Week of September 10th through September 14th

Hello, everyone. This week is TEST WEEK!

We will have our first Unit Test on Friday, September 14th. The test will cover the following topics:
– Long division
– Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals
– Finding the Least Common Multiple to two numbers
– Finding the Greatest Common Factor of two numbers
– Dividing fractions

Here’s what’s on the agenda for this week:
Learning Target(s) for the week: Students will be able to divide fractions using the standard algorithm or a model.
Monday – Continue with dividing fractions using the algorithm
Tuesday – Divide fractions using the algorithm and modeling
Wednesday – Divide fractions using modeling; take the weekly common assessment on dividing fractions
Thursday – Review for the Unit 1 Test

Check YouTube and Khan Academy (khanacademy.org) for great instructional videos. Just search for the topics listed above.

ALSO, TUTORING ON THURSDAY MORNING AT 8 A.M. Come to the front office and I will collect everyone at 8.

Week of August 20th through August 24th

This week is all about DECIMALS! Here’s the plan:

Monday – Changing remainders to fractions or decimals
Tuesday – Long division with decimal divisors and/or decimal dividends
Wednesday – Visit the media center to create an account for GIZMOS, continue with division of decimals and take an assessment on division of decimals
Thursday – Continue with division of decimals, begin multiplication of decimals
Friday – More multiplying decimals

Learning Targets:
Students will be able to fluently divide multi-digit numbers by using an algorithm as evidenced by completing independent practice problems and partner problems.
Students will be able to divide and multiply numbers containing decimals as evidenced by completing independent practice.

***** We will have a common assessment EVERY WEEK. These assessments will check student understanding of recent/current topics and provide me with data to plan for reteaching and remediation the following week. These assessments will usually be given on Wednesdays and WILL COUNT AS A GRADE. *****

Here are some links to help with understanding:
Remainders as Fractions or Decimals
Dividing Decimals
Multiplying Decimals

Welcome to Mrs. Couch’s 6th Grade Math Blog!

Hello, parents and students. Our start to the new year has been wonderful so far. Let’s keep up the good work.

7th and 8th grade OPEN HOUSE is Thursday, August 16th, from 5:30 until 6:45.

We are learning about division with multiple digits. We are using the standard algorithm, which just really means that we are using the long division method. Here’s what is in store for this week:

Monday – Work at your level to complete division with single or multiple digit divisors.
Tuesday – Division word problems using the CUBES strategy.
Wednesday – What do we do when we have a remainder? How do we change the remainder into a decimal? How do we change the remainder into a fraction?
Thursday – Continue practicing changing the remainder to a decimal or a fraction.
Friday – Continue practicing changing the remainder to a decimal or a fraction. Begin division when the divisor or the dividend is a decimal.

Here are a few YouTube links to help with division and remainders:
2-Digit Divisors
Changing Remainders to Fractions or Decimals


Garrett Middle School will be testing 7th Grade students online during our upcoming Spring administration of the Georgia Milestones assessment. 6th and 8th Grades will test in paper and pencil format. The information below is provided to assist you and your student in becoming familiar with the features of online and standard testing.

• Experience Online Testing Georgia is a digital resource created to provide an opportunity for students to become familiar with the online testing platform. The website can be accessed through the following link: http://www.gaexperienceonline.com/. This practice site does not require a log-in and is available 7 days a week. Importantly, this practice site is not designed as a “practice test” to measure a student’s knowledge of course content and scores will not be generated. It is intended to allow students to familiarize themselves with the online platform prior to testing.
• Practice sessions will also be set up during the school day to provide students a similar opportunity to acquaint themselves with the online testing system.
• Each grade level has a study guide that has been released by the DOE. Please be sure to look at these documents.
 6th Grade Study DOE Guide
 7th Grade Study DOE Guide
 8th Grade Study DOE Guide
• Garrett teachers have prepared readiness packets for each student as Spring Break Assignments. These will be distributed before Friday of this week.

If you have questions about our upcoming spring test administrations for Georgia Milestones, please contact Mr. John Chandler at 770-819-2466 x 058 or via email at [email protected]

Grade 8 Milestones Study Guide-1ragjv1

February Break Assignments

Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoy your time off, but done forget your assignments. I have attached the assignment sheet just in case anyone loses it. Don’t forge the Study Island part of the assignment. Feel free to print another copy if needed. You can email me if you have questions. I will try to check my email at least once a day. Thank you!

Practice Assignments Feb 19th-1e08zf7

Week of October 9th through October 13th

We are finishing up and testing Unit 1 this week. Here is the plan:

Monday: Review angle relationships for Part I of the Unit 1 test; introduce sequences of transformations.

Tuesday: Take Part I of the Unit 1 test (parallel lines and transversals, angle relationships, angle sums of a triangle, and exterior angles of a triangle)

Wednesday: Probably won’t have class due to students taking the PSAT.

Thursday: EARLY RELEASE DAY – review for Part II of the Unit 1 test.

Friday: Take Part II of the Unit 1 test (transformations on the coordinate plane)



The week of October 16th through October 20th is Conference Week. You can sign up for a brief conference with any or all of your child’s teachers. All conferences will be scheduled online this year. If you want to schedule a conference with me go to Couch’s SignUp Genius

You can find the link to all teachers’ sign up pages by going to the Garrett website and clicking on the Faculty and Staff tab.

Week of October 2nd through October 6th

We are finishing up Unit 1 this week. Here’s what we have planned:

Monday – review translations and reflections; learn about dilations using a Desmos computer activity
Tuesday – mini lesson on dilations; practice dilating figures on the coordinate plane
Wednesday – view a video on rotations; complete an activity to learn about the rules for rotating a figure on the coordinate plane; quiz (Mini Touchstone)
Thursday – practice rotations; complete practice on identifying which transformation has occurred
Friday – class competition – completing more than one transformation at a time

****As of now, the Unit 1 test is scheduled for Friday, October 13th. START STUDYING!!!!!****