monday through Wednesday.  Then during testing, we only meet three times.  We will continue with classification.  In. Ms. Sussman’s class, we are working for the whole week on Classification of Living Things questions, the Six Kingdoms of Life Worksheet, and a homemade dichotomous key.  The Milestone review packet is homework, but only work on it up to 15 or 20 minutes a night.  No Stress!!