April 24-28, 2017

Milestone Testing Monday and Tuesday (and Wednesday for 8th grade)

8th grade with Mrs. Roth-

1st period only meets Monday, Thursday, and Friday.  Monday we worked on the review packet.  Keep reviewing–the Science Milestone is Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will enjoy the STEAM Science of Baseball!

7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson-

Monday through Wednesday we are working on Dichotomous Keys and our Kingdoms graphic organizer.  Thursday and Friday we have STEAM Baseball activities!

Friday, April 28th:  Dickerson’s Annual STEAM day for students!

We are excited to announce a new STEM partnership between the Atlanta Braves, Cobb Schools and Dickerson Middle School.  The Braves have partnered with an organization called the Science of Sport that has developed a supplemental curriculum resource integrating science, math and physical education standards using baseball.  Our school received access to digital supplemental standards based lessons correlated to our standards for math, science, and health/PE and training including from former Braves and Falcons elite athlete BrIan Jordan!

This Friday is not only our annual STEAM day for students, but we will be using the “Science of Baseball” and the BRAVES as our theme for this year.

A few of our special events include:

  • Dickerson Café will be serving Braves Burgers
  • Kona Ice Truck will be here selling Kona Ice (students may choose a $4 or $5 dollar option – thanks DMS Foundation!). This will occur during FAF.
  • All teachers will be integrating the curriculum with a theme of baseball and a combination of science, math, technology, arts (music, drama, visual arts, etc.), engineering, and/or math!
  • Students are encouraged to wear Braves gear or Braves colors.

Go Braves, Go Dickerson and Go Team!!!



April 17-21, 2017

Milestone Testing this week

Students will receive a daily schedule in homeroom.

8th grade with Mrs. Roth

We are continuing with the Review Packet.  Students get extra credit for time spent working on it in class and at home. See Mrs. Roth’s blog for practice tests. First period does not meet Thursday and Friday of this week.

7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson

Friday’s Evolution test make-ups are Tuesday in class. We are starting Classification.  Memory Tip for Classification: Did King Phillip Come Over For Good Spaghetti- Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. Tuesday we started a graphic organizer about the Six Kingdoms: Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protists, Fungi, Plants, and Animals

Information about the rest of the year:

Hello Students and Parents!

As we begin to wrap up the 2016-2017 school year, we wanted to provide you with some dates and information that will help ensure you and your child have a successful end to the school year.  We have a number of end of the year activities and procedures we wanted to make sure you had marked, and provide you with any and all information needed.  Please assist your child in keeping these dates organized by having them write them down in their agenda, or even on a family calendar.

  • STEAM Braves day – April 28th.


  • Field Day
    • 6th grade field day is May 10th end of day.
    • 7th grade field day is May 8th during the normal PE block.
    • 8th grade field day is all day on May 12th.
    • Students who purchased field day shirts are encouraged to wear them on their field day.
    • Students who did not purchase a field day shirts are encouraged to wear a t-shirt that is the color of their team.
    • Students may wear gym shorts to school on their corresponding field day.


  • Lunch on the Lawn is on May 16th, a PTSA sponsored event!
    • Students may bring a beach towel to sit on for Lunch on the Lawn

(Field Day and Lunch on the Lawn are student events; therefore, unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to host parents/guests to these events.  However, please contact the PTSA should you be able to volunteer for any of these awesome events. )


  • Locker Clean-Out
    • 6th grade 5/18, 7th grade 5/19 and 8th grade 5/22. Days are varied by grade level due to the volume of recyclable items and trash.


  • Buses
    • No bus passes will be issued beginning Monday, May 15th through the end of the year. Students must ride their own bus home.
    • Students may bring a pen for yearbook signing on the last day of school, Wednesday, May 24th.
    • If students routinely pack a lunch, this is also allowed on the bus.


  • Yearbooks
    • Distributed the last day of school.
    • Please speak with your child regarding appropriate sentiments to be written in their peers’ yearbooks. Unfortunately, every year a few students make poor choices and not only ruin others’ yearbooks, but they also receive consequences for their actions.
    • Please understand that yearbooks are not given out early. We are still teaching and learning until the final day!


  • We do not give final exams or tests early.


  • Students should not be bringing in food items to share.
    • Parents, please do not drop off food items in the front office for classes. Clear communication prevents disappointments, as classes will not be interrupted for these deliveries.

Finally, sometimes students get silly the last few weeks of school.  Please remember that the dress code still applies. Cell phones should be off/out of sight unless a BYOD lesson. Students should strive to make great choices and above all, they should always be kind to one another.

If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact your grade level administrator, counselor or teacher(s) for specifics.

It has been a wonderful year!  Thank you for sending us such terrific students to teach and thank you for all you do at home to support our team efforts to rear our children.



April 10-14, 2017

Welcome Back!!!  Six and a half weeks to go!

8th grade with Mrs. Roth–  Monday we took a diagnostic post-test over all the information learned this year.  From this data, Mrs. Roth and I will find your strengths and weaknesses.  All this week each of you will work in stations on any areas of weakness to fill in gaps in your understanding. We will supplement with fun labs and short videos. Thursday we have a skittles lab for half- life (stable and unstable atoms) See Mrs. Roth’s blog for final exam extra credit opportunity!

7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson-   This week we are continuing the Evolution unit.  Test on Friday. Questions 17-22 due Tuesday.  We will learn about fossils, extinction, and absolute dating, and Darwin’s Galapagos finches.  Wednesday we will have a fossil lab, and all questions (23-28) are due. Thursday we will follow up with the lab and review. Vocabulary this week: mold fossil, cast fossil, fitness, variation, speciation, geographic speciation, punctuated equilibrium, gradualism, relative and absolute dating, mass extinction. Below are the two quizlets and the jeopardy game we used today for review. A cool song about evolution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX7veVXwRi8

Study Guide: Chapter 7 and 8 Questions key-2jp9io9

2 quizlets and a Jeopardy – https://quizlet.com/197973553/match