Dear Parents,

I wanted to let you know in first grade we have been working tirelessly on glued sounds ( -all, -am. -an) as well as learning that TH has two sounds (hard) and (soft).  Ask your children what they get to do to Mrs. Walker every Thursday. 🙂  They can only do it to me, because otherwise they might get in trouble for being rude.  We read the book Dash on the Path to look for TH words.

In math we have worked on subtraction with dots and x’s and scriggling out.  Ask your child to show you how with a simple problem 8-5=?.  We have also discussed MAKING 10. This is a huge math concept and you can reinforce this at home….play this game:

I say 9…( your kid should say 1)..I say 5 ( your child should say 5)..this should continue for all the ways to make 10.  It is fun and will serve them well.  We will play this daily for awhile until they get the compliments of ten memorized.  We have used OG math for all of this.

SPEAKING OF ORTON GILLINGHAM MATH…have I mentioned how amazing our foundation is?  They helped pay for OG math for training for all teachers K-1st grade last year and are funding the 2nd grade teachers this year.  I can not tell you the difference this makes for all students, especially those who are not math minded.  If you are unaware of how awesome our foundation is just know teachers and students benefit by leaps and bounds every year because of what they enable us to do.  I am so thankful to them for the leg up they give us with training, and anything we need to help the kids.  Mt. Bethel is the best elementary school and we are lucky to have our kids go here.  Please remember to donate in October for our annual fund.

In 4th grade, we have done a fairy tale unit.  We read a strange big foot cinerrrrrella book, and read Rumpelstiltskin.  The students I think had fun with this, but we will be focusing on main idea and details when we return from break in fiction and non fiction texts.  We will also start the book Freckle Juice.

Keep up the great work with your students.



Hooray for our first day.  I loved meeting all of your children and starting our EIP groups.  We established 3 rules of Mrs. Walker’s room and got our sticker charts.  The students learned that i am in a little room so we have to use a little voice ( rule#1).  They also learned my rule #2 is huge, it is be respectful and that means soooo much.   They helped me to describe what that looks like and they did great:

raising hand, looking at their neighbor when they talk, do not speak over someone, do not shout answers out, keep hands and feet to one’s self, share supplies, do not fight, push, or run.  This also means being respectful with our words and only saying kind things.  In first grade we drilled OG cards, sounds, digraphs and learned about short vowels.  We played a game with Popsicle sticks that had the vowels on them and they got to select the vowel they heard when a word was called out.  I let them also have a turn to be the teacher.  We had an memorable experience with bottled glue and how they will always be able to remember that short i makes the “ih” sound.  I hope they tell you about it, even your sensory reluctant children loved it. 🙂

In math in first grade we worked with OG number rods, and making our dots.  In one group we made flash cards too.

In 4th grade, we started with a chapter book called Tuck Dam.  I know they thought I was crazy selecting a book that had a curse word on it, but I explained that it was not a bad word and they are not spelled the same way.  If might be one of the easiest books they have ever read!  It is a simple sound out chapter book that they don’t know but they fly through a chapter book and feel a taste of reading with ease.  So tell them congrats on reading a whole chapter book in two days with Mrs. Walker!!!

I will not have groups on a normal schedule until September 12th due to Cogat this week, and Iowa testing next week.  I miss them already and can’t wait for us to be on a normal schedule.



I am so excited to start with my EIP friends on Tuesday.  We will have one normal day, and then a modified schedule due to standardized testing in grades 1, 3, and 5 for the following 8 days.  We will start back to normal on the 12th. The first day your child will get to meet me, we will establish my 3 rules in my classroom, and have fun.  I will see them every other day after that and we will work on phonics, starting a book, and key elements.  I will post what the phonics focus will be each week and what the one we will preview for the following week so they have a leg up on their peers in their classroom so they can have success, by already knowing the skill because I touched on it.  The goal in my room is to build confidence and know they can do tough things and learn a lot along the way.

Have a fabulous weekend and I will see them Tuesday, I can not wait.



It’s  brand new year and we are busy screening all the new buccaneers in Kindergarten.  What a wonderful new crop of kinders.  The EIP team and counselors will finish screening by early next week, and move on to the older grades.  These first few weeks are very busy ones where students are learning their new classroom rules and procedures, so we do not pull EIP groups until all of the assessments are given.  We will move on through the grades next week and continue through 5th grade.  If you have any questions or concerns, or want to know if we still get to see your kiddos, let us know.
We do not know exactly who is with which grade level yet but, that information will be coming soon too, depending on numbers.

Can’t wait to see you at the parent meeting that will be August 27th at 8am.

#3 Welcome back


I am thrilled to have 2 EIP teachers join me to help more students get to where they need to go.  Brook Rozen and Meagan Allred will be moving from the regular classroom to help students in the Early Intervention Program.

Enjoy the last few precious days with your kiddos and establish a no tech at the table rule when you are eating any meal together.  This is a precious time and an easy rule to start and they wont waiver.  You can not multi task and they can not fully engage if they are engrossed on a screen.

If you need me email me at any time and I want to give a shout out to Lorelei McGahee for my post card from across the pond and some sweet child sent me one from ITALY but did not send it, so please let me know and I will write you back.


Katie Walker

April showers


I can not believe we are in the final 9 weeks of school.  We are in the throws of milestone testing for the older grades and I will be administering the test to a group of students until 4/17/18.  I will be helping with make up testing as well for those students whom are absent.  I miss your kids so much!! We also have a lot to cover before the end of the year in terms of Reading and Math.  Please continue to read with your child each night and have them read to you as well.  Math fact fluency is a quick ten minute drill too.  I like to play ” doubles” or making ten with my kids while we dry their hair….I say 7 you say “3” to make ten.  I say  9 and they say “1” to make ten.

or for doubles I just simply say ” 6+6 is?”

Placement forms were due to the front office April 14th for your child if you wanted to write a letter so say what types of needs they may have.  I do not know at this point what EIP will look like next year for every grade, but I know your children will get special consideration so do not worry if you did not fill one out. We have a wonderful principal who really does honor those letters and does what is best for kids.


Katie Walker





New year new EIP and us.  I apologize for not updating my blog regularly in the Fall.  I was covering 3 grade levels, 6 subjects, and 78 students.  It was a lot and something had to give and blogging was it.  So now we have the pleasure of adding an EIP teacher to the team, and this has allowed my groups to become smaller.   I will update my blog every Thursday to review what we did and what is coming.  This will help everyone be on the same page, and when you ask ” what did you do with Mrs. Walker?”, and they say ” play games”…you know what questions to ask. 🙂


WE had a great day in first grade today talking about Bossy R.  We learned that bossy R can come in and change the sound of the vowel.  We made our own pirate patches out of pipe cleaners and generated LOTS of words that have the “ar” sound it it.

Arches, star, chart, car, artist, and so on.  We will be reading a story called Mandy this week and discuss point of view.  I will be having visitors from the county coming Friday to watch how we do an Orton Gillingham lesson with Red or Trick words and i know your students will shine.  They are pros when we do a red word.

In Kindergarten we have been learning all about tens and ones, and reading about a book called My Horse.  We learned how to tell how old a book is.  I hope your students share that with you. They loved learning how to do that and wanted more and more.  I hope you have a few books at home they can find how old it is and show you. 🙂



Dear parents,

I had the pleasure of meeting with many of you the first week in October, and now I had another chance to meet with some more you of.  I love being able to be a part of your child’s educational journey.  We have been furiously working on so much.  I hope in Kindergarten, your children have told you about the two books we have been reading…Big or Little, and a non-fiction book Weather in the City.  One book was much more challenging than the other, but now the children know that every Thursday they can stick their tongue out at me, because the soft diagraph th says thhhhhhhhhh.  I hope they can tell you what two sounds th makes. We have reviewed the 5 vowels, made simple cvc words together and used dot paints.

We also have been working on numbers to 20. We have a pumpkin patch math activity and today a making words game will come home with your child. We made a lot of new words today together by selecting the vowels first and then two consonants.  We also turned the simple cvc word MAT into math.   🙂

In first grade we had our first red word today and I hope they are able to table out on their arm the word because.  If they don’t ask them.  They learned all kinds of interesting facts about the human brain and how we store information.  We are continuing to study diagraphs.  We read a book : Don’t make me Laugh and compared it to another text …the old woman who swallowed a fly.  In math we are working on tens and ones.  We are also working on the 120’s chart and taking a piece of it and knowing what is ten more and ten less and one more and one less.  In addition to all that we are continuing with the math strategies….and like always I tell them doubles and making 10 are my favorite.

In second grade, we have been into our second chapter book.  We are continuing in our phonics sequence. We completed our first red word as a group today and it is “enough”.  We are always working.

In Math we are working on skip counting by 5’s, 10’s, and 100’s.  This led me to review a little bit our concepts of ones, tens, and 100’s.  We are making progress, and not rushing in math.  We have learned a lot of our mistakes are from rushing.

KEEP up the great work at home.


This week we did SOOOOOOO much.  We covered beginning, middle, and ending sounds.  We talked about how special the vowels are.  ( ask them about the letter I and the ICKY thing I put in their hands).  We reviewed words, sounds, and numbers to 20.

In first grade, we attacked the book Jam for Pam and learned about glued sounds, ( am) and how we can use these to decode words.

We also had a phonics assessment that I was really pleased with.  I can tell they are getting OG in their homeroom teachers’ classes.  🙂  This makes me SUPER excited.   We also talked about number fluency, and related facts, and DOUBLES.  ( this is my favorite strategy and making 10.)  Please listen to the following rap with your child:  We played a great tens, and ones games on the smart board and the kids liked that.  They also love being the teacher and showing what they know on my smart board.



ENJOY that.

In second grade we did a phonic assessment, reviewd place value, Money and discussed what 4 elements each story typically has. Characters, setting, conflict, and solution.


EIP parent meeting

It was my pleasure to meet all of you this week who came to the EIP parent meeting on Wednesday, and/ or scheduled an individual conference.  I can not wait to start with the kids on Monday!  It is going to be fabulous to meet with your kids and get in a groove.  This first week, we will be reviewing what they have learned this far in the school year, taking a phonics assessment, and getting all set up.  We will also be covering the rules of Mrs. Walker’s group.  #1 Be kind #2 Have Fun #3  Learn.

Enjoy this Fall break!