Week of May 21

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We have reached the final 3 days–one full day and 2 early release days.

This is what this final week will look like:

Monday, May 21: Decades Duel at 8am

Field day beginning at 9am.  We will have Field Day rain or shine.  My hopes are that we have decent weather.  Students should bring their lunch.  I do not have any details for the schedule for field day.

Students should wear the color that they were assigned: blue, yellow, or green.

This is our last full day of school.  Regular dismissal.

Tuesday, May 22: Decades Duel Part II at 8am

5th Grade Celebration from 9:30 – 11:30

Early Release @12:30pm

Sack lunch or lunch from home if the students are staying after the celebration.  If you are checking them out immediately following the celebration, they do not need a lunch.

You may sign out your child after the celebration

Wednesday, May 23: Our last day together– I will miss them so much!!

Students should not bring any backpacks on Wednesday.  Students should bring a sack lunch in a disposable bag if they are not getting one from the cafeteria.  They do not need a lunch if they are leaving after the ceremony.

9:30 – 11am 5th Grade Walk and Promotion Ceremony–Early Release

The walk begins at 9:30am and is immediately followed by our 5th grade ceremony in the cafeteria.

Students should dress for success.

You may sign out your child after the ceremony.

Reading Challenge Results

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Drum roll please ……………………………………………………

Our top 3 teams are the Page Burners with 1099 points, the Thunderbolts with 625 points and the Five Pepps with 488 points.

The top 3 individuals from Mrs. Kellam’s homeroom are Miranda with 728 points, Marissa with 344 points and Whitney with 188 points.

The top 3 individuals from Mrs. Bintliff’s homeroom are Dean with 356 points, Kentin with 189 points and Olivia with 83 points.

All students who earned points in the challenge will have a special celebration in Mrs. Kellam’s room after our 80s presentations.

I love all of the readers that we have in class.  Keep up the great work!!

Yearbook Signing

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Due to the rescheduling of Field Day, we are rescheduling our yearbook signing from Monday, May 21st to Friday, May 18th.  The students should bring their yearbooks this Friday.  We will do the signing from 11-12.


On another note, our Decades Duel will still be on Monday.  If we do not finish before Field Day on Monday, we will continue it on Tuesday.


We have a fun week ahead of us!!