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Rock Eagle Details

Hey Parents!

Below are some details on our Rock Eagle field trip (Next Friday the 16th).

Students can start getting dropped off no earlier than 6:15, but MUST be at school by 6:30. Students should be dropped off outside of the cafeteria. The busses are due to arrive at 6:30, and we will start loading up as soon as we can to ensure that we are ready to pull out of the parking lot at 6:45 am. Any students who are not at school by 6:45 will have to stay in the front office.

Student/Parent directions:
-Bring lunch in a disposable sack/bag – do not bring anything that can spoil.
-Students can bring a drawstring bag of some sort to hold their water bottle/snacks not included in their lunch, but ANYTHING they bring they have to keep up with the entire time.
-Students will need to dress appropriately for the weather the day of, as half of the field trip is outside.
-Parent Chaperones are required to ride the busses with us and must park their cars in the school visitor parking spots for the day. No cars can be left in the bus port area.
-Chaperones will need to bring their own lunch as well.

Field Trip Itinerary:
*We will participate in a total of 2 sessions – Herpetology and Pioneer Life/Tools combined. If you want to read more about the activities you can find explanations here: http://rockeagle4h.org/ee/programs/classdescriptions.html

6:45 AM – Leave MVE
8:45ish AM – Arrive & orientation at Rock Eagle
9:00 – 10:45 Session 1
10:45 – 11:15 Lunch
11:15 – 1:00 Session 2
1:15 Depart from Rock Eagle
3:30ish Arrive back at MVE (depending on traffic may be a little earlier or later –we will send parents an email message/Remind when we are getting close so you have an idea of timing for picking up kids)

If you have any questions let me know!

Go away, sick season!!

Please email Nurse Karetha at [email protected] and let her know if your student has been diagnosed with the flu by a health care provider this year.

Remember – the best way to stay well is to wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch your face. Stay home if you’re not feeling well. Germs are not something we want to share at Mountain View! See the school website for more info on the flu and how to prevent it. Check out these important short videos!


Baby Picture Deadline

Send Your Baby/Youth Picture for the 5th Grade Slideshow
Please EMAIL your student’s baby/youth picture by Friday, 2/2 to [email protected]
This picture will be used in a slide show during the Move Up Ceremony at the end of the year. The subject line should include the name of your child & their teacher.
Questions/Concerns? EMAIL Teresa MacCartney
*Please Note: This submission is separate from purchasing a Congratulatory Yearbook Ad for your child, but feel free to submit the same picture.

Update on January

Hey Parents!
With how crazy January has been, I figured I would shoot you guys an update on where we are with academics and scheduling.

Writing- We started our 3rd quarter informational writing unit.  This will be about 6 weeks of mastering how to construct an informational research paper, and our topic we are writing on is Immigration.  The reason why we are writing on Immigration is because it is a fifth grade standard that we have already learned, so they have prior knowledge on the topic, and studying it to write about will be a great refresher for them as we approach the end of the year.

Reading- We will be focusing on hitting our fifth grade non fiction standards.  We will start out with main idea and topic within non fiction texts.  We had a very helpful conversation yesterday on why the kids are intimidated by non fiction books, and we talked strategy and a game plan for them to start feeling more confident within the genre.

Math- We finished up multiplying fractions, and started dividing fractions yesterday.  So far, so good with this concept.  We will continue mastering the standard, and then we will dive into line plots, followed by 2D shapes.

Social Studies- We took our WW1 quiz, and averaged a 93! I was so proud of the kids.  We are now starting our ABC book project, which you should have seen and signed in the kids folder’s last night.  This is a project that will touch on the next couple of standards on Post War, Roaring Twenties, Great Depression, and WW2. The graphic organizer of this project is due next Friday, the 2nd.  The overall project is due Thursday, February 15th.  This kids can choose whatever format they are most comfortable with for their project.  See the instructions in their binders for detailed information.  I will also continue teaching mini lessons on these standards to ensure their understanding.

Upcoming Dates:

This Friday the 26th is our Author’s Tea.  Please join us anytime between 8:30-9:45 to listen to our fifth graders read their best pieces to members of our community.  This will be a fun celebratory event to acknowledge how hard our kids work in writing!

January  30th- Social Studies WW1 and post war Test

January 30th- Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Test

February 2nd- Graphic organizer for their ABC project due

February 6th- Simpson students go for their tour from 9:15-11 that day.  Parent night at Simpson.  More info to come.

February 8th- line plots assessment

February 9th- Winter Dance 6-7:30, the form went home yesterday!

February 15th- 2D shapes assessment, and ABC project due

February 16th- Last day before break, Rock Eagle Field Trip


I hope that everybody had a fantastic Holiday Break and a very Happy New Year!  It was so good to see your kid’s faces last week, and I have to brag on their field trip behavior.  They were seriously the most well behaved group of kids that I have ever taken on a field trip! I was SO proud!

Now that January is basically half way over, let me fill you in on what we have coming up!

Writing and Reading- The students are currently working on their Author’s Tea writing piece.  Look for information coming home soon in regards to details on this fun celebratory event!

Math- We started multiplying fractions on Friday, and I was very surprised at how quickly they are grasping understanding. We will continue multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, and using a line plot throughout the next week, and will have a test on Friday, January 19th.

Social Studies- We are starting our World War 1 standards today: SS5H2 Describe U.S. involvement in World War I and post-World War I America. We will quiz on the first portion of this standard on Tuesday the 16th.  H2a states the following: Explain how German attacks on U.S. shipping during the war in Europe (1914-1917) ultimately led the U.S. to join the fight against Germany; include the sinking of the Lusitania and concerns over safety of U.S. ships, U.S. contributions to the war, and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. We will then dive in to the second portion of this standard: Describe the cultural developments and individual contributions in the 1920s of the Jazz Age (Louis Armstrong), the Harlem Renaissance (Langston Hughes), baseball (Babe Ruth), the automobile (Henry Ford), and transatlantic flight (Charles Lindbergh). We will ultimately test on the whole standard on Friday, January 26th.


Friday the 12th- Court House Field Trip.  We will be leaving at 9 and should return to school by 1.  Please bring a sack lunch, as we will be eating lunch there.  Everything sent in for lunch will need to be able to be thrown away when we are finished eating!

Tuesday the 16th- the 5th grade students will attend a Performing Arts Field Trip. We will be going to Lassiter High School to watch the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform at the Lassiter Concert Hall. For this field trip, students are asked to dress accordingly for the type of event. Gym clothes and jeans are not appropriate, as formal attire is encouraged. We will eat lunch at school before leaving for the field trip. We will leave for the field trip at 10:45 am and arrive back at Mountain View around 1:30 pm.

Tuesday the 16th- Social Studies H2a quiz.

Wednesday the 17th- School wide Heroes essay due!

Friday the 19th- Multiplying/dividing fractions and line plot test.

Friday the 26th- Author’s Tea (more info to come), Social Studies H2a and b Test.

I look forward to an excellent third quarter!! 🙂



Almost half way through the year! That is just crazy!

Here is the curriculum update for these three weeks before break:

Math- We are mastering adding and subtracting fractions.  We will have a quiz on Friday (12/1) for equivalent fractions, and a test on Monday, December 18 on adding and subtracting fractions.

Reading- We are finishing up Esperanza and working on the remainder of our literary standards. We will focus on figurative language, point of view, comparing and contracting stories, and the elements of a drama. We will have a reading test on Monday, December 18.

Writing- Wrapping up our opinion pieces on whether or not fifth graders should have cell phones…these writing pieces are impressive! They write their final drafts on Monday, 12/4!

Science- We are working on chemical and physical changes, and have some fun experiments planned! See the link below to sign up for sending in materials for the experiments. We will have a science test on Tuesday, December 12. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0444a9ae2aa4f58-5thgrade

Dates to Note:

12/1- math quiz

12/8- Parent Preview for Human Growth and Development (More info to come)

12/12- Science Test

12/14-15- Human Growth and Development (More info to come)

12/18- Math Test, Reading Test

12/19- Stem Day, Early Release (alternate daily schedule- our lunch is 9:56-10:26)

12/20- Holiday Party, Early Release, Last day before break! (alternate daily schedule- our lunch is 9:56-10:26)

Thank you all for all you do!

Mrs. Rodebaugh



Upcoming Tests

Hey Parents,

Just wanted to inform you of three tests coming up to wrap up 4.5 weeks of standards we have been mastering.  Next Friday (November 17), your child will test in Social Studies, Math, and Reading.

Social Studies- This will cover the “Turn of the Century” unit that we have been working on for four weeks now.  It will cover cowboys/cattle drives, inventors and inventions that impacted life in America, America’s expanding role in the world, and the impact of immigration pertaining to further development of the United States. A study guide went home with your child today, and it is important that they review it every day until next Friday, as well as all of their notes in their interactive journals.

Math- This will cover adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.  They will review all homework items, classwork items, and homework next week to assure that they are prepared.

Reading- This will cover Reading standards RL1, RL2, and RL3…quoting from the text, making inferences from the text, discussing theme, and comparing and contrasting elements from the story. They will be working off of passages given to them (This is not a test on Esperanza)

They will also receive their spelling packet tomorrow to prepare for their spelling test which will be on Thursday (the 16th).


BUSY BUSY WEEK! Thank you for your assistance in helping them prepare at home!


WOW I cannot believe it is November!

We have had quite a few busy weeks since the second quarter has begun.  Here is a curriculum update for you as well as some scheduling bits:

Math- We have wrapped up multi-digit multiplication and 4 digit by 2 digit division.  The kids rocked these standards, and we will  continue practicing throughout the whole year as these style problems will be incorporated in all kinds of other lessons.  We worked last week on adding and subtracting decimals, and multiplying decimals this week.  They are understanding these concepts wonderfully, and we will have a quick assessment check on Friday to assess their knowledge and understanding.  Next week will be dividing decimals, and then the following week we will practice both multiplying and dividing.

Reading- We are currently on chapter 5 of Esperanza Rising, and they are LOVING these class discussions on this book.  Thank you so much for reinforcing their reading so that we can have deeper level thinking discussions and really hit our reading standards on quoting from the text, making inferences from the text, discussing theme, and comparing and contrasting elements from the story.  This has been a really fun reading unit! Friday, November 17, the kids will be assessed on these standards mentioned above (RL1, RL2, and RL3)

Writing- We are about 5 lessons into our Lucy Calkins research based argument essay unit.  Tomorrow the kids re-draft their argument letters on whether or not fifth graders should have cell phones by using all of the evidence that they have collected and taken notes on.  These letters should be very conniving! 😉

Social Studies- We are in the middle of studying the Turn of the century.  Last week we touched on the cattle drives and the famous Black Cowboys, and this week we are studying some famous inventors and their impact on American life.  The kids are currently making a paper “Instagram” account for an inventor and they are cracking me up! They will have a brief assessment on Friday to check their knowledge and understanding of these inventors.


Some Dates to Note:

Tomorrow, November 2 – 3rd,4th,5th grade Family Walk the Track Day

Tuesday, November 7- Kids off of school

Thursday, November 9- End of 4.5 weeks

Friday, November 10- Fall book fair starts

Thursday, November 16- Thanksgiving Lunches- Our class eats at 12:40- see former blog post for details

Friday, November 17- last day before Thanksgiving Break, kids out the entire following week


Thank you all so much for being the most wonderful parents to these kids, I love them so much!




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