From Testing to Einstein

What a week! You guys did great with testing.

We started Einstein’s Big Idea: Timeline Assignment this week. A copy of the assignment is below.

Einstein’s Big Idea-23jhgy9

You and your partner must turn this in by the end of class Tuesday, 4/24. You will have Monday and Tuesday class time to finish working on these but you will probably need to do some research and prep at home.

We also will start a new project on 4/30 called Snoopy’s New House. Please read the brief description below and notice items you will need to bring in as a group.

Snoopy’s New House

Snoopy is remodeling his dog house into a two-room dog house.
• He would like the bigger first room to have three lights.
All three lights should come on with a single switch.
• The second room, his bedroom, will have three lamps.
Each lamp in the bedroom should have the ability to be turned on and off independently.

Materials List (Students as a lab group will need to provide these items)
• Electrical tape or electrical twist connectors
• 2-3 batteries – 9V if regular bulbs/1.5 V (AA, C, D) if string lights
• Materials to Build the House – Shoebox, Cardboard Box, Foam board, etc. Shoeboxes work great. No box to be larger than a copy paper     box.
• If you are not using string lights, and I suggest you do, you can use 6-7 bulbs and bases but you must provide them.

I will provide:
• Some wire
• Some switches – These will be like the ones we used in lab earlier. If you use my switches, you return them after the lab. If you want to keep your Snoopy House, you must bring your own switches (pretty cheap at Home Depot)
• Some string lights – If you have extra string lights at home (tree lights) please bring them in.

I will have some tools as well, but you might want to bring some of your own. We will discuss this in class – the type of tools and when to bring them in.


What a “Testing” Week!

Well we finished 4 days of testing. Two left – including science on Monday. Get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast for Monday’s test.

Also remember that the EXTRA CREDIT REVIEW PACKS are due on Monday (4/16). You can earn up to 10 points on the final test. We have been working on it all week so you should be close to finished if not already complete.

I will have boxes set up in my room with period numbers so you can stop by and drop off your folder. Don’t loose out on these points!!

Below I have uploaded a NEW AND IMPROVED Lenses, Mirrors and Laser PowerPoint. Please take the time to  look at it.

Mirrors, Lasers, and Lenses PPT Kaht-2536x6r

Testing Continues

We finished our second day of testing. You all are doing great!!!

In class we are working on our review packs. Though not mandatory to complete, if you do you can earn 10pts on the final test. They are due Monday. Drop them off any time during the day.

After our last test, I gave each of you a note handout covering Mirrors, Lenses, and Lasers. We also watched a video on these the Friday before break. Below is the Power Point that goes with this info. We will look at this in class but make sure you review it. You are responsible for this information.

Mirrors, Lasers, and Lenses PPT Kaht-253387j

Get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast for testing tomorrow!

Test Thursday and Field Day Info

Reminder that the test on the Wave Unit is Thursday. Please start preparing if you have not already. Your notes and Electromagnetic Spectrum are due tomorrow (we worked on the Electromagnetic Spectrum  in class). The PPTs we used in class are uploaded below:

18 Waves 20 Crain-pgwok3

sound energy ppt 2018-1j0k9ir

Ch 22 Light PPT 2018-11wt31k

Electromagnetic Spectrum-1tzg9ax

Review for the Unit is uploaded below:

Wave Unit Review-18d0ygu


Below is information regarding our 8th Grade Field Day.



May 7th–6th Grade

May 9th–7th Grade

May 11–8th Grade

T-shirt sales began Monday, March 19 and will end on Wednesday, April 11.  New this year, all sales will be online via  If you do not already have an account set up, you will need to create one.  (If you pay for lunch online, then you already have an account!)  Find more information and directions on how to create an account on the PE blog



Today we finished Sound and started the topic of Light. Below are the notes on Ch 22 Light. 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 7th periods can make your own notes or use the fill in the blank note organizer provided.

2nd Period (AC) must make their own notes.

Notes for all classes are due Wednesday, 3/28/18.

CH 22 Light Notes 2018-2lq6wxa

Chapter 22 fill-in notes-23nuouc



Also- Make sure you bring in your 3 prong folder for the review packs!

“Sounds” Like a Wave to Me

We finish Ch.  20 today on Wave Energy with the Slinky Lab.

Also, tests (Electricity) were handed back and reviewed.

Our next section is on Sound (Chapter 21). The notes for this are posted on last Friday’s blog post. You do not need  to do Section 4. These are due Friday.



Wave – Notes

Your assignment continues to be to take notes for your binder on waves. We are looking at Chapter 20, sections 20.1, 20.2 and 20.3. The video notes are posted on Friday’s (3/16) blog.

Please look/listen  to these presentations and complete your own notes for Chapter 20. Complete your notes on the following schedule:

Monday (3/19): Section 20.1     (as assigned on Friday 3/16)

Tuesday (3/20): Section 20.2

Wednesday (3/21): Section 20.3

Thursday (3/22) and Friday (3/23) : We will explore Sound and Light


Today, after our test, we started our next unit on WAVES. Each night you will need to watch the PPT notes and videos so   you can take our own notes. This is important and they will be checked. I have uploaded the first 3 sets, yet only 20.1 is due Monday. I put the following questions on the board after the test that are part of 20.1. You can do these in place of 20.1 notes (or do both).


  1. Define: wave, medium, transverse wave, longitudinal wave
  2. Answer: How does energy travel through a wave? What is wave energy? Types of waves?
  3. Complete: p. 579, 1-7, and 9

Below are the notes/videos   Waves 20.1    Waves 20.2   Waves 20.3  Waves 21

Have a great weekend!