Week of December 16th

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And we have made it!!!  The 1st semester ends this Friday.  It went so quickly that I am in awe.  Your children have advanced so much in their reading and writing.  It had been a whirlwind of fun, hard work, and creativity.  I will be posting some pictures of the Book Blossoms later.  They are amazing.  The students did fantastic with their glider STEM challenge on Wednesday of this week.  Feel free to ask them what they learned.  They are now experts in knowing how to build a top-notch glider.

Before I do my regular post, Mrs. Allen has a message for everyone:

Over Christmas Break, all students are challenged to read! Log your pages read in Biblionasium. Mrs. Allen will post a video explaining how to do this on our school’s website. If you complete the reading challenge, there will be a celebration in the Learning Commons when we return in January. The challenge is for:

kindergarten and first grade to read 100 pages

second grade to read 200 pages

third grade to read 300 pagges

fourth grade to read 400 pages

fifth grade to read 500 pages

The challenge will go live on Friday after school and will end Sunday, January 6th at midnight.

This week has a lot of upcoming fun items:

Monday, 12/17: Field Trip to KSU Holocaust Museum–Wear your class t-shirt.  We leave at 9:30 and return around 12:30.  We will eat lunch in our classroom; no speech classes

Tuesday, 12/18: A special STEM activity that has to do with classification of animals.  Lunch will be in our room this day.  The other half of 5th grade will be on the Field Trip; 12:20-1:05 Holiday STEM activity; 1:30 Reindeer Dash.

Wednesday, 12/19: Our only regular day this week

Thursday, 12/20: Holiday Party from 8:30-10:00–All Parents are welcome to come; Early Release at 12:30; ASP closes at 5pm. (Lunch is 10:09-10:39)

Friday, 12/21: Early Release at 12:30 (Lunch is 10:09-10:39); ASP closes at 5pm

Saturday. 12/22: The start of break.  Please “sharpen the saw” and enjoy your break.  There is no homework/classwork, etc during break.  Classes recommence January 7th.  


Science–**Homework: Please work on completing your science fair experiment and document it in your Science Fair Journal.  Start on Powerpoint for Science Fair (Use office365).  All work is due Jan. 11th.

We are doing a STEM challenge on the classification of animals on Tuesday.  This challenge is a lot of fun.  Student will combine their knowledge of Math, Science and Engineering.

We will continue the study of cells after we come back in January.

Reading–**Homework: M-Thurs. Read RAZ kids (30 minutes) or finish 6th independent book

***My students who were absent will be presenting their book blossoms.

Both classes will continue their read-alouds.

Block 1: We are in the process of finishing the Watsons.  The book should be completed by Wednesday.  We will take a Reading Counts quiz.  We will have some discussion on Wednesday.  When we get back, we will do a few activities with the book.

Block 2:  We are not done with Esperanza Rising.  We will have some time to work this week.  We may get a chapter done.  We will continue the book after break.

ELA–This week due to our crazy schedule, we will not be doing a whole lot with ELA.  No ELA homework.

On Wednesday, we will work on identifying complete subjects in a sentence.


More Science Student Review

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Plants–click here


Invertebrates Click Here if you can’t see one above


Click Here for Vertebrate if above doesn’t work

Week of December 10

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We have made it to the last few weeks of school before break.  There is a lot going on the next few weeks.  These are exciting times.    The students have told me many times that there is a chance for snow on Monday.  As of the time that I am writing this, it seems like the answer is undetermined– who knows?  If so, we will meet when we can.

This past week the students took the Reading Inventory and the Reading Touchstone.  I was impressed with how they did on both assessments.  Each of my classes is showing some major growth in their reading.  I am so proud of my students.  I am very fortunate to be able to teach your children.  They have me smiling all of the time.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, 12/10: Student in Target will have class from 9-11

Tuesday, 12/11: STEM for my homeroom; Spelling Bee practice from 1:30-2:00; Extra STEM practice right after school (please bring in note)

Wednesday, 12/12: Book Blossom Presentations; Verity from 1:00-1:45; Spirit Night at Mama’s Frogs

Thursday, 12/13: Science Test; Book Blossom Presentations; STEM Walkthrough–STEM airplane challenge; ELA Quiz on Lists 3 and 4

Friday, 12/14: Book Blossom Presentations; 8am Spelling Bee

Monday, 12/17: Trip to Holocaust Museum at KSU

Tuesday, 12/18: 12:20-1:05 Extra STEM time; Classifying animals STEM challenge

Thursday, 12/20: Early Release; Holiday Party from 8:30-10:00

Friday, 12/21: Early Release

Science Fair

The students are ready to start.  They should write down step by step what they do, take lots of pictures, and make sure to record all of their awesome data.  Our projects are going to be fantastic.


***There is a test on Thursday, December 13th.

We have finished our Unit on Living Things.  The students will be doing a review on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Each table group is presenting a topic that we studies: classifying living things, fungi, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates.  My last table group is preparing a fun review game for us.  On my blog, students can find a review quizziz to practice for their exam on Thursday.

PMES is working towards STEM certification.  We will have our first walk-through this Thursday.  We have an inter-curricular project planned where the students tie their Social Studies lessons on the first airplanes at Kitty Hawk, NC with making their own paper airplanes.


Reading homework is a little different these next 2 weeks.  Students may certainly choose a book and read it before break.  If they would rather, I ask that they do RAZ kids (in their level-up room) for 30 minutes a night.  This should be done Monday though Thursday.  I would like to see them work on leveling up.

Block 1

The end of the Watsons is in sight.  We were reading chapters 13 and 14 on Friday.  I hope to finish the book by the end of this week.

We will also be assembling and presenting our book blossoms.  Students finished their panels last week.  We will begin presenting on Wednesday.

Block 2

I would love to write that we will finish our book study by break but we have about 6 chapters left.  I do not want to rush them.  The students seem to be loving the book and I want to make sure that they are understanding it.  It may end before break and may not.  We are close but with all of the fun activities that we have planned, I am doubtful.   This week, I hope to work on the chapter about avocados.


***Homework is to study for the ELA quiz on Thursday.

Students have the review packet that combines lists 3 and 4.  I recommend that they work on it for morning work.  They should study the packet.  The quiz will consist of them choosing the right word in the sentence.

Block 1:  RBQs are done.  Students are working on a writing that mimics a travel plan that Mrs. Watson made.

Block 2: Students are working on opinion essays.   We have worked on how to write an introduction and how to write a strong conclusion.  We will continue our work on writing  a strong conclusion.

Science Test Review

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The science test will be on Thursday or Friday of next week.  It depends on if we have time on our STEM day, if we take it on Thursday.  The students will review Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I have created a Quizziz review.  The test will not be on quizziz.


If you want to review, click the link:

Quizziz link

Enter game code: 106744

Make sure to put your name.

If you get a 100% on the quizziz, I will add 5 bonus points to your quiz.

Toys for Tots

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We are collecting toys for the Toys for Tots Foundation to benefit kids in need. If you would like to help, please send an unwrapped toy by Friday, December 14th. A collection box is located near the front office beside the Christmas tree.

                 Thank you for your support!

Quizlet on Greek and Latin Roots Lesson 4

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You may use the link below to practice your Greek and Latin Roots list 4.  I did not put the prefixes, suffixes or roots on it because you can find them on last week’s practice.  They have not changed.  The ones that did change were added.


Click Here to Practice for Quiz


Just remember that next week will be a quiz that includes both lists of words.    I will create a combined quizlet.  The item to study, however, for that quiz is the packet with the review exercises that we do.

Week of December 3

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Happy December Parents and Students!

The one thing that has really impacted our classroom this past week was the Science Fair.  We promised to help make the Science Fair stress free for you and we are doing our best to do just that.  My homeroom have all created a question.  Everyone turned in their Science Fair Sheet.  Friday, I met with each student at least once and sometimes several times, to help create a testable hypothesis.  I have a couple of students that I need to meet with on Monday to take another look, but the majority of the class has all that they need on the hypothesis front.  On Friday, we had a lesson on variables.  The students in my homeroom know that once their variables are approved, they get the green light to make the list of materials and do the experiment.  The entire experiment is due January 11th.  Students do not have to wait and do the experiment over the break.  In fact, I encourage them to do the experiment well before the break so that they can use the break to “Sharpen the Saw” and relax.  I do not like working over the break and I do not ask them to do anything either.  They can also finish their experiment after the break but it could be rushed.  Every student needs to create a Powerpoint of their Science Fair Journal.  This will also be explained in class.

More information can be found on the science fair page on my blog.

This week is a relatively normal week.  Next week is as well.  The week of the 17th gets busy for us with our KSU trip and our 5th grade holiday party.  We will continue work on our Science Fair Project and the students should be ready to do their experiment after Wednesday at the latest.  We will take our Reading Inventory again this week on Monday.  If a student is absent, he or she will take it when they get back.

Dates to Keep in Mind:

12/3 Reading Inventory; Block 1 RBQs due

12/4 Zaxby’s Night

12/5 Science Fair Variables Due

12/6 ELA Quiz on Lesson 4 Greek and Latin Root Words

12/7 Bingo Night; all of the rest of the independent book project panels are due.  The 13th is the index card with title, author and name.

***There may be a quiz on our in class reading books.  I will let the students know

12/11 STEM for my homeroom; Science Fair Help After School–please bring a note (Next one is Jan. 8)

12/12 Mr. Verity Lesson for my homeroom

12/17 Trip to KSU

12/20 Holiday Party 8:30 -10:00

12/20 and 12/21 Early Release

12/24-1/4 Holiday Break


Homework:  Make sure that you have your variables by Wednesday.

We are still learning about Vertebrates and Invertebrates.   The students are also working on their Science Fair Projects.   All students should know their variables by Wednesday.  When they get the green light, they can get the materials and perform their experiments.  All students need to remember to take photographs and record data during their experiments.  If they are not sure about these steps, please ask them to wait until we talk about them in class.


***We will not start recording the read-aloud picture books until January.  Students should be practicing their read-aloud.

Homework: Read 30 minutes and work on panels that are due on Friday.  Independent book should be done by Friday.  Students should take a Reading Counts Quiz.

Block 1:  We are loving our book The Book Scavenger.   Students have started creating their own ciphers that we are trying to break.  A big thanks to Carter for getting me the 1st one to put on the board.   We will be reading 2-4 more chapters of The Watsons Go to Birmingham.    The Watsons are on their way in our story.

Students will work on creating their travel journals like Mrs. Watson did.  I keep reminding them to follow the directions.

Block 2:  We are loving The Van Gogh Deception.   The students are on the edge of their seats with all of our twists and turns.  This week we will find out if Art and Emily get away from the bad guys.  It is not looking good with the Black SUV close by and one of our bad guys spotting them in the street not far from the hotel.  Students will finish reading the chapters in Esperanza Rising  on “Plums”, “Potatoes”, and maybe start “Avocados”.

Students will continue completing their reflection sheets about the chapters.


Homework: Finish the days ELA practice if not finished during morning work, class or study hall.  Study roots and definitions.  –I will create another Quizlet.  

Both blocks with work on Greek and Latin Roots Lesson 4.

Block 1:  RBQs should be done.  I am so excited.  A giant thanks to Mrs. Flynn for helping us finish our professional letters to Senators, Mayors, Professors, etc.  The students are really taking these presentations one step further by taking their RBQ “Now What?” to another level.  The students had to research a question and answer the “What?”. “So What?” and “Now What?”  The “Now What” addresses that now you know information about this topic, how will you change the world with it?  Each group chose an audience.  Starting on Monday, groups will present their question, research and findings to the class and end with their artifact for how they will impact the world with their knowledge.  We have had to work on how to write letters to our representatives because that is who they wanted for their audience.   After we enjoy all of the presentations, I will have them fill out the envelopes with the address for their artifact.  Believe it or not, they do not know how to address a letter, and this will be great practice.

Block 2:  We are learning to write a persuasive/opinion essay.  Students have been taught how to organize their 5-6 paragraph essay.  We talked about what makes an excellent introduction.  All of our arguments have to be based on research from articles.   This week, we will spend several lessons on writing a strong conclusion.  Students will have to grow their minds and learn that a one sentence “that is all” is not sufficient for ending our essays.   I have challenged my proficient writers to address the counter argument (or as we call them–the haters).  I am excited to see these essays take shape.