Nov 13-17

Monday: Students reviewed prokaryotic cells.  For all classes: HW: Finish coloring packet and foldable.  STUDY! Quiz tomorrow.  Your quiz covers cell organelles and their functions, cell theory, and the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Resources: Cell Coloring Key and Looking Inside Cells

Tuesday: QUIZ!

Wednesday-Friday:  How Small Are They? PBL  Due in class on Friday.

Here is the link used in class:  Amazing Cells: Cell Size and Scale


Cell Review Games: Cell Review Games

Nov 6-10

Monday: Students completed their test corrections for their Biomes Test.  They also read about the diversity of cells (Ch 3, Sect1). HW: Finish Directed Reading if you did not complete in class.


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: Students learned about Cells and their Organelles.  Here is the PowerPoint used in class. Looking Inside Cells

Cells Quiz: Nov 14

Coffee w the Counselors

Friday 11/10 @8:15 AM

Art It Out Therapy Center counselors will discuss helping parents recognize anxiety in middle school children.

They will focus on how to talk with children & teens who are anxious and will also teach parents critical coping strategies.

Oct 30-Nov 3

Monday: We reviewed for your test tomorrow!! HW: STUDY!!! …and finish your biome packet. It’s due tomorrow. Resources will be found below in the week Oct 16-20.

Tuesday: TEST!!! HW: None! 🙂 

Wednesday: We are beginning our new unit on Cells! Today students learned about the characteristics of living things. HW: None.

Thursday: Students continued working on their Characteristics of Living Things pictures  HW: Complete the Characteristics of Living Things worksheet

Friday: Make up day from Week in the Woods Students investigated the hidden colors of leaves in the deciduous forest biome. HW: Finish lab if not completed in class. It is due on Monday.

Cells Test is currently scheduled for Nov 14!

Oct 23-27

It is WEEK IN THE WOODS! Please dress appropriately for being outside during class. 

HW for the week: Finish your biomes packet. Look at last week’s blog post for resources. STUDY! Biomes-Study-Guide Be sure you know how to read a climatograph and use them to identify ALL the terrestrial biomes.  Test on Oct 31!

Due 10/27: Exploring the Deciduous Biome (Week in the Woods Day 1)

Due 10/30: Water Collector CER (Week in the Woods Day 3)

Due 10/31: Biomes packet!

From the counseling department:

Learn about growing issues in the East Cobb Community:

Parent Information Night

October 26th at 6:45 PM in the HTMS Theater


Please join us for an interactive discussion with Jeff Dess the coordinator of the Prevention Intervention Center of Cobb County Schools. Additionally, he is an author and inspirational speaker for young people and adults alike. He has been effectively working with kids, teens, and adults for over 25 years.


He will be at HTMS to address current trends facing our teens and to answer questions from parents on topics such as:

  • Bullying Behavior, Cyber-Bullying and Violence Prevention
  • Music and the Media
  • Stress
  • Suicide and Depression
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Drug Prevention
  • Internet Safety/Social Media


Oct 16-20

It’s Conference Week!!! Early release every day this week.

Monday: OL: Students learned about the arctic tundra and the alpine tundra  today.  HW: Begin studying for your quiz on Wednesday.

AC: Students learned how to read climatographs! HW: Begin studying for your quiz.

Tuesday: Students learned about terrestrial biomes’ organisms and their adaptations. HW: STUDY! Quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday: Quiz! HW: NONE

Thursday: Marine Biome!

Friday: Freshwater and Estuaries! HW: Begin working on finishing your packet.

Important dates:

Biomes Quiz on Oct 18th

Week in the Woods on Oct 23-27!

Biomes Test on Oct 31st

Biomes Resources: Biome basics Biomes Jeopardy biomesadaptations Aquatic Habitats Human Impacts Aquatic-Notes Lake Zones Illustration Aquatic Adaptations

Biome Notes from Class:  Alpine Tundra Taiga (Coniferous Forest) Temperate Deciduous Forest Tropical Rainforest Temperate Grasslands Desert

Climatographs: ol-climatograms climatographs-ac

Oct 9 – 13

Monday: Students learned about the tropical rainforest.  HW: If you did not finish today in class, here is your homeworkRainforest HW


OL:  Students learned about the savanna. HW: Finish your illustration of the savanna.

AC: Students learned about the savanna (tropical grassland) and temperate grasslands.  HW: Compare and contrast the two grassland biomes. 

Wednesday:  Students learned about the desert today.  HW: Finish your activity of designing a desert house. Desert House Design

Thursday: Students learned about the temperate deciduous forest (OUR BIOME!). HW: Finish desert house.

Friday: OL: Students learned about the wonderful taiga! HW: Finish letter and compare the forests graphic organizer in your biome packet. Letter

AC: Wrapped up all the remaining terrestrial biomes. HW: Compare the forests graphic organizer in your biome packet. (7th period: use notes below to finish the biome map for the alpine tundra.)

Important dates: Biomes quiz Oct 18th , Week in the Woods: Oct 23-27  Biomes Test: Oct 31

Biome Notes: Tropical Rainforest,  Temperate Grasslands , Savanna (Tropical Grassland) , DesertTemperate Deciduous ForestTaiga (Coniferous Forest)TundraAlpine

Oct 2-5

Monday: Review!!! HW: TEST TOMORROW! STUDY!

Tuesday: Cycles and succession test

Wednesday: Test corrections and Introduction into Biomes

Thursday: Students created their biome wheels. HW: None


Important dates:  Week in the Woods: Oct 23-27    and Biomes Test is currently scheduled for Oct 31st.


Sept 18-22

Monday and Tuesday: REVIEW! HW: Review sheets.  Your Flipbook is due on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Quiz!!! Students learned about primary and secondary succession.

Thursday: WarmUp 9.21 Students completed a learning module on EduSmart about succession.  Even if students are absent, they are still responsible for completing the module.  The login information is below:

username and password: cobb.lunch#

HW: The succession quiz through EduSmart is due on Oct 2nd.

Friday: Students began working on their Succession Comic Strip.  Here are the guidelines. Succession Comic Strip Guidelines and  AC Succession Comic Strip GuidelinesHW: It is due Oct 2!

Cycles and Succession Test is scheduled for October 3rd!

Study Guides: AC Cycles-and-Succession-Study-Guide and OL Ch-19-Cycles-and-Succession-Study-Guide

Here are some resources for you! Cycles of Nature Cycles of Matter Successionand the Jeopardy games: Cycles and Succession Jeopardy-AC Cycles and Succession Jeopardy- OL

Sept 11-15

Monday and Tuesday: IRMA! No School!

Wednesday: Welcome back! We are diving right back into the cycles of nature today.

OL: Explored the carbon cycle.  HW: Be sure your carbon and water cycle sections are finished in your foldable.

AC: Reviewed the carbon cycle and began the nitrogen cycle. HW: Be sure to finish the carbon cycle portion of your foldable.

Thursday: Red, Purple, and Green: Learned about the Nitrogen Cycle.  HW: Be sure to have the nitrogen cycle portion of the foldable completed.

Friday:  Blue and Orange: Learned about the Nitrogen Cycle.  HW: Finish nitrogen cycle foldable and the Cycles Review Sheet.

Purple: Learned about the phosphorus cycle and biomolecules. HW: Finish phosphorus cycle illustration.  Complete the Cycles Review Sheet 

Quiz on Sept 20 over the cycles of matter.  Test on Oct 3 over the cycles of matter and succession.

Cycles resources: Cycles of Matter and Cycles of Nature

Cycles and Succession Jeopardy: Cycles and Succession Jeopardy-AC and Cycles and Succession Jeopardy- OL

Sept 5-8

Monday: LABOR DAY! No School

Tuesday: I was absent.  You watched Planet Earth to show what you knew from Ecology 1!

Wednesday: We started our new unit on Cycles of Matter and Succession.  Students completed a directed reading over Ch 19,  Sect 1 today in class.  HW: OL: Finish the Directed reading. AC: Finish the directed reading through the vocabulary section.

Thursday: OL: Began their flipbook starting with the water cycle. HW: NONE Sleep well for the CoGAT!

AC: Learned about the carbon cycle. HW: NONE Sleep well for the CoGAT!

Cycles and Succession test is currently scheduled for October 3rd.  The quiz over cycles of matter is scheduled for Sept 19!