February 27- March 3, 2017

7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson

Monday we are learning about RNA and mutations in DNA. Tuesday we have a Mutations Lab. Wednesday and Thursday- more about DNA and meiosis p. 128. Questions 17-22 due Friday. Friday we have an open note quiz on DNA.

8th grade with Mrs. Roth

Monday we are reviewing energy transformation and transference.  Tuesday is the test on CH 9. Wednesday and Thursday, we start CH 10, beginning with temperature and heat transfer.  Thursday we have a popcorn lab!! On Friday we learn about electricity.

February 13-17, 2017

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8th grade w/ Mrs. Roth-

Monday- 9.1 notes and math practice with kinetic energy formula; Tuesday- 9.2 Notes and flip book; Wed- Review types of Energy, 9.3 notes; Thursday and Friday- Construct a Roller Coaster lab; Flip book due Friday; Test next Tuesday after break.  Notes: CHAPTER 9-2nhb6r0

7th grade w/ Mrs. Jacobson-

Monday- review for test; Tuesday- Test, binder clean-out, Intro to DNA; Wednesday- DNA puzzle pieces, Questions sheet; Thursday- Pre-Lab activity- webquest;  Virtual DNA extraction lab;  Friday- DNA extraction Lab; We are extracting DNA from peas, strawberries, and our own cheek cells!!



February 6-10, 2017

8th grade with Mrs. Roth-

Monday- review for test; Tuesday- Ch 6 test   Wednesday- Ch 8.1 notes  Thursday- Ch 9 notes and discussion  Friday- MOVIE fieldtrip


7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson-

Monday- Nervous System; Tuesday- Immune System; Wednesday- Immune system lab, questions 16-19 checked; Thursday- webquest and 20-23 due; Friday FROG DISSECTION!!