November 17

Today we did a lab activity to model ionic and covalent bonding. Students will complete the page after our break. Test is Wednesday the 29th.

Enjoy your vacation!

November 16

Today we discussed covalent bonds and students worked on a page called Atomic Dating Game. They need to finish all but the back of that page tonight and do the 5 note cards from section 13.3. Test is Wednesday 11/29

November 15

We practiced some more ionic bonding work today. Students completed the Valence Electron page with dot diagrams and then worked on Bonding Basics. Homework tonight is to finish the first page of Bonding Basics about ionic bonds. Tomorrow we will go on to covalent bonds.

November 14

Today we worked some more with ionic bonding and finished the notes on section 13.2. Tyler Dewitt videos helped to instruct on the process of ionic bonding. We practiced Bohr models of atoms and dot diagrams of atoms to help students develop and use models for concepts. Homework tonight is to review today’s notes and do the flashcards for section 2. There will be 11 new cards tonight. Everyone did them last night but it was only 5. Hopefully, these will all be done tomorrow as well!

If you are having trouble with bonding, watch the Tyler Dewitt videos again to review the steps.

November 9 and 10

The students who earned higher than a 75% on the Chapter 4 test have been watching “Hunt for the Elements.” The students who needed some reteaching have completed a reteaching packet and reviewed the stations. They then had time to start on test corrections to earn back half of their points on their test.  Ch4PS8 test2017-2aclogd

Those test corrections need to be turned in on Monday to get credit. Those who mastered the standards before the test have no homework.

November 2

We practiced distinguishing between elements, compounds and mixtures today with several activities. Students have a worksheet about heterogeneous and homogeneous mixtures to do for homework. They only need to complete one side as the examples are close to the same on both sides of the paper. Test is Monday. Flashcards should be completed and daily review should be happening now. 

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