Mar 19-23

Monday: Wrapped up Darwin’s finches. HW: Bring in a picture of an organism of your choice by Wednesday.

Tuesday: Students learned about the Peppered Moths of Manchester! Link: Peppered Moth Simulation HW: Finish classwork and bring in a picture of an organism.

Wednesday: Adaptations Challenge! HW: Complete at home if you did not finish in class.

Thursday and Friday: Evidence of Evolution HW: Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


March 30 Evolution Test


Mar 12-16

Monday: New Unit introduction!!! Evolution! Breeding Bunnies lab/activity.  Here is the Excel sheet to help you with graphing. gene frequency for bunnies

Tuesday:  Graphing and analyzing the data of the gene frequency of bunnies. If you finish early, try your science skills with this virtual lab:  Virtual Evolution HW: Finish analysis questions.

Wednesday: Mechanisms of Natural Selection. OL: HW: NONE!

AC: HW: Finish your drawings.  

Thursday: OL: Four mechanisms of natural selection and reading. HW: Finish drawings.

AC: Punctuated equilibrium vs gradualism. HW: Finish graphic organizer.

Important Dates:

Evolution test March 30!

Mar 5-9

Monday: OL: Learned and practice incomplete and codominance. For reference, look at last week’s blog post for the PowerPoint. HW: Finish Classwork and dragons are due tomorrow!

AC: Learned how to read and create pedigrees! HW: Study!

Tuesday: Students learned about selective breeding and genetic engineering. Here is a powerpoint summarizing the information: advances_in_genetics

HW: Study and finish classwork.

Wednesday: Warm-Up: March 7, 2018 Controversy! Suggested websites: Controversy! Suggested Websites  or  AC Controversy! Suggested Websites  HW: Study for your test on Friday.

Thursday: Review. HW: Study!

Quizizz for DNA code:  443502

Important dates: Genetics Test on March 9th.  This test has a lot of information!!! 

Resources: Gen Jeopardy OL Gen Jeopardy AC

Human Genetic Disorders       DNA OL-  DNA AC

Feb 26- Mar 2

Welcome back!!!

Monday: Students learned about genetics and Gregor Mendel.  The PowerPoint is provided below for your reference.

OL: HW: Finish the Punnett Square Practice Pages

AC: HW: Monohybrid mice

Mendel & Basic Genetics

Tuesday: Ye Olde Dragons! HW: Dragons are due on Friday!

Wednesday: Spongebob Genetics HW: Study

Thursday: OL: Review of DNA

AC: Types of Dominance and Review DNA

Types of Dominance  DNA OL DNA meiosis

Friday: DNA, Meiosis, and Punnett Square Quiz

Important Dates:

Mar 2: DNA, Meiosis, and Punnett Square Quiz

Mar 9: Genetics Test 

Gen Jeopardy OL Gen Jeopardy AC

Feb 12-16

Monday: DNA Extraction Lab!!!! HW: Post Lab questions if you did not complete in class. Due Tomorrow.

Tuesday: Genetic Disorders. Here is the link to the website you researched today in class:

Wednesday and Thursday: The Worst Disorder You Never Heard Of…OL   and  The Worst Disorder You Never Heard Of… AC

Friday: Presentations!

Genetics Test March 9

Feb 5-9

***Parents: We are completing a lab this Thursday and we are in need of donations. If you can, please send in red twizzlers, black/chocolate twizzlers, and gummy bears! Thanks in advance! 🙂

Monday: OL: Finished the open response portion of their HAP Test. HW: Finish John Doe PBL. Due on Wednesday. (Red class, we will talk tomorrow)

AC: Completed Test corrections. HW: PBL is due Wednesday. Be working on your take home essay due Friday.

Tuesday: Introduction to Genetics HW: PBL due tomorrow.

Wednesday: OL: What is DNA and How Does It Work?  HW: Make sure you’ve finished your Directed Reading through Ch 6 Section 1.

AC: Protein synthesis. HW Finish Directed Reading. Remember, your essay is due on Friday!

Thursday: DNA Candy Lab!!!

Friday: Meiosis. HW: DNA Extraction Pre-Lab Questions

Jan 29- Feb 2

Monday: Students reviewed the human body systems.

Tuesday: Students began work on their PBL for John Doe.  It is not homework and we will work on it again in class on Thursday. HW: The HAP graphic organizer is due tomorrow. If you need help, I’ll be signed in at 8:15 Wednesday morning  

Wednesday: Students performed a reflex/reaction time lab. OL NervousReactionTimeLab and AC reflex and reaction time lab  HW: Your lab is due on Monday.

Thursday: Review! HW:Study!

Friday: HAP TEST! Hw: Lab from Wed due on Monday  

HAP Test Feb 2

HAP-Jeopardy-1 HAP-Jeopardy-2

Quizlet for practicing terms:

If link doesn’t work, go to Search kthomashtms  and it is the Human Anatomy and Physiology Review

Quizizz Codes: 940503  and  872418

Jan 22-26

Monday: OL: Students wrapped up the respiratory system. HW: Study for quiz tomorrow.

AC: Students wrapped up the circulatory and respiratory systems. HW: Study for quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday: Quiz. HW: Finish digestive system in your packet.

Wednesday: Students learned about the digestive and excretory systems. HW: Finish classwork.

Thursday: OL: Learned about the immune system today. HW: Finish packet. It is due tomorrow.

AC: Learned about the immune system today. HW: Finish endocrine system and completely finish the packet. It is due tomorrow.

Friday: STEM with Chattahoochee Tech. HW: Finish scavenger Hunt.

HAP Packet due Fri Jan 26

HAP Test Feb 2nd

Jan 16-19

Monday: No school! MLK DAY!

Tuesday: OL: Students learned about the circulatory system.  HW: Finish classwork.

AC: Students learned about the circulatory and respiratory systems. HW: Finish classwork.

Wednesday: SNOW DAY!

The Respiratory System  and  The Circulatory System

AC Anatomy and Physiology Readings

Hi all! With the current weather conditions and school being cancelled Thursday and Friday as well, I’ve included a PowerPoint above for you to utilize.  AC: Please have your packet through the respiratory system (Ch 23, Sect 4) completed for when we return to school.  OL: Review the respiratory system for when we return.

Your quiz is currently scheduled for Friday. I’m rescheduling it for Tuesday. Review the vocabulary, nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, circulatory system, and respiratory system.   With the lack of instructional time this quarter, we will need to move quickly when we return. Enjoy your time off and stay warm! 🙂

HAP-Jeopardy-1 HAP-Jeopardy-2

HAP Quiz Jan 23

HAP Test Feb 1


Jan 8-12

Monday: NO SCHOOL! Roll tide! 🙂

Tuesday: Students are beginning their unit on human anatomy and physiology.  Today, they learned about the organization of organisms. Ch 22, Sect 1   HW: Finish classwork.

Wednesday: Students learned about the nervous system today. HW: Finish classwork in packet.

Thursday: Students learned about the skeletal system today. HW: Finish classwork in packet.

Friday: Students learned about the muscular system today. HW: Draw a picture of your favorite activity. (Yes, it needs to be in color and without stick figures.)  Tell how your nervous, skeletal, and muscular system help you perform your activity.

Jan 19th HAP Quiz

Feb 1st  HAP Test

HAP-Jeopardy-2 HAP-Jeopardy-1