Week of May 14

Review with quizizz – join game with this code at https://join.quizizz.com    646936

https://kahoot.it/challenge/0120090  physics

https://kahoot.it/challenge/0133365  chemistry

We reviewed today with station rotations.  review stations-11nbr5s

Here are the answers to the stations. Stations Answer Key-szcx0g

In the next three days we will review with task cards and Jenga, computer games and a Heads Up game.  The final for 6th period is on Friday and 7th period will have theirs on Monday.


May 10

Today we watched a video about physics principles in car crashes and then students had time to work on their Series and Parallel Circuits work using Phet Sims. This is due on Tuesday 5/15 but we will not spend anymore class time on this assignment. It is now homework to finish.

May 9

Today we built electromagnets and worked on the phet sims about series and parallel circuits. The brightly colored review packet is due tomorrow for bonus points if you did not previously turn in in.

May 8

Today we finished our Snoopy Houses and completed a tour of homes to see the others in our class. We then took the projects apart so others could reuse this equipment.

Review packet that is on the brightly colored paper is due on 5/10 to earn 5 points on the final exam. Many students turned it in earlier for a 10 point bonus.

May 8 and 9

We are finishing Snoopy’s dog house projects.  On Tuesday we will do a tour of homes and then take them apart  so other classes can use these supplies.

May 2-4

Today we starting building our “Dog houses,” with series and parallel circuits. We will continue to build throughout this week. Students may want to bring in their own boxes, switches and wire cutters. The project will be due on Monday but it cannot go home. It is an in-class project!

April 30 – May 1

Today we will introduce Snoopy’s Dog House project and practice building circuits using Phet Sims at this site: https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/circuit-construction-kit-dc-virtual-lab 

We completed the first 2 pages of this document series-and-parallel-circuit-lab-2ie11gw before working on our blueprints.

On Tuesday the students will take the SLO – Student Learning Objectives – Test and then work on the Phet Sims practice.

The groups should have decided who was going to bring in what supplies. We will start to build on Wednesday.

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