December 19-21, 2016

7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson

TEST Monday 12/19 on Chapter 4 Cell Processes (Sections 1 and 2)  On Tuesday, we will make a diagram of MITOSIS, all stages.  On Wednesday we will have a 5 senses lab to lead in to our study of the Body Systems.


Monday we will learn to name covalent bonds and discuss types of chemical reactions.  Tuesday we will complete chapter 14 notes and have a quiz on counting atoms in a chemical formula (NO balancing!!) and on the parts of a chemical equation. On Wednesday we will watch a short chemical reaction video and have a fun lab with candy!

7th period with Mrs. Roth

Test Monday then continuing with Chapter 15 Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dec 12-16, 2016

7th grade with Ms. Jacobson and Ms.Ock-

Monday- open notes quiz, Photosynthesis/Cellular Respiration Lab results, working on chapter questions 11-18 and diagram due at the end of class Tuesday.

Tuesday- Virtual Lab with computer; Diagram and questions checked

Wednesday- Learning about the Cell Cycle p. 98-101 in textbook; Play-doh lab; Test on Chapter 4, sections 1 and 2 on Monday the 19th.chapter-4-questions-key

Thursday and Friday- Review with Kahoot, Jeopardy, Risky Business, and a webquest.

8th grade Physical Science with Ms. Ock

Mon- Finished Ch 14.1 and 14.2 notes, Determining Oxidation Numbers/Counting Atoms sheet

Tuesday- Naming Compounds; Discussion of 14.2 notes; Practice counting atoms and begin balancing equations.

Wednesday and Thurs.- Pre-test balancing equations; work at your own pace with equations

Friday- Types of Chemical reactions  Notes:chapter-14-sec-1-2

8th grade Physical Science with Ms. Roth and Ms. Ock

Monday- 14.3 notes; Types of Chemical Reactions: Couples; Balancing Equations reinforcement

Tuesday- Review homework; Learning Check on Equations and Counting Atoms

Wednesday- 14.4 Notes and discussion

Thursday- Decomposition lab

Friday- Gold Rush Demo; Review for test (Monday)  Notes: chapter-14-sec-1-2 ch-14-section-3-4