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Fifth Grade Walk!

Our 5th graders will take one last walk down memory lane for the annual 5th Grade Walk Wednesday, May 23rd at 11:30 am. Parents and families are invited to attend this precious final memory at school. All 5th grade classes will return to their classrooms following the walk. If you would like to take your child home with you following the walk, you may check them out from their 5th grade classroom. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Information Regarding HTMS Placement

Hey Parents!  We received the following email to share with you all regarding Hightower’s placement timeframe.

Dear Parents of Rising HTMS 6th graders,

We understand everyone’s eagerness to discuss class placement for next school year. We are using EOG Milestones and RI/MI assessment data in conjunction with class performance and IOWA scores to help make these decisions. Since all of these scores are not yet available to us, we will be making decisions into the summer. We felt it would be helpful to make you aware of this process, so you could better understand our inability to fully-discuss your child’s potential placement for next school year.

Course requests (meaning assigned courses for next year, not the particular daily schedule) will be made available in ParentVue late July. You will be notified when this becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to a wonderful 2018-19 school year!
Hightower Trail Administration

Joni M. Myler, Ed.S
Assistant Principal
Hightower Trail Middle School
3905 Post Oak Tritt Rd.
Marietta, GA 30062
770.578.7225 x011
FAX: 770.578.7227
[email protected]

The Final Countdown!

Hey Parents!  Can you believe we are already here?  Time flies is an understatement!

I wanted to get a post together with some end of the year announcements/reminders/dates.  These will probably continue to roll in, so I will do my best to continue updating the blog to keep you all informed.

**Tomorrow (4/25) is Field Day/Sports-a-thon.  Remember to send in your child’s pledge form if they received pledges for their soccer kicks!  Your child should wear their purple Be Nice shirt, and please send in a towel, water bottle, and an extra change of clothes and shoes. Being that it has rained for 48 hours, I know the field will be soaked, so please keep that in mind with your child’s shoe selection.

**I emailed a link for Mystery Reader sign up today.  Please let me know if you have a time request, as I can try and work around your requests!

**The Hightower visit for students going to Hightower is May 3 from 9:30-11:15

**Sparkles Activity Night 4-8pm (flyer attached to blog)

**STEM DAY (full day, NOT early release) is May 4

**Talent Show form for participants is due May 11

**Career Portfolios are due May 15 (done in school and at home on designated days)

**I sent home a yellow sheet yesterday that had information regarding the 5th grade celebration day, the Moving Up ceremony, and the 5th grade walk.  Please let me or our room mom’s know if you have any questions regarding these events. The celebration day is May 16, Moving Up ceremony is May 17, and 5th grade walk is May 23.

**Talent Show for those who want to participate May 22, 23 during school.

**May 22, 23 last two days of school and early release

T-Shirt Re-Order


Just a reminder that there is a t-shirt re-order for anybody who might need another fifth grade t-shirt (too small, ruined, lost, new student, or just want a new one).  The form went home last week and is due this Friday (the 9th).  Please let me know if you need a form, as a lot of the students declined needing one.

March Update

How we made it so quickly to March, I have no idea! Bring on the warmth and sunshine and goodbye to sick season!

We have 4 weeks until Spring Break, and then Georgia Milestones!  The next 4 weeks will be spent working very hard in the classroom preparing for Milestones testing. I will be sending home various things over the next few weeks that you can use to practice with and prepare for testing at home with your child. I have given them a heads up that we are in crunch time.  These next four weeks will be filled with hitting new standards, reviewing older standards, and practice, practice, practice.  Please know you will see a heftier homework load as well.  Here is what we will be covering in the classroom:

Math– We just started converting measurements yesterday, and will continue tackling our measurement standards throughout this week.  We are hoping to quiz on Friday (the 9th) or early next week.
Science– We have moved on from Electricity and are now into our Life Science unit. As my email stated, the kids dominated their cells test with a class average of a 92! We are now learning about helpful and harmful microorganisms, plant and animal scientific classification, and inherited versus acquired traits. We will take a Life Science Unit test Friday (the 9th).
Reading – We are continuing to become stronger non-fiction readers! For the remainder of the next 4 weeks, we will focus on quality of constructed responses when applied to various reading skills. Your child has new reading homework, as of last week, where they will answer several questions in full constructed response format (FACE) each night. You should notice the quality of their constructed responses improving as time goes by. One thing they are struggling with right now is what an appropriate answer is depending on what the question is asking them. Sometimes it is appropriate to simply flip and answer the question, and sometimes it is necessary to provide text evidence and a thorough explanation of your answer/evidence to answer the question completely. This is something that changes with each question, depending on the reading skill the question is assessing, so we want to make sure they are comfortable answering any constructed response questions that they may see come Milestones. At the 5th grade level, no written answer in reading should only be one sentence. This is an expectation that you may use for a point of reference if you are checking their HW at home.  Students can expect another reading test next week on text features, constructed response, and comparing passages.
Writing – We will spend the next 3 weeks finishing up our Informational writing essay on Immigration. On March 12th and 13th, students will take their informational post writing assessment. After that point, we will begin test prep style practice consisting of combined reading and writing skill activities.


Thank you all for your continued assistance at home.  I hope that the kids feel strong, rested, and ready come April 11!

Rock Eagle Details

Hey Parents!

Below are some details on our Rock Eagle field trip (Next Friday the 16th).

Students can start getting dropped off no earlier than 6:15, but MUST be at school by 6:30. Students should be dropped off outside of the cafeteria. The busses are due to arrive at 6:30, and we will start loading up as soon as we can to ensure that we are ready to pull out of the parking lot at 6:45 am. Any students who are not at school by 6:45 will have to stay in the front office.

Student/Parent directions:
-Bring lunch in a disposable sack/bag – do not bring anything that can spoil.
-Students can bring a drawstring bag of some sort to hold their water bottle/snacks not included in their lunch, but ANYTHING they bring they have to keep up with the entire time.
-Students will need to dress appropriately for the weather the day of, as half of the field trip is outside.
-Parent Chaperones are required to ride the busses with us and must park their cars in the school visitor parking spots for the day. No cars can be left in the bus port area.
-Chaperones will need to bring their own lunch as well.

Field Trip Itinerary:
*We will participate in a total of 2 sessions – Herpetology and Pioneer Life/Tools combined. If you want to read more about the activities you can find explanations here: http://rockeagle4h.org/ee/programs/classdescriptions.html

6:45 AM – Leave MVE
8:45ish AM – Arrive & orientation at Rock Eagle
9:00 – 10:45 Session 1
10:45 – 11:15 Lunch
11:15 – 1:00 Session 2
1:15 Depart from Rock Eagle
3:30ish Arrive back at MVE (depending on traffic may be a little earlier or later –we will send parents an email message/Remind when we are getting close so you have an idea of timing for picking up kids)

If you have any questions let me know!

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