March 6-10, 2016

8th grade with Mrs. Roth

Monday we start Electricity, Ch 17.  Cloze Notes Chapter 17 PPT-2mwg5a6; Simple Machine Project due Thursday; Ch 17 Notes: CHAPTER 17.1 and 7.2-13cffjv  Ch 17 Notes complete CHAPTER-17.1-and-17.2-and-17.3-and-17.4-1jfs5ur   Friday- Flipped notes from Mrs. Roth’s blog

7th Grade with Mrs. Jacobson

Monday- Mendel’s experiments with peas; Genetics Wheel; dominant and recessive genes; Questions 1-9 due Thursday; Wednesday- Harry Potter Genetics:harry_potter_genetics[1][1][1]-2l6uni2  See for review of Punnett Squares.  Thursday- Sponge Bob genetics; Friday- Discuss Genetics Project


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