Practice Records

Practice records are due every Monday. 10 points off for every day late. If your student plays cello or bass and can not come in the morning or bring the instrument home to practice a written note should be provided explaining that and I will give a grade to your student. Students are responsible for 60 minutes of practice a week. They must be on my practice record sheet that is available in the orchestra room. No emails will be accepted for practice records. Practice records without names will be thrown away. 6th graders will not be responsible for practice records until further notice is given. If you have any questions review the syllabus or email me at [email protected]

Welcome to the 17′-18′ school year!

The students are getting off to a great start and improving every day!
All 7th and 8th graders should be practicing for 60 minutes per week at home or in the AM orchestra period.
The AM orchestra period is from 8:30-9:00 every day.
Students that can not make this practice requirement need to bring a (weekly)signed note saying why they couldn’t meet this part of their grade.