News and Updates

I hope you had an awesome week during Thanksgiving with your families. There truly is so much to be thankful for and if I say this often it’s because I mean every word. I am so grateful to be able to share learning and growth with your children each day. I am a lucky teacher!
Three short, fast weeks ahead. I intend to enjoy each day and observe and feel the KINDNESS in all my students for the rest of 2019! KINDNESS is our Voyager word for the month, and it comes at a very appropriate time with the holiday season upon us. We will be discussing kindness and the different facets of this concept during December.
MARKET DAY is on Friday and the students will be selling their specially made items. Please know they are welcome to bring tablecloths, lights, poster boards etc. to decorate their booth. Having a price readily available will help all the shoppers. Parents are welcome to come and help set up, carry their items if they have a lot to carry. I would suggest coming in to the class by 7:30. Market Day starts promptly with shoppers ready to come in @ 7:50 right after announcements.
Wrapped in a Good Book Report is due on Monday, Dec. 9th but they may bring in earlier to share if they are ready on Thursday.
Mark your calendars for the Class Holiday Party for December 18th 12:30-1:15.   We all hope you can come if you would like to.
Dates to Note:
December 6: Fall Fact Clubs end
December 13: Cobb Parks & Recreation in school field trip
December 19 & 20: Early Release, school dismissed 2 hours early
December 23-January 3: Winter Break
What We’re Learning:
Reading: We will work in Guided Reading Groups to work on comprehension of nonfiction text. Our focus will be on fluency, main idea and supporting details, as well as using nonfiction text features.
OG: Magic e with soft c words & r controlled vowels (er, ir, ur, or, ar)
Writing: We are continuing working on informational writing, using main idea and supporting details to write good, strong paragraphs with a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a concluding sentence. We will begin doing research to gather more details to support the main ideas. We are creating our own Power Points to make our very own Informational book. We will finish before the break.
Grammar: verbs, helping verbs and linking verbs next week
Math: We are learning that multiplication and division are inverse operations. Students are building fact families and using the multiplication table to help find the unknown. We will also focus on one step word problems with multiplication and division. This week we are using the distributive property and decomposing the largest number. We will also work on Associative Property this week.
Math Fluency: We are continuing to work on our 2’s and 10’s in class and will add in the 5’s this week. Please continue to practice at home and add in the 5’s. Please let me know if you need me to help your child make some flash cards.                                                                                        Social Studies: We are studying Native Americans in North America and learning the 6 regions along with the types of food, shelter, clothing and the environment of the different tribes within the regions that supported their way of life.  They will compare and contrast two regions and also learn how Native Americans have contributed to art, literature in modern day times.

Veterans Day Monday

   Hello families!  The disguised turkeys have been so much fun and the students are sharing so well in front of their classmates!  I am so impressed.  We have a few more to share on Monday.  Thank you for offering help to your child as they completed their projects at home.

   This Monday please have your child wear patriotic colors of some sort!  July Fourth colors and hats and accessories are welcome!  Our school will be having a parade to welcome the veterans on Monday at 8:00 am.

Continue working on learning the facts and studying those 2,5,0,1 and 10 facts!  They are starting to catch on quite well.  In Social Studies we are learning about the important rivers in the United States and the two main mountain ranges.  We will be completing a project on Wednesday that will be their assessment.  Please look for a Sign Up Genius requesting some small items that will help them build their test!   Thank you in advance.

Reading Calendars were due for October signed and minutes totaled.  We had just a few students not turn those in so they were taxed some of their class earnings for not having them.  The others will be awarded their class bucks on Monday.  Please keep up with the reading calendars as this will very much help them grow as readers.  We are reading nonfiction at school but they are welcome to read fiction at home if they choose to.

I sent home Market Day project proposals yesterday.  I ask for them to be turned in this Friday November 15th.   I can see what they are planning to do.  This was in their Thursday folders. Also, hope the dads had fun breakfasting with their children this morning if they participated.  The parking lot was full but for a very good reason.  Parent involvement is crucial and welcomed always!


Hello November!

Turkey and Dressing directions Oct 2018  Turkey and Dressing directions Oct 2018

Dear Parents,

What a fun past week we had learning and enjoying the Halloween holiday together!  We painted the neatest bats and learned all about them by reading some nonfiction about them.  We watched a cool video that showed us the caves they dwell in.  They are fascinating and so we decided to paint one and are displayed outside our classroom wall.

So happy for this beautiful Fall weather and the extra hour we get to fall back on.  Yesterday I got to see a few of my past and present students finish the Fun Run yesterday.  I did show up and I’m sorry if I missed you.  It was cold but fun and you should be proud for finishing.

We are dressing up our disguised turkeys and will be sharing a story about them on Friday of this week.  If you did not get your turkey packet that was suppose to be in your Thursday take home folder please see it attached to this blog. (Top of the Blog)  Hopefully your child will have fun dressing up their turkey and writing about it this week.

Remember Tuesday, Election Day is NO SCHOOL for kids and teachers will be working and involved in a Teaching workshop

Thank You to All the Families that We’re All In!

As you know, our Patron Drive has been going on and I want to say “Thanks” for ALL  IN families as this really helps our school Go & Grow!

Don’t forget to make your donation to the Foundation Patron Drive we are hoping to have 100% participation for our class.  Kagan structures help teachers keep students engaged with brain-friendly activities that make learning more fun AND more effective! I use these strategies a lot to think pair share throughout the day.  Thank you, Mount Bethel Foundation, for Kagan workshops!

What’s Coming Up:
October 31: Market Day 7:50-8:40 (Our Class is the Consumers this time)
November 2: Fun Run
November 5: Teacher work day, no school
November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break
December 6: Fall Fact Clubs end
December 13: Cobb Parks & Recreation in school field trip
December 19 & 20: Early Release, school dismissed 2 hours early
December 23-January 3: Winter Break

What are we learning in Q2 so far?

Math–Division as equal sharing in groups (look for homework Monday thru  Wednesday night). No HW on Halloween.  Also, we had our first fluency test in multiplication (2s facts) and everyone did awesome! We will have one more this week on 5’s . An excellent site for fact practice is Hit the Button. The class can practice their multiplication facts one fact group at a time. They also should be practicing on Xtra Math a few times a week.

Reading–We our starting our new Lucy Calkins study Reading to Learn: Grasping Main Ideas and Text Structures. We will be revving up our reading and getting excited about informational texts. Main focus this week is main idea and detail. Please encourage your child to keep reading chapter books at home too. It doesn’t mean that we have to stop reading fiction books for fun and enjoyment! I would love to see them bring home their Time for Kids once a week to read with you!

Writing– We just finished our Multiplication Monster stories where they made an array on their monster to represent how many eyes it had.  They named it and created a story based on what it looked like, what it liked to do and where it lived.  I was so impressed with the way they used Seesaw to video each other as they shared their story.  What great writers they are becoming and I am starting to see them naturally use proper paragraphing!  We are excited to start our informational writing unit. This week the students will pick their topics, teach their topics to their peers, and will begin their table of contents. They will use their table of contents this week as a guide to write their essays.

Science–Erosion and Weathering and Fossils are coming up and the soil cups were a big hit so thank you for helping us make them by bringing in the supplies.

Grammar–Verbs (action words) verb tenses this week as well present, past and future

Thank you Mystery Readers Juju and Colten’s parents for sharing your wonderful stories this week with us!  We LOVED it!


Fantastic Week & Field Trip

Our class has had a fabulous week of learning together.  They worked extremely hard to try and finish up work for Quarter One.  We have one more week to go!  This week they wrote the heart of their stories in writing their personal narratives and also chose their favorite ending.  They wrote a few and chose the best one.  These final drafts will be finished up soon and will be shared with you at conference week. They sure are growing into some wonderful writers.

During math this week we have introduced multiplication, they are catching on fast!   We are learning the concepts and will also do the same with division.  The actual facts we will learn by heart will come into play next quarter.  They are realizing how important it is to have mastered their basic addition and subtraction facts through 20.  Once they knw those facts speedy fast it helps them when learning multiplication and division.  So keep working on them speedy fast!  We are still working on two step word problems.  This can be tough for them if they do not read carefully and picture what is happening in the word problems!

Science- We will be studying soil next week, the different types and what the purpose of this wonderful natural resource.  We will also be learning about Goods and services and Opportunity costs  with Economics.

Language Arts- The students have been adding words of knowledge to their word jars by using context clues to help them figure out difficult words.  They have been writing and studying how to capitalize a book title.  All the important words not the two and three letter words!

Field Trip on Monday – we depart for Tellus at 8:15 and will return to the school at 3:15.  Parents will pick up your child at the Buses lanes.  Those going to ASP will go there directly after unloading from the buses.  I do not feel they need to bring their back packs on Monday.  They need their sack lunch and that is it.  I have 3 students buying a lunch (Max, Annie, August).  I have 5 students attending ASP (Rhyan, Annie, JP, Simran & Juju )

Also, EARLY RELEASE is on Thursday Oct. 11th.  Teachers will be working on report cards/ and prep for conferences for upcoming week- DISMISSAL at 12:30

Last, Please consider donating for the  Mount Bethel Foundation Patron Drive.  They do so many tremendous things that allow us to teach better and your children to benefit from this!   Please take a glance at this link to learn more!

Please look at this link below from our Foundation!

Thanks for sharing your bright children with me and a BIG thank you to Jennings & Juju’s Moms for helping in our classroom for TPV this week and our Mystery Reader Elias’s mom!

Back at It -Hello Fall

Hello to all my Parents & Students and welcome home from vacations and welcome back if you had a stay vacation.  I did a half & half week.  I loved my precious time with my husband at the beach and only ran into 5 people I know!  It was hot, beautiful, invigorating, scenic, delicious and fun to get away.  I accomplished a huge closet cleanout and that made me feel grrrrreat!  I hope you had some down time, Ha! not with your busy kiddos but I hope you had fun outside the classroom and made some fun memories.  I love the pictures you sent me and I made a video from the ones I received.  Parents now worries if you did not see my Seesaw email about emailing me a picture of your child on Fall Break, there will be many other opportunities.

Tomorrow, conference letters will be arriving home with your child on MONDAY.  Please sign and return asap and keep the top part for your reminder.  If there is a conflict just let me know and we can work something out. I am looking forward to meeting with you all and sharing your child’s progress so far in Grade 3.

I am looking forward to a great week ahead and seeing your children tomorrow! We will be finishing up Quarter 1 and all the few weeks of work ahead.

Our Foundation Patron Drive begins this week! I am so grateful for the many things they do to support our staff.  My teaching is impacted greatly from all the things they do to support us everyday!  I will be sharing some of those great resources with some pics throughout the week.  I love to teach your children!

September News

I am so very PROUD of all my third graders for how they tackled the testing the past two weeks!  We had great attendance and they worked hard at showing some stamina and trying their best.  This week we will get back  to normal and our schedule will resume as it was and light homework will be assigned each night!

On Friday, I asked them to bring in a rock that they find in a plastic baggie that I gave them. Lunch sandwich size.  They are to bring to class and share in some activities we will be doing as we study “Rocks” in Science. Please help remind them and if they forget they can always bring it the next day. We will ask questions and analyze data to classify rocks by their physical attributes (shape, color, texture, luster, and hardness) using simple tests.
Essential Questions:
Are all rocks the same?
What are rocks made of?
How do geologists identify rocks?
How do scientists classify rocks?  We will be

Upcoming Events
9/16 Picture Retake Day
9/16- 9/19 Book Fair in the Learning Commons
9/23-9/27 FALL BREAK

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held October 14-18.  We are working on scheduling those now, I will be sending parent letters home after the break with your child’s conference date and time.

Math- we are working on subtraction this week and all the strategies to use to solve the 3digit regrouping problems.  They will use base ten, expanded form and an open number line to subtract all week.  Their homework will allow them to practice these methods.

Writing- They love to write and this week we will be writing their first draft of their seed story, revise it by studying what other authors have done, and then develop the heart of the story (the most important part).

Always know that Keyboarding practice is always something great they can do to get use to typing their ideas quicker on the computer a great link and website to use is:  Dance Map Typing


Please do this Again for ME! Fact Clubs Start Next Week!

Please use this form to help me know which Children will attend What FACT CLUBS on which Days!

Thank you so much!

Kathy Tenney

ALL FAMILIES MUST FILL OUT Fall 2019 FACT Club Dismissal Form regardless if your child attends FACT Clubs or not this Fall!
FACT Clubs begin on Monday, September 9th. Make sure you complete the form below by 9-5-19 so I know which first session FACT Club(s) your student will attend and their transportation after each first session club. This form is for Tenney’s class only. You must fill out a separate form with links from the HOMEROOM teacher for each child. Please remember to complete the form whether your student attends clubs or not.  Please fill out Link below Thanks you for your cooperation!


Happy 3 Day Weekend and Testing Coming UP!

I want to wish you all a happy, safe weekend of travel or staying home to catch up on some rest and fun! I am looking forward to that myself! Thank you to every single family that took the time to log-in your child’s reading log of minutes to the PTA Toolkit so we can WIN! Our class has worked hard and collectively it would be awesome to have 100% commitment. The winners will be declared when we return. It is not too plate if you did not do this. I believe it closes tonight!   Please log your minutes through the PTA Toolkit.  Our class goal is 100% participation!!! Also, if you are able to make a donation, you can make your contribution on the PTA Toolkit as well. Thank you for your participation and support!

We will have Target on Tuesday for those students but only a half day since the Monday students will miss, they will share that day with our class and just do a half day. Testing will start on Wednesday this next week and continue Thursday and Friday. The first 3 days are COGAT tests. They will begin at 8:00 so please have them here on time and ready to start with the class. The following week we will do the ITBS tests. So, we as a third grade will only have READING homework for the 2 weeks of testing. I like for them to keep up with their READING CALENDAR in their RED folders. Pls initial and keep up the great reading habits! Your child benefits greatly from this! Please have the AUGUST reading calendar ready to be turned in when they return on Tuesday. Just sign it and tally min

Tellus Museum Field Trip
It turns out that our field trip date, October 9, is Yom Kippur. We saw this holiday on the calendar but thought it said that it started at midnight. It starts at midnight the day before. We apologize for the mistake.  Many of you have already turned in your $ and permission slip.
If your student will be impacted by this field trip because of Yom Kippur, please let me know. 

Lastly,  take a look at Seesaw pics when you can we met with our First Grade Reading buddies today and they LOVED it especially being the older students for the first time! We have had an excellent week of learning and working together and when they return I look forward to hearing about their fun 3 day adventures or plans of staying home with you! Enjoy!

9/2 – Labor Day, No School
9/4-9/6 – CogAT Testing
9/ 9-9/12 – IOWA Testing
9/12 – Mt. Bethel’s Book Fair begins
9/23-9/27 – Fall Break