October 24-28, 2016

7th grade- with Ms. Jacobson

Monday we will review Chapter 20 on biomes. Test Wednesday.  Tuesday is vision and hearing check days in science classes.  Wednesday is the test.  Thursday and Friday we have a plant adaptation lab.  Study guide for test: chapter-20-study-guide-1vt2ufb  Students received this in class Monday. On Monday the 31st, we will start the Cell Unit (Ch 3)

8th grade– Ms. Ock’s class (6th period)

Monday and Tuesday we will finish ch 12 notes, learn about ions and isotopes.  Wednesday and Thursday we will do Atomic Stations Lab as a review for the test Friday on Atoms. Students received a study guide Monday in class.

Ms. Roth’s class-

See her blog for more details. Monday we are having the CH 11 and 12 test on Atoms.  Tuesday we start our next chapter– Ch 4.  We will learn what pure substances and mixtures are and how to classify elements, compounds, and mixtures.  We will learn how compounds are created. Wednesday we have a fun lab called Eating Nails for Breakfast. Thursday and Friday we will learn more about componds and mixtures.



October 17-21, 2016


7TH GRADE– We are learning about freshwater biomes: rivers, lakes, streams, marshes, and swamps.  Questions 11-16 are due Friday.  Test Wednesday, Oct 26th on all Biomes. Open Note Quiz this Wednesday  or Thursday (depending on when your class meets) on water biomes.  Tuesday we have a webquest in the 6th grade computer lab.

Biome Notes:Biome Outline

8TH GRADE-  We are working on Chapter 12, learning abut the Periodic Table.  We have learned how to find the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons from the atomic number and atomic mass listed on the Periodic Table.

Notes: phy-sci-ch-12-notes

October 10-14, 2016

7th grade– We are working on a Biome Project due Friday.  We have studied all the land biomes and will learn about freshwater and ocean biomes.  Questions 1-5 are due Tuesday.  Questions 6-10 are due Friday.

Biome Outline

8th Grade

In 6th period we are learning about atoms and atomic theory.  We took notes on CH 11.1 and are memorizing the first 15 elements.  Thursday and Friday we will study section 2 of Ch 11 and make flashcards.  Quiz Thursday on the first 15 elements.  Study the flashcards we made.


In Ms. Roth’s class, we have a quiz Tuesday on the first 15 elements.  All work from last week is due Tuesday.  See your checklist.

October 3-7, 2016

8th Grade Parents:


Important dates regarding Walton high school.


October 17- 6:30 pm- Parent-only meeting at Walton

November 10- 6:30 PM- STEM Academy student and parent meeting at Walton



7th grade– We are studying Biomes.  Monday we learned about forests- deciduous, coniferous and tropical rain forests.  We started a lob where we grow grass seeds in simulations of the three forests.

8th grade w/ Ms. Roth-  We are learning about Atomic Theory.  We are taking notes on Chapter 11.  We are learning 42 elements and their symbols. Quiz Monday on the first 15 elements.

Ch 11 Notes ch-11-notes-phy-sci

8th grade w/ Ms. Ock- We are finishing our study of the States of Matter. Test Friday.  Students made a visual of the main ideas we have studied about matter changing states.  We are finishing a stations lab, and we will review with Kahoot.