September 19-23, 2016

7th Grade-

We are continuing our Ecological Issue Unit.  We are reading about Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring.  We had a lab about an Oil Spill and its effect on oysters on the Georgia coast.  We will have a webquest this week and an open notebook quiz on Friday.

8th Grade

We are continuing our States of Matter Unit.  Test Friday in Ms. Roth’s class. This week we are reading science articles about matter, having two labs, and a thorough review for the test.

In my 6th period class, we continue to work with states of matter.  Our test will be after fall break.  Don’t worry!  We will review after we get back!


The Eighth grade students will take the PSAT on Wednesday, October  19, 2016.   This is a corrected date from our first communication.


The PSAT 8/9 is an assessment given to eighth and ninth graders that is closely aligned to the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10.  It consists of questions in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and in Math.  The benefit of the PSAT 8/9 is that this test establishes a baseline measurement of students’ college and career readiness which makes sense for our 8th grade students.  As they prepare to enter high school, this assessment will give them a better understanding of their academic strengths and areas for growth prior to taking a formal SAT or other standardized assessment.  The PSAT 8/9 also gives students a chance to preview the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 format and connect to AP courses.  Students who take the test in a nonstandard administration using testing accommodations, the PSAT 8/9 cannot be used as a predictive score for how well that student will do on the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT or AP courses.   If you have any questions regarding general testing administration,  please contact Sandra Alford, Assistant Principal.  Any questions regarding a nonstandard administration, please contact Terri Toomer, Special Students Services Administrator.



September 12-16, 2016


7th grade with Ms. Jacobson– Test tomorrow!  Study using your study guide of Ch 19 questions. We reviewed today.  Here are the answers to Ch 19 questions, just in case!


Wednesday, students will make a comic strip; Thursday, we have an Oil Spill Lab, and Friday we will read articles about Rachel Carson.  With testing starting this Thursday, we may not meet everyday.

8th grade with Ms. Roth 

We are finishing Ch 3 notes, so do your flashcards due Friday.  Now we can have fun with what we’ve learned.  Ice Cream Lab on Wednesday!!  Ch 3 Notes: chapter-3-notes