Last Week of School

Dear Parents and Students,

Some Notes from our administration first:   Monday, May 18th
VIRTUAL FIELD DAY 2020! Coaches Dietrich, Jones, and Troskie have prepared fun opportunities through that require minimal preparation and equipment everyone should easily find at home. All information can be found on our Mt. Bethel Digital Learning site: . Buccaneers are encouraged to participate as much as enjoyable for them. There is a personal score card to record two trials, and we would love them to record personal best results in the Google form linked on the Digital Learning site. If they would like to share video, they may do so through Flipgrid – also linked on the site! Have FUN!!!!! We will post morning announcements on Sunday night from our coaches!
Our Foundation will be offering Parent and Student Organizational Classes to help with the transition to middle school via Zoom at 10:00and 1:00. Families signed up for specific slots.
Tuesday, May 19th
CLASS FUN. Each class/teacher/grade level will communicate Tuesday’s plan – whether it is virtual yearbook signing, talent show, or other activity.
Our Foundation will be offering Parent and Student Organizational Classes to help with the transition to middle school via Zoom at 10:00, 1:00, and 3:00. Families signed up for specific slots.
Wednesday, May 20th – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
Final class meetings will take place.
The Fifth Grade Video will air via YouTube livestream at 10:00 am. All are welcome to watch. It will be linked on the Mt. Bethel Digital Learning site. .
Since we are unable to honor our fifth graders with the Walk of Honor this year, we will instead have a fifth grade final farewell – where fifth graders and families are encouraged to drive through the MBES parking lot between noon and 1pm so we can send them off to middle school in style! Fifth graders who were unable to pick up yearbooks or supplies from classrooms last week will be able to have us put them in the car before you leave campus.
Can I pick up my yearbook? I was unable to get my child’s belongings last week during materials pick-up.
We will have an opportunity for those of you who were unable to grab student materials to get them on Thursday and/or Friday next week. More specifics to come!
Yearbooks will be ready for all non-fifth graders, as well! Info regarding purchasing a book if you did not do so pending.
Email to hit early next week with specifics.

Our Class will be having a ZOOM everyday at 10:00 I will do my best to try and finish our class read aloud this week.  

Monday is Dress up crazy Costume Day!  

Tuesday is TALENT SHOW!


I can’t believe we are ending the year this way as it certainly has been out of all of our control and wishes.  Just wierd and so different!  We won’t forget 2020 and how everything changed with Covid 19.  I sure know one thing and that is the beauty of watching your  kids grow and become stronger students and wiser people that are ready for next year to be back to normal whatever that may be.  I am proud of your kids and the families I get to work with at Mount Bethel.

Love & Hugs,

Mrs. Tenney


Friday May 15

Class,  if you didn’t get to see the morning announcements yet, please watch our Jennings and brother Colter do their thing!  It’s wonderful and the jokes are so fun!


Hi Parents & Students,

ZOOM CALL for 9:00 AM  Students today are:  Elias, August, Hudson, Wyatt, Colten, Ellie, Dylan, Rhyan, Elaine, Luke, Ansley

ZOOM CALL for 10:00 AM  students are Juju, Annie, Casey, Ava, Jordyn, Joseph, JP, Max, Jennings, Simran, Elijah

Check out Elijah’s Bike Safety Power Point here:

Bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1)

Daily Announcements Here :

May 11th – 15th

Dear Parents & Students,

I hope your families all enjoyed celebrating your mothers’ yesterday!  What a beautiful day we all had.  The weather was grand and I was able to go on a hike up Sawnee Indian Seats Trail in Cumming, Ga yesterday.  It was a steep climb uphill about 2 miles and what a nice view the people have when they reach the top.  You look out over the Piedmont region and north toward the Appalachian Mountains and Blue Ridge area.  It was once the region of the Creek and Cherokee Indians.  I imagined them sitting there surveying the beauty.

Our Week plans for the Choice Board look AWESOME!  I think you will enjoy them a lot!  Remember to watch daily announcements click here:

Choice Board here : Third Grade Distance Learning May 11-15 (1)

Have a great week – The Last full week of your Third Grade- Give it Your ALL! Mrs. Tenney

Week of May 4-8th

What a gorgeous weekend it was and I hope you got outside to enjoy it!  I love seeing the Blue Angels and this year I really wanted to see them and hoped we could catch a glimpse of them flying over our neighborhood.  Well they did fly over, only it was really fast and farther away than I had hoped.  Did you by chance see them?  Their main purpose was to show all the hospital workers some appreciation for all they have been doing for the sick people battling the COVID-19.  I sure hope there is an end and slow down in sight.  I am optimistic but also being as logical as I can with all of this.

Great Job Class with the Choice Board last week and ZOOM calls.   Here is the Choice Board for this week and also some extra – Extension activities for Math.  Let me know how I can help you with anything you may need!  Keep up the great work and please know how much I love and miss each one of you!

Third Grade Distance Learning Choice Board for May 4-8 (1)

lesson 1 homework (1) Extension lesson 1 problem set (1)

Make sure you visit the School Website to start your day with the announcements found here!


Mrs. Tenney


Wednesday April 29, 2020

Happy Wednesday!

Third Grade Digital Learning Choice Board Final April 27

This choice board is embedded with instructional videos from some of our third grade teachers:
Mrs. Mullins-Math section-addition with regrouping
Mrs. Boutwell-Writing section-personal narrative under Fireflies
Mrs. Goldt-OG & Spelling section-a series of OG lessons: Drill the Deck (which can be done daily for review), Open/Closed syllables, and more on the choice board
You will find that there are a few choices that are more than one day’s worth of material. The math workbook choice has 2 full lessons, so students definitely do not need to complete those in one day! Also, the writing choices are for the week, except for the editing activity. Students should choose one of the personal narrative activities to work on for the whole week with their published story at the end of the week.
Please remember that guidance regarding time spent on school learning for third graders is about two hours each Monday through Thursday. There are plenty of additional options via our school’s Digital Learning Website:  The Morning Announcements:

Remember I am here and for you and want to help any way I can.  Also, remember to work on your cursive handwriting book in your spare time- great way to practice for 15 min a day with some quiet music!  If it rains, there is Go Noodle and exercise videos for kids!

Have a great Wednesday,

Mrs. Tenney


Tuesday 4-28-20

Save The Turtles! By Jennings


Hello Students and Parents,

I have loved some of the work I received today from this weeks awesome Choice Board!  Thank you for sharing your work with me!  I will get back with you after I check several more.  Thought I would share Ellie’s Pollution poster and Jenning’s  Power point on Turtles- Click on link at the top! Great job girls!

Third Grade Digital Learning Choice Board Final April 27

Check today’s announcements at

See you later on ZOOM call.  Half & half today so please check your times!  Also today have something to write with!  Wipe off board and marker if you have it!

Love and miss my class,

Mrs. Tenney




Monday April 27th

Good Morning and Thank you all for making my birthday special on Friday.  I would much rather be with you all at school but thank you for making this quarantine bday a fun one!  Loved the cards!

Here is our start to the week with Morning Announcements from Mount Bethel –

The Learning Choice Board for the Week of April 27-May 1 is here:

Third Grade Digital Learning Choice Board Final April 27

Remember Zoom tomorrow:  Half the class will be at 9:00  The other half at 10:00 so please look at your times and I’ll send the invite out later today.

LOVE and miss you !   Mrs. Tenney





It’s Finally Friday!

Good Morning Parents & Students,

Don’t forget to visit Mt Bethel’s morning announcements and also check out our class video !

Hopefully, you received an email from me about snakes!  It was a pretty cool video on snakes in Georgia.

Flocabulary Class CODE is 6NXRC5  I know many of you were asking!  There is a lesson in Science on the Choice board that will use this site and this is our code.  Please write it down in a good place near your computer!

First log in to

Next enter the class Code to Join our Class  6NXRC5

See you later in our class ZOOM Meeting at 10:00 AM~  Mrs. Tenney

Rainy Day Thinking Thursday

Dear Parents & Students,

This morning I thought I would email you all a letter about snakes and other stuff!  Parents please check your email and share with your kids today!  Helpful items.  See you tomorrow on our ZOOM at 10:00 be ready to work a little (Bring a wipe off board paper/pencil ) and meet our Mystery Reader for the week.

Start your day by visiting this site at Mount Bethel:

What fun things will you do on this rainy Thursday?