May 15-19, 2017

8th grade with Mrs. Roth-

This week we are working on an in-class project with Einstein’s Big Idea of E=MC2. Thursday we will review for the final exam.  The answers to the study guide will be on Mrs. Roth’s blog Thursday.  The exam is Friday.

7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson-

Monday and Tuesday we are working on an End of Year Science Project. Wednesday and Thursday we are making a Body Systems Overlay Book.



May 8-12, 2017

8th grade with Mrs. Roth-

Monday- Today, Dog Houses are due and will be graded.  We will start a review packet for the final exam. You can still receive extra credit by logging your studying time. Tuesday we are starting the E=MC2 Project.  Friday is Field Day!


7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson-

Monday we are reviewing for the Classification test by playing Risky Business. Tomorrow we will look at pond water under microscopes.  Bring in your own pond water (sealed up tight) if you have any near you.  Wednesday is the test. Thursday, students will turn in a science experiement proposal, then begin work on a review game–make your own Kahoot or Jeopardy.

Upcoming Dates: Friday, May 12- proposal due

Monday, May 15- have finished review game ready to play

Tuesday, May 16- class time to work on project

Monday, May 22- Present projects, turn in written report

May 1-5, 2017

8th grade with Mrs. Roth-

This week we are working on our Snoopy Dog House Project. Monday, the groups met and started a blueprint. Tuesday and Wednesday, the class put simple and parallel circuits together to light up dog houses! Dog Houses must be finished by Monday.  Everyone is doing a great job!


7th grade with Mrs. Jacobson-

Monday- Filling in kingdom chart with Plants

Tuesday- Flower Walk- collecting flowers to dissect in class

Wednesday- Dichotomous Key for leaves; Petri dish set up for microorganisms; Questions 23-27 due Friday.

Thursday- Animal Kingdom p. 356-59;  Which Kingdom Am I? cards