Homework This Week

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I promised that I would post the homework on the blog.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Reading Homework:  Read 30 minutes and use the “say it” “write it” strategy.  Say it to your parents and write it on a paper for Mrs. Bintliff

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ELA homework:  all activities are done for 15 minutes or until the student reaches 100%

Tuesday: ELA ixl z1

Wednesday: ELA ixl z2

Thursday: ELA ixl z3

Students may work on typing their Narratives at home as it is due on Thursday.  They may ask you to proof their writing.   They may not use outside help to write their essays.  It has to be done by them.  They are to type it in Office365.  Every student has access to this program via the school website.  If it is not turned in on Thursday, students will have to submit a missing work form.



Napping House with Mrs. Bintliff’s Homeroom

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This was the Napping House that we performed for 3rd grade last week.  I was so proud of all of my students!


Week of September 17

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Happy Friday Parents!

I am certainly looking forward to resting this weekend as I am sure that you students are as well.  Testing can be tiring.  I was privileged to watch my homeroom perform The Napping House in music for the 3rd graders.  I hope to get the video to share with you all.  This week was busy and next week is as well.  We have to finish our IOWAs, type our narrative essays, have super specials, have a Wellstar lesson, have a STEM lesson and do a STEM project in class.  It is going to be an awesome week.

I want to invite all of you to attend our curriculum night on Thursday night, September 20 from 6-7.  We have a fun activity planned for all of you to learn about what the students are learning.

There is no homework on Monday night.

Important Dates:

Monday, September 17: IOWAs in Math and Computation; Specials are 12:15-1:05

Tuesday, September 18: IOWAs in Science and Social Studies; Specials are 12:15-1:05; Curriculum night for K, 1, 2

Thursday, September 20: Super Specials (PE and Music); Curriculum Night 6-7

Friday, September 21: Wellstar lesson; STEM; 5th grade STEM Challenge

September Break is from Sept. 24th -Sept-28th

3rd independent book for Reading is due October 12th.

October 5th: Family Tree Project due

Thank you

I want to thank all of the parents who sent in treats for testing.  You are all fabulous and we appreciate you.  The students have loved having snack after testing.   We have had homemade blueberry muffins, grapes, and fruit snack so far.  Next week, we will be having chips and Cheez-its.

Science–No homework this week

In Science this week, we will be learning more about constructive and destructive forces.  We will have a special 5th grade STEM challenge on Friday.  I am psyched to be doing this with my homeroom.  A giant thanks to Mrs. Weller for helping with the materials.

Reading–Next book due Oct. 12th (Will post homework on blog during week)

In Reading this week, I hope to read our novel studies for both classes.   I know that this week is different with many disruptions and IOWA testing.  On Wednesday, both blocks 1 and 2 for Reading will have a data check.  We will also be having a Destiny refresher lesson on Wednesday in the Library Learning Commons.

ELA–If essays are not done by Wednesday, students will be encouraged to finish typing their essay at home.  There will be some ixl homework.  I will post it on blog this week.

Punctuation…what is there to say?  We need to work on it.  We won’t be working on it this week, but I have many lessons planned in our future.  We will also be taking one of our days when we write and devote it to revising writing.  The reason that I write this is because I tossed out our punctuation quizzes.  They were a cry for help on punctuation.   I took the data that I learned while correcting them and created the plan above.  I hope that over time, our punctuation and grammar in our writing will become more fluid and accurate.

This week, my goal is for every child to publish their Narrative writings.


Missing Work Sheet

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Dear Parents,

I have been asked a few questions about the missing work sheet.  In this post, I am hoping to clarify how we use the form in class.  If an assignment is due and a student has not completed the assignment/forgot it at home/etc…  The student turns in a missing work form.  The forms are yellow and are easily found in the classroom.  The student completes the top part and turns it in instead of their original assignment as a place-holder.  Next, the students staples the bottom part of the form (below the dotted line) in their agenda to inform you that they are missing an assignment.  They have 3 days from the day the assignment is due to turn in the sheet.  For everyday late it is -10 points.  After 3 days, the assignment is a permanent zero.  If the sheet is not turned in, all missing work receives a zero. (There is a copy on the bottom of this post)

If a student receives a “Request to redo” form or “Request to retest” form on an assignment (also yellow), the student should bring it home to you as soon as they receive it (that night).  I encourage them to staple it in their agenda.  They should bring it back the next day and show it to me.  I will then put a due date for the redo or retest on the form.  They have 3 days to bring it back.  If it is not returned by the 3 day deadline, then it is too late to redo or retest on the assignment.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Week of September 10th

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This past week went so fast with only 4 days.  The students had STEM, a counseling lesson with Mr. Verity and began their book studies.  Time is flying.  We did a fun electronic escape room on Thursday.  Furthermore, students received their progress reports with letters attached about the family tree projects and their Storyworks magazine (we will use it in reading).

This coming week, we will actually begin reading our books in our book study, finish writing our Narratives, and begin our testing for the IOWA exams.  Don’t forget Wacky Hair Day for $1.

IOWA testing will be first thing in the morning starting after the 7:50 bell.  Specials will be from 12:15-1:05 on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Important upcoming dates:

Wednesday, September 12: Wacky Hair Day; Spirit Night at Mama Frogs

Thursday, September 13: IOWA Test–Reading and Vocabulary

Friday, September 14: 2nd Book due; IOWA Test–Written Expression, Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation; no chicken biscuits for sale

Monday, September 15: IOWA Test–Math and Computation

Tuesday, September 16: IOWA Test–Science and Social Studies

Thursday, September 20: Curriculum Night from 6-7pm


We will be doing a reading on tectonic plates.  We will also be taking notes on constructive and destructive forces.  Due to testing, there will not be science on Thursday or Friday.

Reading–Homework is to read 30 minutes and do 3 post-its summarizing what you read.

2nd book should be read by September 14–this applies to both classes.

We will be doing BYOD so please bring your devices

In both blocks, I hope to be working with my small groups on an article in our Storyworks magazine.  With IOWA testing, this may be modified.

In both blocks, we will continue our reading of Wonder.

Block 1

We read and learned about the Civil Rights Movement in order to better understand our novel The Watsons Go to Birmingham.  We will be reading chapters 1 and 2 in class this week and having some rich discussion and reflection on those chapters.

Block 2

We read and learned about the Mexican Revolution and what was happening in America during the 1930s.  This week we will be reading Chapters 1 and 2 of Esperanza Rising and discussing them in small group and whole class discussion.

ELA–Homework is to continue working on KK1, KK2, KK3, KK4, KK5, MM4–15 minutes a night or until all skills have been mastered at 100%

We will continue to work on our punctuation skills.  We should also be finalizing our Narrative essays this week.

Week of September 4th

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I hope that everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend.  I know that it has been nice catching up on sleep and spending time with family.  This week will only be a 4 day week but there are some important things to know:

Monday, September 3–No school

Tuesday, September 4–Plate techtonics mini-project due for everyone

Wednesday, September 5–Progress Reports go home/1st Counseling Lesson with Mr. Verity (Bintliff’s Homeroom)

Thursday, September 6– All Reading Classes begin book study

Friday, September 7– No Chicken Biscuits because of testing/STEM for Mrs. Bintliff’s Homeroom

September 14–2nd independant book due

September 13, 14, 17, 18 IOWA Testing

Science–Projects due Tuesday, September 4

On Tuesday, students will be presenting.  If we need more time, they will also present on Wednesday.  On Wednesday, Mrs. Gurski or Mrs. Douglas will visit and be reading our STEM book of the month.  On Thursday, Mrs. Kellam and I have a fun activity planned with Constructive and Destructive forces.

Reading–Homework will be to read 30 minutes each night and find 3 examples of figurative language and label it.

Block 1 —We have some things to finish before we begin our book study.  Students are practicing the skills of paraphrasing, summarizing and synthesizing with our reading from small group.  This is due by the end of the class on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we will be going over background information on The Watsons Go to Birmigham.  On Friday, we will begin reading the novel.  In small group, we will be working on an article from our Storyworks magazine about a boy with a cleft palate.

Block 2–  We also have some things to finish before we begin our book study.  We practiced using RA (restating the questions and answering it) all last week.  This week, we will redo our Readworks article “Keep Looking” on Tuesday and Wednesday and make sure that we use RA when answering the question.  On Thursday, students will do some background work on our book study Esperanza Rising  (this is a book that I have copies of).  Friday, we will begin our book study.  In small group, we will be working on an article from our Storyworks magazine about a boy with a cleft palate.

ELA–Homework is ixl 15 minutes per night of any of the skills (KK1, KK2, KK3, KK4, KK5, MM4)

For both blocks, the focus this week is punctuation.   Our morning work will be based on us punctuating a passage..  I will have some ixl practice for homework.

Both groups will continue working on writing a strong narrative.  I will have lessons on strong hooks and strong characters.


Week of August 25th

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As I type this on a Friday afternoon,  I can’t help but smile.  Almost all of my readers have finished one book.  I am very impressed.  I just had a blast passing out all of their orders from Scholastic.  I can’t help but smile when I think of them coming in on Monday to get their new books.  I am super excited to begin our book studies after Labor Day.

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, August 29: Early Release/End of the 1st 4 and 1/2 weeks (I can’t believe this)

Thursday, August 30: Picture Day/STEM

Friday, August 31: Quiz in ELA on Capitalizing

Monday, September 3: Labor Day=No School

Tuesday, September 4: Plate Presentations Due in Science

Friday, September 14: Book 2 Due


We will be learning about the 3 types of plates this week.  Students will get an assignment on Tuesday that they will have a week to complete.  Ms. Kellam and I will be posting a video in SeeSaw for them to watch and then they will have to create a type of plate for us.  The details will go home on Tuesday.



Both blocks have been working on RA- Restating the question and answering the question.  We will spend our week practicing this skill in small group for both blocks.  The students are only doing this at best 25% of the time.  Both blocks will also continue working on recognizing figurative language.

Block 1

In small group, we will continue our reading on the Clean Air Act.  We will discuss our work on our 1st ladder skills.  Students will work on RA answering some questions that I have made.  Students will also be working on their RAZ kids and independant reads.  I may hold off on the readworks until I see them being successful at using RA.

Block 2

In small group, we will look at how we did on last week’s passage.  We will work on using RA answering questions that I have made based on that reading.  Students will also be working on their RAZ kids and independant reads. I may hold off on the readworks until I see them being successful at using RA.


I have enjoyed reading what the students are writing.  They have a lot to write about.  This week our skill will be capitalization.  We will work on it in our morning work and on our homework.  At this time, my plan is to work on the skills of L.L.1, L.L.2 and M.M.3 in ixl.  However, this may change since my ixl account says that it expires in 4 days.  I will keep you posted.  In writing, we will explore what a Narrative should look like and really look at the rubric.  After which, we will learn about how to hook our readers so they want to read our writing.