March 27-31, 2017

8th Grade with Mrs. Roth

Test Friday over Waves. We are continuing Ch 22-23 and filling in the Waves Organizer. We will review Thursday. Notes:Holt CHAPTER 23 notes-1jk3xfb   Holt CHAPTER 22 notes-216wqfg   Holt Chapter 20 notes-2jnr0su   Holt CHAPTER 21 notes-13xfrjw

Study Guide Key:  waves_studyguide_key_-2b8i5xu

7th Grade with Mrs. Jacobson

Monday- Breeding Bunnies activity to see adaptations.  Tuesday- Bill Nye Evolution video, begin questions 1-10. Wednesday- Vocab quiz (study Quizlet on Mrs. J’s blog), and we will finish bunny activity. Thursday questions 1-10 are due. We will learn about Charles Darwin and the finches of the Galapagos Islands and have a lab about the adaptations of the Peppered Moths of Manchester!!!  Questions 11-16 due Monday 4/10. There will be time on Friday to work on questions and finish Peppered Moth Lab.

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