May 16-25

6th grade-

We are working on a Project that can be used for the final test on Friday the 20th.

7th grade– Ms. Jacobson’s class-

We are presenting science experiments, then going back to the spinal and brain injury activity.

Ms. Sussman’s class-

We finished our infectious diseases report, and are finishing students’ choice project. ¬†Friday is the final exam and students can use their purple study guide during the test.

Final study guide questions

Monday we will do an M&M lab.

May 9-13, 2106

6th Grade

Monday- We finished our STEAM lab and watched The Lorax to begin our conservation project.

Tuesday- Presented conservation posters and began Planet Portfolio which student can use on the final exam (May 20)

Wednesday and Thursday- Planet Portfolio


7th Grade

Mrs. Jacobson’s class- We started a Shepherd Spinal Center lesson about Brain and Spinal Cord injuries. Tuesday- work on science project. Wed and Thursday- Genetics project

Mrs. Sussman’s class- We are finishing our Plant and Animal Books due Wed.


May 2-6, 2016

6th grade

Monday- How the Universe Works- Big Bang Theory

Tuesday and Wednesday- Bubble Lab

Thursday- Cosmos Ep 4- Black Holes, Gravity

Friday- STEAM DAY- water filtration system

7th Grade

Monday- science project proposal; mutations lab

Tuesday and Wednesday- Make your own Kahoot or Jeopardy science exam review game

Thursday- Play each other’s games

Friday- STEAM DAY- dissect cow eyeballs