November in Technology


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We’ve had a busy month so far in November in Technology!  Classes have been splitting their time between the computer lab and the HOT Spot.  In the computer lab, fourth and fifth graders have been working on Fall Word clouds.  I’ve been so proud of their creativity and computer skills.  Here are a couple of examples of 5th grade creations!  This program is on our Just for Fun page and available to use at home.  It’s free to use and could make some great Christmas presents!  You may also access it by clicking here:


When in the computer lab, you’re likely to find grades 1 – 5 enthusiastically working with Prodigy, our math program.  The kids love the program and are gaining valuable math skills.  This program is free to use, no subscription is required to access all the common core content.  I also find them using it (without prompting) while in ASP!  Kindergarten students are working on mouse and navigation skills.  They’re getting very good at finding their way around and operating the computers!

In the coming weeks we are going to be quite busy!  The rotation after our Thanksgiving break, we’ll do our Hour of Code unit.  The students love learning how to program and making their own games online.  This international event is exciting a new generation of future coders.  This year, we’ll be using the computer lab for Hour of Code, Mrs. Ucciferri will do paper and pencil coding in the STEM lab and we’ll both utilize great tools like spheros, Bee Bots and Mouse coding games to bring more fun and knowledge to the kids.

Beginning December 11th, all students will take their RI assessment and when we return from Christmas break, the students will complete their second MI of the year.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and enjoy the time with your families!

Mrs. Parks


The Eclipse is Coming!


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On Monday, August 21st, we’ll experience the first total eclipse in this part of the world since 1979.  I was a senior in high school the last time we could see an eclipse in Georgia.  I’m very excited to share this with our students.  We’ve been getting ready by doing eclipse projects, sharing fun facts on the PNN News and planning all sorts of fun events around the coming occurance.  Friday, August 18th, is our first Pitner Spirit day.  We will dress like it’s the 80’s!  (Remember the song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”?) It should be a fun day ahead of the eclipse.  Remember, we will delay dismissal by 45 minutes on Monday and will not release until 3:00.  You are welcome to check your child out early on that day.  It would be helpful to send a note so that we will be prepared and know that you are coming.

In Technology we have finished our first Reading Inventory test of the year and have started on the initial Math Inventory testing for grades 1 – 5.  We take this assessment 3 times a year: beginning, middle and end.  The students have been doing a great job!  Kindergarten will take their Foundational Reading Assessment (FRA) and Math Inventory test in September.  They have been busy learning their way around our computers and working on their mouse skills!

In the coming rotations, we will be working on a unit for all grades on Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety.

Mrs. Parks

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