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Thanksgiving Lunches

It’s that time again!

We will have Thanksgiving Lunches on November 15 and November 16. Our lunch specifically will be Thursday, November 16 at 12:40. Tickets will be sold October 16-November 8. We will not be selling tickets on the days of Thanksgiving Lunches. You will have to turn in the bottom portion of the form with their payment. The window to purchase tickets closes on November 8. We will send tickets home shortly thereafter.

Curriculum Update

We have had an excellent week back from break! I adore these kids, and our class works SO well together.  We have a busy schedule to finish out this first nine weeks!

Writing- We are finishing up our Narrative Writing unit, and the students have worked SO hard on these drafts!  Ask them what their narratives are about and what they have learned so far when it comes to leads, elaboration, and their story arcs.  It’s incredible to watch how the writing lesson goes each day.  They will even tell you that they typically start with a *subtle little eye roll, and by the end of the lesson they actually beg me to let them keep writing. 🙂 We will take our post on-demand narrative writing next week.

Reading- The kids are working hard to continue building their reading abilities specifically focusing on fiction texts. This week we focused on identifying the theme by practicing analyzing specific details in the text. We discussed the difference between theme (moral, message, or lesson of a story) and main idea (what the story is mostly about). We will continue working on fiction reading skills and including constructed response practice for comprehension checks.

Science- Thank you to everyone who has sent in materials for our STEM project next week. I will link the sign up genius on here as well. If you signed up for something but haven’t had a chance to send it in yet please do so soon so that we know what still needs to be purchased for the grade level to complete the activity. We are currently studying constructive and destructive forces in our Earth Science unit. Students will have an Earth Science Unit Assessment next Friday. This will cover landforms, how constructive and destructive forces change Earth’s landforms, weathering, erosion, deposition, and how technology is used to limit and impact the effects of constructive and destructive forces.

Math- We will continue multi-digit multiplication through the rest of this week. In 5th grade, students are required to fluently multiply a three-digit factor by a two-digit factor using the standard algorithm. On Friday the students will take a test on multiplication using the standard algorithm, and next week we will move to division. Students will be working to master multi-digit division, specifically up to four digit numbers divided by two digit numbers.



Progress Report Note

September 8th…wow! This year is absolutely flying by.  Your kids have been such joys to get to know, and they are all so funny in their own ways.  They are all such bright, hysterical, sarcastic, and truly caring 10 and 11 year olds.

Progress Reports go home today.  Please be aware that being that we are only 4.5 weeks in, there will be few grades in some of the subjects so far.  Grades will start rolling in at a more steady pace with time.  Please sign and return the report ASAP.


IOWA Testing 9/11-9/14

We will be taking the IOWA test next week!

The IOWA is a norm referenced test. Norm-referenced tests measure basic concepts and skills commonly taught in schools throughout the country. These tests are not designed to measure a specific curriculum, but rather the knowledge generally taught at a particular grade level. Results from a norm-referenced test compare a student’s performance to a national reference group (the “norm”) of students at the same grade. The reason that we have to follow strict guidelines in administering the tests is so that everything will be the same as it was with the norm group.

The IOWA tests mastery of the academic skills found in the elementary curriculum. The purpose of these tests is to provide information about student progress in a curriculum that expands in breadth and depth with each additional grade level. There will be items on the test that have not been taught yet, because the IOWA measures the entirety of the elementary curriculum.

Our test days schedule will be a bit different, and lunch will be later.  Please send a healthy and filling snack with your child that they can have right when testing is over each day.  Please get your child here on time and well rested!


When: Wednesday Sept. 6th (k-2nd) and Thursday Sept. 7th (3rd-5th)
Where: the new Mountain View Track
Time: 7:20 am -7:40 am
Hi parents!

With the new school, some changes had to be made to our monthly “Walk to School Days”. Sandy Plains is a very busy road in the mornings. In order to continue this event every month, and keep the children and the families safe, it would require hiring officers and closing a lane among other things for it to take place. The Health and Wellness committee along with Dr. Garriss and Mrs. Janas have decided to only do the two official days, the “International Walk to School Day” October 4, 2017 and the “Georgia Walk to School Day” on March 14, 2018. We will close a lane, hire an officer and do all that is necessary on those dates to ensure a safe and successful event. More info about these two dates will be coming prior to the date in October.

But, we want our students and families to keep moving! We will be having “Family Walk the Track Days” in September and November 2017 and also in April 2018. Our first event will be Sept. 6th/7th. We have split the grades over two days to help with parking. You are welcome to walk with your child at your own discretion to school on those days, but there will be no official group organized to walk. Please make sure to not park in the bus lanes and be respectful of the carpool line. We will meet at the track and walk from 7:20-7:40. Remember, this is not a drop off event. You must stay and walk with your child. Coffee and fruit will be provided. Prizes will be given. Music will be playing. It will be a great start to the morning for everyone! So, let’s KEEP MOVING!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Health and Wellness Committee at [email protected]

Thank you for your understanding and for your support.

Solar Eclipse Monday

Reminders regarding Solar Eclipse Monday:

Cobb Schools Extend School Day by 45 minutes on August 21, 2017 due to Solar Eclipse
Due to the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, the Cobb County School District will delay dismissal of elementary, middle and high school students by 45 minutes.
The peak time to experience the solar eclipse falls during our regularly scheduled elementary school dismissal time. Since student safety is always our first priority we will start the day on time and delay dismissal to ensure that neither students nor employees are on the roadways during the time of the eclipse. Subsequently, high schools and middle schools will delay dismissal as well.
The Mountain View administration has decided to not view the solar eclipse live to ensure the safety of all students. We will be watching the NASA broadcast as a school during the extended school time. We are also allowing check-outs leading up to 1:30 for parents who want to watch the event with their child in person. For more information regarding the solar eclipse visit the National Weather Service at http://www.weather.gov/sgf/SolarEclipse.
Please visit the Cobb County School District Website: www.cobbk12.org for further information and helpful links.

“FYI: Coding Attendance on Monday, August 21, 2017

Good afternoon. The District has made a determination that any student that is absent on Monday, August 21 will be excused with a note from the parent. In order for the student to be counted as present for that day, they must be in school until 11:15 a.m. For coding purposes, we will count students as present if they attend half day.”

Also, here is the information for clubs on Monday:
Monday Clubs – Kilometer Kids cancelled

Chess -1st session – 3:15 – 4:15

Chess – 2nd session – 4:20 – 5:20

STEM – 4:20 – 5:20


August 7-August 11

Math – Students are learning how to solve math problems that include multiple operations, following the order of operations.

Social Studies – We introduced the Civil War by discussing the differences between the North and South in the mid 1800’s. We will learn much more about those differences and the reasons for the tension between the North & South this week. Students will have a quiz over the causes of the Civil War on Friday of this week, and we will begin learning about the actual Civil War next week. This is a 2 week unit, and students should be reading/reviewing nightly to ensure they are developing a full understanding of what is covered in class.

Reading & Writing: We will take this week to instill routines and procedures as readers and writers and get student’s notebooks set up in order to get the year started effectively and efficiently. In writing, the first genre we will focus on is Narrative writing.

Spelling: Students received their first spelling packet last week, and it is due this Thursday. Week 1 spelling test will also be this Thursday. Spelling Tests are not illegible for ‘request to retest’, so it is important that students are taking the time throughout the week to complete their weekly spelling packet requirements, study, and be prepared for weekly assessments. Students should know how to spell AND apply (understand the meaning of/context of) their spelling, vocabulary, and content words

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