Week of November 13

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Dear Parents,

We are 5 days away from break.    We have many exciting events planned this week:

November 13 In class Spelling Bee (Winners will compete in the 5th Grade Spelling Bee)

November 14 Mystery Projects Due.  We will eat lunch in the classroom.

November 15 Thanksgiving Feast–Please feel welcome to come and share in the feast with your child

November 16 Progress Reports Go Home

November 17 Pajama Day

November 20-24 Break

Week of November 27th –No Target

November 30 Wellstar Speaker


It is my pleasure to announce that all DBQ essays are read and graded.  I was so impressed with the essays in both homerooms.  The students did a fantastic job.  I will be excited to see how they do on our next DBQ–it will be when we get back from break.  We will be working on it in both the Reading, ELA and Social Studies classroom.


In Mrs. Bintliff’s homeroom– We will continue to work on finding evidence.  Because of the Spelling Bee, we will be watching Coraline on Tuesday.  If we do not finish on Tuesday, then we will finish on Wednesday. Our next genre in humor.  We will begin our humor book-the title will be announced this week.

In Mrs. Kellam’s homeroom–We will finish Coraline and hopefully begin the movie.  We will begin reading Titanic: Voices from the Disaster.  We had some challenges last week with me being at a training and students having to finish their TFKs.


In Mrs. Bintliff’s homeroom–Students will choose one of their Narrative Writings and begin the process of preparing it for being published.  They will have to produce their pre-writing.  They will then work on a rough draft that contains all of the elements that we discussed in class over the last few weeks.

In Mrs. Kellam’s homeroom–Students will research their RBQs and begin their essays answering their questions.  The essays will be written in class and do soon after we get back from break.  I will give a more concrete date after I see how our research progresses this week.

Homework Due November 17

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Due: Friday, November 17, 2017

Name ____________________




Work on reading mystery book and  have project due by Nov. 14.

Read 1 book on RAZ Kids Level up

English/Language Arts/Spelling


None this week except to study our Daily Language Warm up



Practice Multiplication facts for timed test on Friday (if not at 90%)


Thursday Night study for MW quiz


Science/Social Studies




Reconstruction pages (4).

Answer in complete sentences.

Bonus Box


Decide how you will “sharpen your saw” over break!
Remember, complete sentences are expected in 5th grade.


If homework is incomplete or not turned in then you will lose Dojo points. All late assignments are due by Monday—No Excuses!!

Homework due on November 10

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Due: Friday, November 10, 2017

Name ____________________




Work on reading mystery book and on project due Nov. 14.  Bring in signed project form from parent.
English/Language Arts/Spelling




Practice on noredink commonly confused words Part II:

No/know and to/two/too—Quiz on Friday

Spend 10 minutes or 100% correct on ixl O.1 ELA (Wed. and Thurs.)





L11 add/sub. With unlike denominators

M12 use models to multiply fractions


*practice for 15 min. per night or mastery


Science/Social Studies




Science Probes  (3)

*Complete paragraphs of 4-6 sentences

Bonus Box


Give 3 examples of how fractions can be used in real life.
Remember, complete sentences are expected in 5th grade.


If homework is incomplete or not turned in then you will lose Dojo points. All late assignments are due by Monday—No Excuses!!

Week of November 5, 2017

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We made it through the sugar rush of Halloween!  We are less than 2 weeks from November break.  It is going to be a packed filled two weeks of learning before break!

I wanted to thank everyone for getting their t-shirt money turned in.  You should have received 5th Grade Field Trip information sheets this past week.  Thank you to those parents who have already returned their sheet with their deposits.  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

Some important upcoming dates:

November 7- No school for students

November 10–Wear red, white and blue to honor our Veterans.

November 14–Mystery House Project Due.

November 16–Progress Reports go home. (Yes we are already at the 4 and 1/2 week mark)

November 17–Pajama Day–$1 to support the homeless.  (Please see my post from earlier this week)

November 18–Start of break/Parent and child morning viewing of Wonder (Sheet will be coming home on Monday 11/6)

November 27- December 13 No Target

November 30–Wellstar Visit/Lesson

December 8–Symphony Field Trip

DBQ–We are finished with our essays.  I have graded my homeroom’s essays and returned them.  I will be working on reading and grading Mrs. Kellam’s homeroom’s essays this week.

RBQ–Research Based Question

Mrs. Kellam’s homeroom have begun their RBQ.  We spent last week making sure that we understood our question and put it in kid friendly language.  We will be working on this project for the next several weeks.  The first step is to be able to answer our question and write an informative essay about it.  The next step will be to figure out the importance of our topic and to decide what we will do with the information that we learned.  The students are in groups of 3 or 4 depending on the topic.  This is an in-class project.  Students are able to research at home and bring in information if they wish. They are not required to do this.


Both classes will begin the week with a data check on finding evidence.

Mrs. Bintliff’s Homeroom–we will work on our TFKs and reading our mystery books.  In small group, we will continue to focus on finding evidence, making inferences, and answering comprehension questions.

Mrs. Kellam’s Homeroom– we will begin reading and discussing Titanic: Voices from the Disaster.


Both classes will be learning the difference between the words know/no/now and to/two/too.

Mrs. Bintliff’s class will continue to work on the skills needed to write a good narrative.

Mrs. Kellam’s Homeroom–we will work on our RBQs and learn about writing a good narrative.



Mystery House Project Rubric

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The students received this earlier this week.  I am just posting it to my blog in case they misplace it.  The project is due by Tuesday, November 14.

If your child forgets how to sign in to Noodletools, it is [email protected]  Password would be their student #.

Name ___________________________________________________ Date __________________________




_______  On time and your name on the front                                                     (10 POINTS)


_______  Creativity                                                                                           (10 POINTS)


_______  Title and Author and Biliography                                                        (10 POINTS)


_______  6 Questions Answered                                                                          (60 POINTS)


_______  Summary (#1)


_______  Which character or event is scary?    (#2)


_______  How does the author create suspense in the story?  (#3)


_______  Scary words or phrases (#4)


_______  What would you do if you were one of the characters? Why? (#5)


_______  How is this mystery like another novel you have read?  (#6)


_______  If you could rewrite an event, what would it be and why?  (#7)


_______  Why is your novel considered a mystery? *Include elements  (#8)


_______  How does the author create a scary mood through the setting?  (#9)


_______  Conventions                                                                                        (10 POINTS)




Pajama Pants Challenge November 17th

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Did you know that more than 45,000 kids experience homelessness each year in Georgia? November is National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.   The Lighthouse Team wants to do something about helping out those children in need. They are partnering up with the CCYA and  sponsoring an event called “The Pajama Pants Challenge”!  On November 17th, if students donate a dollar, they may wear their pajamas to school.  It’s a win-win!  Kids get to wear their PJ’s and we help kids in need.  All proceeds benefit The Center for Children & Young Adults (CCYA).

Mystery Project–Both classes

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The project should take place after they read their mystery books:


Click here for information about the project

or read below:

Name_____________________________________________ Date________________________


Mystery Project



Your task is to use poster board to create and decorate a haunted house.  Include the book title and the author’s name neatly on the front of the poster.  Make sure to include a bibliography.  Cut out at least 6 holes for the windows and doors.  Behind each window or door, write a thoughtful response to SIX of the prompts below.  You MUST complete #1:


#1:  Two or three sentence summary of the plot


#2:  Which character or event is scary and why?


#3:  How does the author create suspense in the story?


#4:  What scary words or phrases does the author use to make the reader frightened?


#5:  What would you do if you were one of the characters in the story?  Why would you do this?


#6:  How is this mystery novel like another novel you have read?


#7:  If you could rewrite an event in the story, what would you change and why?


#8:  Why is your novel considered a mystery?


#9:  How does the author create a scary mood through the setting?



  • This project is due no later than Tuesdy, November 14th.


PARENT SIGNATURE:  ________________________________________________