Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dear Dickerson Parents,
Due to inclement weather, CCSD is cancelling ALL after school and evening activities except for ASP for today, Tuesday, January 16, 2018. However, although ASP will remain open, parents are strongly encouraged to pick up their children as soon as possible. In addition, the district and superintendents office will be monitoring the weather situation and they hope to make a decision regarding tomorrow by 10 pm this evening. Please stay tuned.
Dr. Carole Brink
Principal, Dickerson Middle School






A Letter From Dr. Brink

Today we did the Measuring Average Speed Mini Lab as we are investigating motion and speed. The Ch 5 PowerPoint will be on the blog soon.

Below is a letter from our principal.


January 12, 2018

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, this past fall your 8th grader was administered the PSAT 8/9 exam. This two-hour exam, sponsored by the College Board, is a middle school assessment that is aligned with the PSAT and the SAT. The purpose of PSAT 8/9 is to give middle schools and high schools, as well as students and parents, insight about your student’s academic progress. It also provides feedback on skills where your student excels and areas that may need improvement in order to get your student on the right path for successful post high school experiences.

The PSAT 8/9 exam is broken down into three sections: Critical Reading, Writing Skills, and Mathematics. Our school has received the results, which we are sending home with the students today. More information about the program can be found online at I encourage you to visit this site to assist you in understanding the benefits of this test. In summary, you can look at your student’s scores with these concepts in mind; the PSAT 8/9 is designed to work with PSAT/NMSQT and SAT:
1. Measures a progression of skills
2. Supports skill interventions from middle school through high school
3. Reports results in a consistent content and format
4. Assesses the same content areas: reading, writing and mathematics
5. Assesses the same skill categories at a grade-appropriate level
6. Aligns to Common Core, state standards and NAEP standards
7. Provides a progression of benchmarks at each level

If your student’s score is not what you would like it to be, remember this is a test that was administered to 8th graders. Many times 8th graders do not take testing as thoughtfully as we would like them to. If this is the case, this may be a great time to discuss the importance of taking tests seriously so that scores, as much as possible, reflect students’ true ability. If this is not the case, this is a great time to remind students that practicing all subjects is important. Many students practice his/her favorite subjects, but avoid more difficult ones, consequently not increasing his/her ability in that subject. The good news is that PSAT 8/9 lets us know what a student needs to work on before taking the SAT for college placement.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact either the guidance counselors, the 8th grade administrator Sandra Alford @ [email protected] or me. We look forward to the results of this joint venture and how it can help your students prepare for college.



Dr. Carole Brink
Dickerson Middle School


Welcome Back!

Hope everyone had a wonderful break.

Today and tomorrow we are taking a chemistry review assessment so that we can concentrate on any areas of concern from the past semester as we move forward.

Monday we will begin in Chapter 5 – Matter in Motion

Bundle up and stay warm!!

Friday!! Just a Few Days Left !!

Test on Chapter 14 Monday (Section 3 is not included).

Today we finished balancing equations. Below is the link to our Balancing Chemical Equation Challenge that will review and answer all the questions.

An additional  study guide was handed out today. I uploaded it below if you forgot yours.

Chapter 14 Standards Based Study Guide-25uruff

Have a good weekend!!



Today we turned in our vocabulary sheets and took our vocabulary quiz.

We are also working on counting atoms for chemical reaction. We did a practice worksheet in class. The Chemical Reaction Part 2 PowerPoint is uploaded below.

Chemical Reactions Part 2 Kaht 2017-1ggrlrx

Remember that the Chapter 14 Test is Monday, 12/18. Start looking over your notes and materials now!! There will also be a question or two from last chapter on diatomic molecules, conversions, and definitions (matter, mass, density, etc.). Might even throw on a couple of elements to identify.

** If you are singing the Periodic Table Song for bonus points, this must be done no later than next Tuesday (12/19).

Have a good night!!!


Remember that the Chemical Bonding Bonus is due Monday. See previous blog post if you need details.

Ch 13 Test Make-Up is in  my room (7G4) Monday morning (12/4) at 8:00 am.

Have a great weekend!!