7th grade testing will be completed tomorrow!

Thank you for your patience! I realized today that I have completely neglected this Blog!!

7th grade testing is almost complete. We’ll be done after tomorrow, thank goodness! The kids have been amazing with the daily schedule changes- they never cease to amaze me with their ability to be flexible. Schedules will be back to normal on Wednesday.

I can hardly believe September break is almost here. I plan to have a treat for the kids on Friday to send them off in style. Be sure and ask your child what we did when they get home Friday afternoon 🙂









Another great week!

We had another great week here at HTMS! The kids are getting to know their schedules and things are starting to run smoother every day. We jumped into math with both feet, 6th graders working on operations with decimals, 7th graders with a review of PEMDAS and moving into integers and absolute value next week. 8th grade is working on lines and angles with reflections, translations,  rotations, and dilations (Brainpop has a good segment on transformation).

We’ve been reviewing parts of speech in language arts, as well as getting some very preliminary writing done. More writing will begin next week with an essay on summer vacation.

We are working on author’s purpose in reading class, and will have a quiz on Tuesday. Your child made a flip book that became their study guide. We practiced today and will do more on Monday to prepare.


A note about open house: my RISE class does not hold an open house since we do the one-on-one sneak a peek before school starts. Look for a newsletter from me via email early next week outlining what we’re doing and where we’re heading. If you feel you would like a face to face meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me. My door is always open and I will make it happen.


Happy Friday, everyone!


Ms. Strott

Welcome Back!!

Hi everyone!

We had a very successful first week of middle school at Hightower Trail! We welcomed the new 6th graders and those in 7th and 8th who are new to HTMS this year. I appreciate everyone’s inclusive attitudes this week,  along with the patience we had for those who needed some time to get used to a new setting.


I wanted to share this information we received in regards to a fabulous program for middle school aged kids:

This is an opportunity for middle and high school students with high functioning autism. Erin’s Hope for Friends is opening an e’s Club location in Acworth. Please click on the link for more information.


The have a drop in opportunity on August 22 at the new Acworth location. There is information on the website.

I have had students take part in this program in the past and they have always had great things to say about it. It’s a super place for the kids to feel a part of something and a great place for them to connect and be social with others in a safe environment.


The academic demand will be increasing as we move into next week. I will begin assigning homework by Monday, so be sure you are checking your child’s homework folder. I also write notes in agendas as needed, so please check the agenda daily as well.


Please let me know if you have questions or concerns at any time.


Here’s to a great week, and to having another great one next week!

Ms.  Strott

I’ve gotten a few questions in regards to summer reading requirements. Since my students are in a specialized reading program, the RISE classroom does not have summer reading requirements. That said, summer reading is essential for your student to maintain progress and to keep moving forward. Please let me know if you’d like specific recommendations based on your child’s Lexile level.


On another note: Olympic days! May 17, 18, and 19th are the 8th, 7th, and 6th grade Olympic days, respectively. We will have the kids participate in the various sporting events as much or as little as they want. Some of our kiddos will be outside all day, and some will only want to do a portion. The PE department has planned some alternate activities for our kids who don’t care for team sports. You are more than welcome to come volunteer or just play with us on your child’s day, just please let me know when to expect you so I can let you know where we are on campus. Sunscreen might be a good idea on these days, as well as short pants and a water bottle. Last year we had water balloons and water squirters, so a change of tshirt might be a good idea as well (we, of course, will not get anyone wet who does not want to get wet). Since I have all 3 grade levels in my class, we will take part in all 3 days.


The last week of school: Monday the 22nd is a “normal” day (7th grade has their grade level party that day), Tuesday and Wednesday are both early release days. Tuesday the 23rd is the day I plan to have our classroom celebration. I will be purchasing pizza and ice cream for our kiddos to enjoy. Since they leave at 1:30, we’ll start the pizza party at 11:00 (in case you want to come by). If you’d like to send in some chips/dip, cookies, or lemonade, that’d be fine, too.  Wednesday is the big 8th grade party out on the field, so we’ll be outside for most of that day. Sunscreen would probably be a  good idea that day . In years past, we’ve had all the kids participate in that party, so we’ll plan on that again this year (not just the 8th graders).


The 8th grade dance is from 7-9 on the 23rd.


Butterflies! We are hatching butterflies from caterpillars, so ask your child about the changes he or she sees each day. They have now hardened into their chrysalides and we are hoping that no one decides to hatch over the weekend- watching them emerge is the fun  part!!


We started reading “Because of Winn Dixie” on the Kindles today. Such a great and engaging book- hopefully we’ll get to finish before the end of the year!


Please let me know if you have any questions!


Welcome Back!

It was SO good to see the kids today after a week away. I hope everyone had a great spring break. We had some fun conversations this morning about what we all did over break.

The craziness of Milestones testing begins next week. Testing begins on Wednesday the 19th, and as soon as I have individual schedules I’ll be sending them home for you to review. Our schedule will be different for a week, and we started preparing the kids for this change today. I’ll keep letting them know as the week progresses and will have paper copies of schedules by next Monday.

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a great week in Ms. Strott’s class!

Progress reports and report cards go home today, so be sure to look in your child’s folder for this information.


Some important dates rom this week’s Husky Headlines

***Please take note of the Milestones testing days****

March 23

Talent Show – 7:00

March 28

Parent Forum: College & Career Success

April 3 – 7

Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 11

Spirit Night

April 18

Election Day

April 19

EOG Milestone Testing – LA/Reading

April 20

EOG Milestone Testing – LA/Reading

April 21

EOG Milestone Testing – Social Studies – 8th grade only

April 24

EOG Milestone Testing – Math

April 25

EOG Milestone Testing – Math

April 26

EOG Milestone Testing – Science – 8th grade only

April 26

EOG Milestone Testing – make-ups – all content areas


6th grade STEM information, schedule change

Happy Daylight Savings Time! I know we all love having more daylight after school, but it sure was hard to drive to work in the dark today!

6th grade STEM day is Wednesday, and all the kids will have a schedule change that day (there is a school-wide master schedule change that day). It should be a fabulous morning. Presenters range from music engineering to medical to meteorology.

6th grade schedule will look like this: (I’ll email individual schedules with specific changes as appropriate)

9:15 – 11:15             STEM Rotation

11:15 – 11:30          Break

11:30 – 12:00           Math Support

12:00 – 12:30          Lunch

12:30 – 1:30             CNN and Reading Support

1:30 – 1:45               Break

1:45 – 2:45                Math

2:45 – 3:30               Reading

3:30 – 4:10               Language Arts


In other news, we begin our FINAL NINE WEEKS on Friday! I can hardly believe I’m writing that, but yes, we’re almost in the last quarter. It’s simply crazy how fast time is flying! If your student has a schedule change (connections or lunch time) I will be sending home an individual schedule so you are aware of what is happening when.

Below is a picture of the current reading passage for 6th grade reading support class.


We’re back!

Hi everyone! We’re back from February break, and so proud of the kids and how well  they’ve transitioned back to school!


One of our awesome 6th grade parents sent me an informational flyer regarding spring soccer for kids with special needs. Looks like a great organization, please check it out if you’re  interested!


I can hardly believe this 9 weeks is almost over! We have 3 more weeks until report cards go home. Kids are working hard.

6th math (on grade level)- graphing ratio tables for the rest of this week, and moving on to fractions, decimals and percents.

language arts (all grades)- finishing up pronouns and working on argumentative essays

As always, we got a new “idiom of the week” this week. Ask your kiddo what it is!!

The Cobb County Public Library System is having a Teen Tech Expo this Saturday from 1:00-4:00.  It’s held at Mountain View Regional Library and it’s free! I googled it, and it looks really cool! Kids can try out virtual reality glasses, play with a Sphero, see a 3D printer, and check out Lego Robotics! I think some of your kids would really love this, if you’re searching for something to do this Saturday!




Happy (healthy) week!

Thank you all for the well wishes! The flu hit hard, and I ended up wrapped in an electric blanket for 5 days! I’m well on the road to recovery, and SO happy to be back in class!!

4 1/2 week progress reports will go home this week- I had to fix an issue with my grade book, so I’ll be sending home the reports Friday, February 10. Please sign the report and return it to school on Monday, February 13.

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday, and I plan to bring a treat for the kids. If you’d like to send in a treat, please keep in mind we have students with nut allergies 🙂

We’re still accepting donations of paper towels, printer paper, and especially microwave popcorn!! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Thoughts for the weekend

Hi everyone!

It was a great week- lots of good progress being made in our first full week of 2017!

Speech notebooks are going home for the weekend today, so be  sure and ask your child to show you the idiom of the week 🙂


6th grade parents: we are working on unit rates and which is the better deal. If you are shopping with your student this weekend, ask them to tell you how they figure out which would  be the better deal between some items in the store. I hope they’ll surprise you!


8th grade parents: there will be a  social studies test on February 14 on chapters 8 and 9- hard back book will be coming home next week.


Now accepting donations! We are running very low on paper towels and microwave popcorn! Also, if you happen to have any large-key calculators lying around, we are using calculators quite a bit and the ones I have are tiny. Some of our fingers are having trouble on the little keys! Lastly, we go through a LOT of paper in here, so if you have a spare a ream of printer paper we’ll take it!


I hope you all have a restful and fun weekend!