One More Week!

One more week until Thanksgiving Break, but we will be busy!

As we have been talking about all week, Monday will be the re-quiz for the element quiz. I will average your first quiz grade with the re-quiz grade.

We are currently working on Ch 13 – Chemical Bonding. Please go online to re-watch the Tyler Dewitt videos we watched in class for a review (Valence Electrons and the Periodic Table & Ionic Bonding Introduction). We will be in 13.2 Ionic Bonding on Monday.

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Test Today, Off Tomorrow


Enjoy tomorrow off for Election Day! We had our Ch4 test today and will start Ch 13 Wednesday.

Make-Up Test will be Thursday (11/9) morning at 8:00 in Dr. Kaht’s room¬†





Its Friday!! What a week!!

We have a test Monday on Chapter 4. STUDY! We had lots of review.

I gave everyone the Review Stations in class but have also posted it below. I also posted the link to the suspension ppt. and the Unit PPT (again).

Flash Cards are due Monday before the test.

Elements and Compounds-19kpgn0

Holt CHAPTER 4-1zlrees

ch 4 outline-1jvf5fx

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Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures

Hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween!! Don’t eat all that candy at once!

So much fun doing the Diet coke / Mentos Lab yesterday. We¬†completed our Power Point notes for the chapter today. See the PPT on last week’s posts.

Test on Ch 4 is this Monday, 11/6. Below is the bonus assignment for the test (3pts).

From the book:

Read pp. 90-93, p. 93 questions 1-7

Read pp. 94-97, p. 97 questions 1-6

Read pp. 98-105, p. 105 questions 1-11

[complete sentences please]


Keep working on your Periodic Table Songs for the 10 bonus points on the mid term exam.

Remember this weekend is Daylight Savings Time. Put your clocks back one hour Saturday night and enjoy some extra sleep time!


Test Tomorrow

You should know:

  • general information creating the Atomic Theory (models, scientist, etc)
  • Atomic mass – what is it?
  • atomic #, protons, neutrons, electrons – what are their charges
  • isotopes – recognize them, what are they? notation
  • where are the parts located in the atoms.
  • groups in the periodic table- halogens, noble gasses, alkali earth, alkali metal, metals, non-metals, metalloids
  • what are the horizontal and vertical rows of the periodic table called?
  • Ions- # of electrons, protons, notation

Test This Week

We are wrapping up our Ch. 11&12 unit on Atomic Theory, Elements, and Periodic Table. Test is Wednesday, 10/25.

Today we reviewed isotopes and did the Element Logic Puzzle. I will answer any questions you have on the puzzle tomorrow. Below I have uploaded the answer key so you can check your work.


Also, we watched a short video clip called What are Isotopes by Tyler Dewitt. It is outstanding. If you missed it you might want to look it up.

Flash cards are due Thursday (10/26). Bonus Pack due Wednesday (10/25) before the test.

AC: Your element projects are due Wednesday.

Have a “Good Evening!”