Bee Hive Happenings

Mrs. Fox and I want to thank all of our Busy Bee families for all the sweet treats and love we received on Valentine’s Day! We felt spoiled rotten and appreciate all the kindness and warm wishes.


Reading Workshop-When we return from the break, we will continue to focus on retelling. Have your child tell you about the characters, setting, problem, and solution when you read at home.


Writing Workshop-We began our “How To” unit with a special treat! We made cinnamon toast! After we enjoyed out treat, we talked about each step and wrote it down. This was the children’s first “How To” book! They are very excited to write about things they can do. We will work on making sure every step and detail is included as well as adding warnings, labels, and other details.   


Math-Our little bees are amazing at solving addition story problems! They know how to “show their work” with a picture and many of them can even write number sentences! When we return to school, we will begin working on subtraction.  


Science and Social Studies-February is Dental Health month and we will be learning all about our teeth! The kindergarten team has even made arrangements for the Tooth Fairy to stop by!  


Dates to Remember:

Friday, March 2nd– Dr. Seuss’ Birthday! Kindergarten will be doing fun activities to celebrate our favorite children’s author all day long!


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Bee Hive Happenings

Mrs. Fox and I truly appreciate all of our Busy Bee families giving us an amazing teacher appreciation week. We have grown to love your little ones and enjoy watching them grow and learn every day.  We hope everyone has a relaxing and fun February break. Enjoy the extra time with your little ones!


Reading Workshop-We have finished our making connections unit and will begin to focus on retelling. We will learn to tell about the characters, setting, problem, and solution when we talk about stories.


Writing Workshop-Mrs. Fox and I have learned that our class is very good at writing (and telling us) their opinions! Our next writing unit will be “How To”. Children will become teachers as they teach others how to do things. They will learn to write step by step directions about things they are good at. 


Math-Now that our class are addition experts, next week we will learn about different strategies we can use to solve addition story problems. We will use pictures, number lines, and counting on, and even our fingers.


Science and Social Studies-With President’s Day coming up, we will be learning all about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  


Dates to Remember:

If you would like your child to pass out Valentines, please remember to send a “mailbox” and Valentines to school by February 13th. Remember to only sign the “From” part of the Valentine. Leave the “To” area blank.


No school February 19-23


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Bee Hive Happenings

The school year is flying by and we cannot believe it’s already February! With flu season in full swing, now is a great time to consider washing coats, lunchboxes, and backpacks. Please be cautious about sending children to school when they are not feeling well. They are very good at sharing germs and we want to keep everyone healthy!


Reading Workshop-We are in the middle of our making connections reading unit. By the end of tour child this unit, your child will about text to self-connections, text to text connections, and text to world connections. These are connections that we make when we are reading that remind us of ourselves, another book, or something we know about.


Writing Workshop-We have wrapped up our writing for readers unit and sent home their stories with a “published” piece. We hope you enjoyed seeing their growth as writers as much as we have. We will spend some time on opinion writing this week.   


Math-We will begin working on addition this week. We want to go beyond memorizing facts and learn about how the numbers work together to make the sum. In addition, we will also learn some strategies that children can carry with them as they get into older grades and more complex problems.    


Science and Social Studies-We will take time out to activities that we LOVE with some fun Valentine’s projects.  


Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, February 7thLibrary Day-please return your books from last month if you have not already. Children will not be able to check out a book unless they return their old one. 


Thursday, February 8thWe are so lucky to have Jane O’Connor, the author of the Fancy Nancy series come to East Side! To celebrate, children are invited to dress “fancy” on Thursday, February 8. You can purchase Fancy Nancy books via the following link.




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Bee Hive Happenings

With all the snow days behind us we are working on catching up. We are looking forward to nicer weather so we can get outside and keep our wiggles at bay!


Reading Workshop– We wrapped up our schema unit and have already begun to talk about making connections to the stories we read. This helps us get inside the story. We will be learning to think and talk about how the books we read relate to our lives and experiences with words like, “This reminds me…” or “This makes me think of…”


Writing Workshop-We will continue to work on adding feeling words, great beginnings, and transitions to our writing as we prepare to wrap up our writing for readers unit this week. Look for you little author’s work coming home soon! Next week, we will begin a quick unit on opinion writing.    


Math-We had a great time celebrating the 100th day of school and are now counting down to the end of the year! We finished working on strategies that help us count in a line, array, and circle and will do a quick review on comparing numbers before we begin working on addition.   


Science and Social Studies-We took some time on Monday to finish learning about penguins left over from our snow days and spend the rest of the week learning about bears and hibernation. This week we will be hoping for and early spring as we learn about groundhogs. Will he see his shadow on Groundhog Day???  


Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, January 30-PTA cyber safety presentation-East Side Café @ 7:00 pm. This is a parent only event.

Thursday, February 1st-Picture day-have your child wear his or her best smile and dress to impress! 

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Bee Hive Happenings

We are settling back into our routine and are getting ready to take on a full week of school after all of our breaks! The 2nd half of kindergarten brings higher academic expectations and it’s very important that you continue to read to your child every night and keep up with sight words. We will start to move a little faster as we work on building independence in preparation for 1st grade. Mrs. Fox and I are fully confident that our little Bees are up for the challenge!


Reading Workshop– We will keep working on our “schema” reading unit. We are discussing how readers use their schema (things we know about) to help us understand what we are reading. We will also talk about how books help readers add new schema to their brains!


Writing Workshop-As we continue our writing for readers unit, we will focus on using feeling words to our writing. This helps the reader know what we are thinking and pull them in as they are reading our stories. We will also continue to work on including great beginnings and transitions.


Math-After we take some time out to celebrate the 100th day of school, we will work on comparing numbers. This builds on our comparing sets unit from the last quarter. We are taking things from concrete (counting and comparing sets of objects to abstract (working with numerals) and reinforcing words like more, fewer, and equal.    


Science and Social Studies-We will be learning about one of our favorite winter animals-penguins! We will spend some time talking about the Arctic and learn all kinds of fun penguin facts!  


Dates to Remember:


January 23rd-East Side STEM night  

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East Side STEM Night

East Side’s Annual Family STEM Night

Please join us for our annual Family STEM Night this January 23rd  from 6:00-7:30! Cheer your child on as they make paperclips fly, build roller coasters, play with robots, and much more!

Mark your calendars and bring your whole family for this fun-filled STEM Night!

**Please note: this is not a drop-off event**

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Bee Hive Happenings

Your little ones are officially halfway through kindergarten!  Mrs. Fox and I are so proud of how much they have grown and learned and hope you are too! We wish you all a happy holiday break and are excited to begin January with our “big kids”!   


Reading Workshop– When we return from the break, we will begin a new reading unit and learn a fancy new word-schema. We will learn that schema is what we know and talk about how it helps us to be good readers.


Writing Workshop-We will continue our “Writing for Readers” writing unit. We will focus on adding good beginnings and transitions such as “and then…” or “next…” to our stories to make them more interesting to our readers.


Math-After the break, we will do a quick review before we jump into learning strategies for counting objects in a line, array, a circle, and a scatter.  


Science and Social Studies-We discuss Martin Luther King and how he help people learn to get along with each other. In addition, we will be talking about winter and things we like to do in cold weather.  

Dates to Remember:

Monday, December 18– Class holiday party 1:15-2:00

Tuesday, December 19 & Wednesday December 20-Early Release

Wednesday, December 20-PJ Day. Please send your child to school in weather appropriate PJ’s and playground friendly shoes. Please wear shorts or leggings under nightgowns.

Thursday, December 21-Wednesday, January 3rd-Holiday Break

Thursday, January 4th-Students return to school  

Friday, January 5th-Report cards go home

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Bee Hive Happenings

Reading Workshop-We will wrap up our “Reading Super Powers” unit this week. We will continue to refer to the strategies we learned in this unit throughout the year to help us as we learn to read harder and harder words.


Writing Workshop-This week, “Writing for Readers” lessons will help us remember to stop and read our writing make to sure we can read our own writing. We will also be reading our stories to a partner to help us “edit” our work to make sure it makes sense to others.  


Math-We will continue working on number combinations to 5 with fun games and activities to reinforce this concept.


Science and Social Studies-We will continue to talk about holidays people celebrate all over the world. We have been having so much fun traveling the world and learning about traditions from different countries. Our center activates help us to learn all kinds of fun facts about reindeer!  


Dates to Remember:


Monday, December 18- Class holiday party 1:15-2:00


Tuesday, December 19 & Wednesday, December 20-Early release days. Your child will be home 2 hours earlier than usual.


Tuesday, December 20-Last day of school until Thursday, January 4th AND PJ day! Send your child to school in weather appropriate PJ’s and playground friendly shoes.

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Bee Hive Happenings

We are working hard on mid-year assessments and cannot believe how much these little ones have all grown and learned! Mrs. Fox and are so proud of how well our Busy Bees are reading, writing, and counting! Don’t forget to work on helping your child learn his or her street address and city for the 2nd quarter report card.


Reading Workshop-We will continue our “Reading Super Powers” unit this week. We are learning that readers don’t give up when they come to a difficult word. If one “super power” or strategy doesn’t work, they try another until they get it.


Writing Workshop-We have begun our “Writing for Readers” unit, which focuses on making their writing readable to others. We have been talking about finger spaces, periods, and having upper case letters in the right places.


Math-We will begin to work on number combinations using number bonds (you may know them as “fact families”). This lays the foundation for learning the communitive property and becoming fluent in addition and subtraction.


Science and Social Studies-We will begin to talk about holidays people celebrate all over the world. Children will rotate to each classroom every day and learn about a different country and a winter holiday that is celebrated there. At the end of their “World Travels” children will bring home a passport that will show what countries they have visited! 


Dates to Remember:

Save the date: Our class Holiday party will be on December 18 from 1:15-2. Parents are welcome to attend. Look for more details coming soon on our class Shutterfly page.


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Bee Hive Happenings

We had so much fun at out “feast” this afternoon! Thank you to the families that were able to help out to make it a success! The kiddos had so much fun eating together as Pilgrims and Native Americans. We can’t believe it’s just a few short weeks until we are halfway through the school year! After the break, I will begin to work on assessing the students for report cards. We hope you all have wonderful break with your families!


Please read this important message from the administration:

In other news, East Side families, it is time for you to complete the Georgia Parent Survey. The data gathered from these surveys will be used as part of the calculation of East Side’s School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below.  We ask for one parent from each family to complete the survey by Friday, December 15, 2017.

Georgia Parent Survey:


Reading Workshop-We will continue our “Reading Super Powers” unit this week. We have already learned about the importance of tracking print and how knowing our sight words help us become better readers. We will talk about how the pictures in the book help us read and also discuss some strategies to tackle tougher words we come across.    


Writing Workshop-We wrapped up our “Looking Closely” writing unit. Look for your little author’s writing coming home in folders along with a “revised, published” piece of work. We will begin our “Writing for Readers” unit. We will spend several weeks on the mechanics of writing-focusing on finger spaces, punctuation, and putting upper case letters in all the right places.  


Math– This week we will work on sorting, graphing, and counting. We will discuss the parts of a graph, different ways to sort, and strategies to help us count objects with one to one correspondence.  We will learn how graphing can help us organize “data” we discover when we sort.  


Science and Social Studies-We will discuss observable features of the day and night sky. We will learn all kinds of fun facts about the sun, the moon, and space!  


Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, November 29-School Wide STEM day.  

 December 1st -Library Day. Children must return their library books in order to be able to choose a new one.  

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