Bee Hive Happenings

We had so much fun at out “feast” this afternoon! Thank you to the families that were able to help out to make it a success! The kiddos had so much fun eating together as Pilgrims and Native Americans. We can’t believe it’s just a few short weeks until we are halfway through the school year! After the break, I will begin to work on assessing the students for report cards. We hope you all have wonderful break with your families!


Please read this important message from the administration:

In other news, East Side families, it is time for you to complete the Georgia Parent Survey. The data gathered from these surveys will be used as part of the calculation of East Side’s School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below.  We ask for one parent from each family to complete the survey by Friday, December 15, 2017.

Georgia Parent Survey:


Reading Workshop-We will continue our “Reading Super Powers” unit this week. We have already learned about the importance of tracking print and how knowing our sight words help us become better readers. We will talk about how the pictures in the book help us read and also discuss some strategies to tackle tougher words we come across.    


Writing Workshop-We wrapped up our “Looking Closely” writing unit. Look for your little author’s writing coming home in folders along with a “revised, published” piece of work. We will begin our “Writing for Readers” unit. We will spend several weeks on the mechanics of writing-focusing on finger spaces, punctuation, and putting upper case letters in all the right places.  


Math– We will begin to work on number combinations using number bonds (you may know them as “fact families”). This lays the foundation for learning the communitive property and becoming fluent in addition and subtraction.


Science and Social Studies-We will discuss observable features of the day and night sky. We will learn all kinds of fun facts about the sun, the moon, and space!  


Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, November 29-School Wide STEM day.  

 December 1st -Library Day. Children must return their library books in order to be able to choose a new one.  

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Bee Hive Happenings

With just 5 more school days until the break, we have lots of learning to do! While we continue to learn about Pilgrims and Native Americans, we also will talk about what it mean to be thankful and all the things we have to be thankful for.


Reading Workshop-We have begun a new reading unit-“Reading Super Powers” We are learning to use all the reading skills or “super powers” to help us become better readers. Things like pointing power, reread power, and partner power are just few of the strategies we will be focusing on. 


Writing Workshop-This week, we will continue our “Looking Closely” writing unit. We have been having so much fun becoming scientists! We have been observing and noticing detail in things like pinecones, cotton, leaves, and pumpkins!  


Math-We will begin comparing sets. We will discuss the words MORE and EQUAL.


Science and Social Studies-We are continuing to learn about all things pilgrims and Thanksgiving. We will compare and contrast how pilgrim lives were the same and different from the way we live today.


Dates to Remember: 

November 13th -17th –Scholastic book fair in Media Center

November 20th -24th-Thanksgiving Break

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Bee Hive Happenings

With chilly weather moving in, we are seeing lots of coats, fuzzy vests, mittens, and hats coming to school. Please remember to label these items as they often get misplaced and children often recognize their own things. Our classroom stays fairly warm and we go outside in the afternoon. The sun warms the playground quite a bit. Please take this into consideration when bundling your little ones up in the morning. 


Reading Workshop-We are continuing to discuss how “Readers are Thinkers”. We are working on strategies to help us make sure we are understanding what we are reading. We talked about retelling the story to ourselves, stopping and thinking every few pages, and rereading if we are confused.  


Writing Workshop-We will begin a new writing unit this week! In this unit, “Looking Closely”, we will get to observe items from nature and write and draw about them in detail. We will learn to use specific describing words to help us write like scientists.   


Math-This week, we will be focusing on nonstandard measurement. We will discuss length, height, weight, and capacity.  


Science and Social Studies-We will be focusing on Pilgrims, Native Americans, and Thanksgiving until the break. We will talking all about how pilgrims lived and how the Native Americans helped them out. They especially enjoy hearing about all the rules and chores children had “back then”.


 Dates to Remember: 

Monday, November 6- Library visit. Please return books to school if you have not already done so.

Tuesday, November 7th-No School (Professional Learning Day)

Thursday, November 9th –due to the science fair, we will have a change in our lunch schedule.  

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Bee Hive Happenings

We loved having our Busy Bee dads come by to hang out with their favorite kindergarteners! We want to send a big thank you to the families that sent items in to make this event a success.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost November and we are starting to think about turkeys and Pilgrims! The kiddos love learning about what life as a pilgrim was all about!


Reading Workshop-We will continue our “Readers are Thinkers” unit in reading workshop. We are learning the importance of stopping every few pages to make sure we understand what we are reading. We have even been discussing part of a story-characters, setting, problem, and solution.   


Writing Workshop-We will continue to work on adding details to our pictures and our writing. We will also work on some problem solving skills to help us out when we want to spell tough words!  


Math-We are beginning our numbers to 20 unit this week. We will continue to work on understanding that teen numbers are tens and ones. We will play some partner games to reinforce this concept. 


Science and Social Studies-We will be learning about leaves. We will discuss how they help the tree and why they change color and fall of the trees.


 Dates to Remember: 

Tuesday, Oct 31 Halloween-We will do fun things at school, however, children are asked NOT to wear costumes to school.


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Bee Hive Happenings

We squeezed in lots of learning during our short days this week! The children (and teachers) are ready to get back into our regular routine. I enjoyed getting to meet with all of our amazing Busy Bee parents! You are all doing such amazing things to support your kindergartners at home! Just a reminder that Donuts for Dads is on Friday, October 27th at 8:30 am. Please make sure your little one has someone there. All dad substitutes are welcome! 


Reading Workshop-This week, we will being to learn that readers are also thinkers. It’s so important to not only say the correct words on the page, but also understand what we are reading.


Writing Workshop-We will be working on planning out or stories before we begin writing. We will also talk about how we are becoming illustrators and add details to our pictures 


Math-We are beginning our numbers to 20 unit this week. We will be counting objects around the classroom and learning to think of teen numbers as groups of tens and ones.


Science and Social Studies-We are learning all about pumpkins this week! We will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin and become pumpkin scientists!


 Dates to Remember: 

Donuts with Dads- Friday, October 27th from 8:30-9:30.

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Bee Hive Happenings

We are having so much fun going to different classrooms and learning about American Symbols! The children have loved going into their friends’ classrooms and getting to know the other kindergarten teachers. I am looking forward to getting to share all the amazing things your little ones have been up to at school during conferences this week.  


Reading Workshop-We are buzzing along with our reading skills and Mrs. Fox and I are loving the change to read one on one with the children during reading workshop. We are spending next week on reviewing our skills we have learned so far before we begin another reading unit.  


Writing Workshop-Our little authors are blossoming as writers! Next week, we will be working on telling a consistent story and planning our writing across pages.


Math-We wrapped up our 3D shapes unit with a 3D movie! We had so much fun exploring 3D shapes and talking about where we see them in the real world. We will spend next week playing some fun math games before moving on to numbers to 20.


Science and Social Studies-We will continue to learn about our American Symbols this week. In science, we will get creepy crawly and learn about spiders!


Dates to Remember: 

Early Release for conference week, October 16-20

Fall Festival-Friday, October 20 from 5-9.

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Bee Hive Happenings

We had an amazing day at the Art Barn and appreciate Leighton’s mom and Ava’s grandma for coming with us to help out. In the classroom, we are working on assessing students for our first report card.  I would like to thank you all for getting a conference spot on sign up genius so quickly. I look forward to meeting with parents to talk about your amazing little ones! 


Reading Workshop-We have talked about choosing “just right books” and how they help us become better readers. We will be talking about how to take care of our classroom books and what reading with a classmate and being a good reading partner looks like.  


Writing Workshop-We are on our way to becoming authors. We are working hard on using our letter sounds to make words. The children have begun writing ‘books” and are so excited to share them with their classmates!   


Math-We will begin our unit in 3D shapes. We will learn the manes of the shapes and learn about real world examples of each


Science and Social Studies-Your child will spend time in each kindergarten classroom learning about American Symbols! We like changing things up once in a while to make learning more memorable and fun!  In addition to learning about American symbols, we will be talking about bats!  We will learn fun facts about these interesting night creatures.

 Dates to Remember: 

 Library Books due Monday, October 9.

Early Release Thursday, October 12

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Bee Hive Happenings

Our first school wide STEM day was a success! We appreciate Maddie’s family coming in to help out. We are so excited to begin having parents come in and help us out on Tuesdays and Thursdays with our classroom activities after the break. Buzz over to our class Shutterfly page for volunteer opportunities. Also, don’t forget to check out the homework page and print off our monthly October activity calendar. We wish you all a fabulous fall break! Enjoy your little ones!


Reading Workshop-We have reached our goal of quiet reading for 10 minutes and have added partner reading to our daily reading routine! We are learning that good readers talk about and share books with other readers. We have also begun one on one reading conferences with children. We will meet one on one with each child every week for a few minutes for individualized reading instruction.


Writing Workshop-We are learning that we are authors and illustrators and how to use the resources we have around us to help us write.


Math-We will be wrapping up our unit on 2D shapes this week by playing some fun partner games.   


Science and Social Studies-Fall is in full swing and we will be talking about one of our favorite nighttime creatures-Owls! We will have fun learning owl facts and doing owl crafts.  


Dates to Remember: 


Friday, October 6-Art Barn Field Trip.

*If your child is bringing lunch from home, please remember to pack all disposable items. We cannot bring lunch boxes and reusable water bottles to the Art Barn with us. Weather appropriate clothing and tennis shoes are a MUST! 



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Bee Hive Happenings

We are playing a little catch up from the extra days off we got to spend at home with our families! We will be very busy as we have lots to do before the break.


On another note, East Side’s fabulous foundation has started a fundraising campaign. Without your support, they couldn’t provide teachers with all the great resources we have here at East Side! The foundation has given our Busy Bees classroom supplies, reading and writing workshop books and resources, and has also provided reading, writing, and phonics training to the kindergarten teachers. Please make your donation online to:


Reading Workshop-We are learning that we are all readers, no matter what kind of books we read-picture books or books with lots of words. We are also talking about how reading is not only saying the words on the page and looking at pictures, but also having busy brains. We think about and understand what we read or see in the pictures. 


 Writing Workshop-We will continue to work on drawing detailed pictures and adding words to our stories.


Math-We will continue up our unit on 2D shapes.


Science and Social Studies-Fall is on its way and we will be learning about our favorite fall fruit-apples! We will talk about the life cycle of an apple and do lots of other fun apple activities. We will be apple experts by the end of the week!  


Dates to Remember: 

Friday, September 22-School wide STEM day

Fall Break: Monday, September 25-Friday, September 29


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Bee Hive Happenings

We have had a busy four days! Our little bees have had so much fun exploring their five senses with lots of hands on activities. Here’s what’s keeping us busy this week:


Reading Workshop-Our take home reading folders have been a success! The students are so excited to “shop” for books every day and we hope you are enjoying reading at home with your little ones! As we finish up our “setting the stage” launching unit, we will begin to dive into some strategies that help us become better readers!  


Writing Workshop-We are officially beginning writers workshop this week! We will start with our read, write, and draw unit in which we become illustrators and learn how to draw detailed pictures as well as add labels to our work. 


Math-We have begun our unit on 2D shapes. We will analyze and compare shapes as well as learn about their attributes.  


Science and Social Studies-We will continue to talk about animals, focusing on mommy animals and their babies!


Dates to Remember: 

Friday, September 15th– Letter Parade, East Side track 8:30 am

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