Jan 16-19

Monday: No school! MLK DAY!

Tuesday: OL: Students learned about the circulatory system.  HW: Finish classwork.

AC: Students learned about the circulatory and respiratory systems. HW: Finish classwork.

Wednesday: SNOW DAY!

The Respiratory System  and  The Circulatory System

AC Anatomy and Physiology Readings

Hi all! With the current weather conditions and the possibility of school being cancelled Thursday as well, I’ve included a PowerPoint above for you to utilize.  AC: Please have your packet through the respiratory system (Ch 23, Sect 4) completed for when we return to school.  OL: Review the respiratory system for when we return.

Your quiz is currently scheduled for Friday. I’m rescheduling it for Monday. Review the vocabulary, nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, circulatory system, and respiratory system.   With the lack of instructional time this quarter, we will need to move quickly when we return. Enjoy your time off and stay warm! 🙂

HAP-Jeopardy-1 HAP-Jeopardy-2

HAP Quiz Jan 22

HAP Test Feb 1


Jan 8-12

Monday: NO SCHOOL! Roll tide! 🙂

Tuesday: Students are beginning their unit on human anatomy and physiology.  Today, they learned about the organization of organisms. Ch 22, Sect 1   HW: Finish classwork.

Wednesday: Students learned about the nervous system today. HW: Finish classwork in packet.

Thursday: Students learned about the skeletal system today. HW: Finish classwork in packet.

Friday: Students learned about the muscular system today. HW: Draw a picture of your favorite activity. (Yes, it needs to be in color and without stick figures.)  Tell how your nervous, skeletal, and muscular system help you perform your activity.

Jan 19th HAP Quiz

Feb 1st  HAP Test

HAP-Jeopardy-2 HAP-Jeopardy-1

January 4 and 5


I hope you had an excellent break and I’m looking forward to this second half of the year. We have a lot of fun (and educational) things planned!

Thursday and Friday: Students are working on Round 2 of building a water filter as our STEM Capstone.  You are to research the filtration purposes of the 5 materials I will provide you with to build the materials.  Remember our STEM theme is Design with Purpose.  Therefore, design your water filter purposefully! 🙂 When designing your prototype, keep in mind that you are only allowed one coffee filter, one piece of cheese cloth, and one teaspoon of activated charcoal.  Water filter-Phase II-Research-Based

Thursday HW: Finish all necessary research and plan out your prototype.  

Friday HW: Finish the post lab questions on a separate sheet of paper. 


Also- ROLL TIDE! 🙂

Dec 12-15

Monday: SNOW DAY!

Tuesday: Students received the information for their Cell Cycle Book today.  They began working on it in class.  It is an in-class assignment that is due on Monday! HW: Complete the first page of the study guide. You should have already completed the cut and paste activity which serves as the back page of the study guide.

Wednesday: Continue working on the cell cycle book. HW: Study!!! Use resources from previous posts.

*** I have a meeting tomorrow morning and will not be able to hold a help session. Please feel free to visit the other science teachers classes or come to me during Homeroom.

Thursday: Cell Processes Test HW: Study for midterm.

Friday: Continue working on the Cell Cycle Book. It is due on Monday. HW: Complete the Cell Cycle Book.  Study for midterm on Tuesday!

The Cell Cycle Book Example

Weather update for Friday and Monday

With school letting out early on Friday and being cancelled on Monday, those who are eligible for grade recovery may come in Tuesday morning at 8:15. For those who cannot make it at the time, we will work around it. Keep in mind, you must complete the remediation packet and have a parent signature to retake the Cell Transport Quiz.

Although school has been cancelled, your Cell Processes Test is still scheduled for Thursday Dec 14th. I will have a help session on Thursday for those who want to come in. Please come in with questions and review your notes and the Jeopardy game I posted last week. I sent home a Study Guide on Thursday, review it and be ready to ask any questions this week! You are ready for the test, but it will help refresh some content for you. Cell Processes Test Study Guide AC and Cell Processes Test Study Guide

Also- please review the guidelines for your cell cycle book.  We will be working on it this week and things will work much smoother if you come in with some knowledge of what you are going to do.  1718 AC Cell Cycle Book Project  and 1718 OL Cell Cycle Book Project

Enjoy tomorrow off and be ready for a busy week! See you then! 🙂

Dec 4-8

Monday: Students reviewed Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.
OL: HW: Complete directed reading and study for your quiz tomorrow.
AC: HW: Study. Your directed reading is due on Wednesday.

***Help session tomorrow!

Tuesday: Quiz and explored microscopes. HW: Study.

Wednesday: Students learned about the cell cycle.  HW: Study.

Thursday: Students continued learning about the cell cycle. HW: Finish all classwork and Matching Activity.


Cell Processes Test is on Dec 14th.  Here is the Jeopardy game: cell-processes-and-transport-jeopardy

Please do not let the time get away from you! Your midterm is scheduled for Dec 19th. It is comprehensive. Study old notes, the packets from the beginning of the year, and jeopardy games. 

Nov 27- Dec 1

Welcome back!

We are diving right into cell processes. Cell Transport Vocabulary Quiz on Dec 5th.  Test is currently scheduled for Dec. 14th

Please do not let the time get away from you! Your midterm is scheduled for Dec 19th. It is comprehensive. Study old notes, the packets from the beginning of the year, and jeopardy games. 

Monday: Students learned in detail about the cell membrane’s structure.  They also began their egg lab.  Here is your CW/HW: Cell Membrane

Tuesday: Students learned about the difference between passive and active transport.  HW: Begin studying for the midterm.

Wednesday: OL: Students learned about osmotic transport. HW: Study for Midterm.  Cell Transport Vocabulary Quiz on Dec 5th.

AC: Students learned about tonicity.  HW: Research a real world application for tonicity and osmosis. Due Friday.

Thursday: Students learned about active transport.

AC: HW: Research a real world application for tonicity and osmosis. Due Friday.

PassiveTransport  Osmosis and Tonicity Active Transport

Friday: Students finished their egg lab today in class. AC: Your completed lab is due on Monday.

We also reviewed using Quizizz. I’ve left them open for you to practice through Tuesday for your quiz.

Here is the link: http://join.quizizz.com   The codes are:  294398   and  742943

Nov 13-17

Monday: Students reviewed prokaryotic cells.  For all classes: HW: Finish coloring packet and foldable.  STUDY! Quiz tomorrow.  Your quiz covers cell organelles and their functions, cell theory, and the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Resources: Cell Coloring Key and Looking Inside Cells

Tuesday: QUIZ!

Wednesday-Friday:  How Small Are They? PBL  Due in class on Friday.

Here is the link used in class:  Amazing Cells: Cell Size and Scale


Cell Review Games: Cell Review Games

Nov 6-10

Monday: Students completed their test corrections for their Biomes Test.  They also read about the diversity of cells (Ch 3, Sect1). HW: Finish Directed Reading if you did not complete in class.


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: Students learned about Cells and their Organelles.  Here is the PowerPoint used in class. Looking Inside Cells

Cells Quiz: Nov 14

Coffee w the Counselors

Friday 11/10 @8:15 AM

Art It Out Therapy Center counselors will discuss helping parents recognize anxiety in middle school children.

They will focus on how to talk with children & teens who are anxious and will also teach parents critical coping strategies.