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Can you believe it’s already October?  Time is starting to fly by!  We have a lot going on this month at school and in Technology!

To begin our month, Kindergarten and 1st grade students will learn how to be safe online in the computer lab.  We are discussing how to be SMART and safe while on line.  They are learning to never share personal information. Personal information includes their name, address, phone number, birthday or passwords.  While the younger group is learning to be safe, the older grades are in the HOT Spot.  They are building, using strategy, being creative and gaining tech skills during their specials time.  They are also learning fine motor skills and socialization skills which are so important in today’s world.

Prodigy is back!  Your students will be receiving their login information during the next week so that they can begin to work on math skills.  This program is so successful because the kids WANT to use it and in using it, learn and practice needed math skills.  Parents may also access their students accounts to keep up with their progress.  Most teachers will send the parent letters home with their students with information on how parents can connect an account with their child.  This program is totally free and there is no need to set up a paid membership.  The entire common core content is available for free.  The paid version will simply give the student more things they can collect in the game and do not affect the math content they receive at all.

October is a busy month at Pitner.  Check the school website and listen for Dr. Hosey’s callout to keep up to date with all the events going on this month!

Mrs. Parks

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