February 13

Students will turn in their Energy Flip Books and finish the notes for section 9.1 and start on 9.2.  Students will also work on the QR code activity to practice the relationship between kinetic and potential energy.

February 8

Today was the test on Chapter 6 – sections 1 and 2.  After the test most had time to start notes for section 9.1. The attached study guide can be used to determine the important concepts to know for this chapter.  The checklist for this chapter contains too many concepts that are no longer in our standards and I cannot edit the PDF.  They study guide should help you pick out the needed information but you will need to turn it into questions for your flashcards. You should make the flashcards for this section tonight.  Chapter 9 Standards based study guide2018-zw90oa

February 6

We completed all the notes from section 6.2 today and did a balloon racer lab to illustrate Newton’s laws. The packet about Newton’s Laws is due tomorrow as are the flashcards for chapter 6, sections 1 and 2. Test is Thursday. 

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