Ms. Burns' 4th Grade Class

Eastvalley Elementary School: "Together We L.E.A.D."

September Odds and Ends

Hello, 4th Grade Families!

I wanted to take a moment to touch base on a few things! First of all, thank you for sharing your wonderful children with me! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them in the past several weeks, and we are rockin’ and rollin’ with the curriculum!

If you’d like a refresher of the topics discussed at Open House, the Powerpoint presentation and brochure are linked below.
Open House 4th 2018
Parent Brochure – 4th

Looking for links to IXL, Raz-Kids, Vocabulary Spelling City, and more online math, social studies, and science resources? Click on the “Important Links” tab on the right-hand side of my blog.

If you signed up to donate materials for our STEM activity next week, please send those materials in by Wed, Sept. 19th. Thank you in advance!

Thank you for signing and returning the Progress Reports so quickly. Remember, you can track grades through ParentVue. If you need log-in information, email Mrs. Kogan at [email protected].

I’m so excited that most of our parents are signed up for a SeeSaw account! Ms. Goldberg and I love being able to send photos of what we’re doing in school. 🙂 If you still need the QR code for your child’s account, let me know, but you can also sign-up at  Once you sign up, you can download the SeeSaw app on your phone or another device.

A couple of parents have already sent some of the items from our class wish list. Thank you VERY much for your contribution! You can find our class wish list here and by clicking on the “Classroom Wish Lists” tab to the right. 🙂

Thank you for all of your support!


Mark Your Calendars!
Sept. 15th –> East Cobber Parade
Sept. 21st –> Eastvalley STEM Day
Sept. 24th-28th –> Fall Break
Oct. 4th –> Leader in Me Parent Night
Oct. 8th– 19th  –> Eastvalley Education Enrichment Campaign
Oct. 10th–> End of Quarter 1
Oct. 11th –> Early Release @12:30
Oct. 13th  –> Fall Festival
Oct. 15th– 19th –> Conference Week & Book Fair
Oct. 17th  –> Picture Retakes
Oct. 24th –> Quarter 1 Books for Breakfast
Oct. 26th –> Synergy Squads & STEM Day
Oct. 30th– 31st –> Field Trip to Cobb Youth Museum

Current/Upcoming Areas of Focus:
Reading- describing in depth a character, setting, or event in a story, drawing on specific details in the text; referring to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text
Writing- writing narratives/realistic fiction
AC Math- calculating perimeter/area; interpreting multiplication equations
Science (with Ms. Goldberg’s homeroom)- the Earth, Sun, and Moon

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4th Grade Rocks!

Welcome to 4th grade at Eastvalley Elementary School!  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on Eagle Day next Monday, 7/30, from 8:00-10:00!  This is going to be an amazing year! We have so many exciting, educational activities planned, and I’m looking forward to working with you to help your child learn and succeed!

Remember…  Open House for 2nd and 4th grades is NEXT Thursday, August 2nd.

See you soon!

Mrs. Burns

PS: If you’re willing and able, we’d very much appreciate the items on the wish lists below!

Wish List:

  • treasure box items (trinkets from the The Dollar General, dollar section at Target, party favors, etc)
  • 200+ piece puzzles
  • extra healthy snacks

Amazon Wish List:

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Hello, Families!

How is it possible that we have less than 5 weeks of school left?? Your child is almost a 2nd grader!

The newest Homework Choice Menu (combining April and May) can be found under the homework tab, and so can the links for science activities and info George Washington Carver and Ruby Bridges.

Please send the permission forms and donation for our field trip to X-drenaline if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet. Remember, you must fill out a waiver online (  in order for your child to participate. Even if you’ve taken your child to X-drenaline in the past and think that you have a current waiver, please submit another one. Better safe than sorry!

We have an action-packed April and May, so check out the dates below!

Thank you!

Mark Your Calendars:
April 25th–> Career Day
April 30th–> Synergy Squads
May 1st–> Field Trip to X-Drenaline
May 2nd–> K-2 Field Day
May 3rd–> TBA
May 5th–> Georgia STEM Day
May 22nd–> Early Release @12:30
May 23rd–> Last Day of School, Early Release @12:30

Current & Upcoming Areas of Focus:
Reading: describing the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text; identifying basic similarities and differences between two texts on the same topic
Writing: opinion, narrative, and informational writing; conventions; conjunctions
Math: partitioning shapes; addition and subtraction strategies; addition and subtraction word problems with start/change/result unknown
Social Studies: George Washington Carver’s and Ruby Bridges’ contributions and character traits
Science: plants and animals

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March Madness

Dearest Families,

March is a busy month at Eastvalley! Check out the dates below so you’re in the know!

The March Homework Choice Menu can be found under the homework tab, and so can the links for crafts, science experiments, shadow puppets, and info about Dr. Seuss. Have fun!

Some of the kids asked me to share a link to the directed drawing website we used to draw the Cat in the Hat last week, so here it is: Art for Kids hub

Thank you!

Mark Your Calendars:
March 3rd–> International Night, 4:00-7:00pm
March 5th- 9th–> Book Swap
March 8th–> EV STEM Day & Kroger Math Night
March 12th–> Synergy Squads
March 14th–> Early Release @12:20
March 16th–> EV Leadership Day & Mother/Son Trivia Night
March 22nd–> Books for Breakfast
March 26th- 30th–> Book Fair
March 30th–> Synergy Squads
April 2nd- 6th–> Spring Break

Current & Upcoming Areas of Focus:
Reading: identifying the central message/lesson, comparing/contrasting fiction stories
Writing: opinion writing, conventions, verb tenses, subject/verb agreement
Math: addition and subtraction word problems with start/change/result unknown
Social Studies: Theodore Roosevelt’s contributions and character traits

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Student Illnesses

Dear Eastvalley Parents,

The winter months are upon us which means an increase in illnesses in our school community and at Eastvalley! While school attendance is critical to ensure student achievement and academic growth, it’s also just as important to maintain a healthy environment for all students. In order to keep everyone as healthy as possible, Eastvalley wants to remind all parents and families that students should not be sent to school with a fever, diarrhea, and/or vomiting. According to Cobb County School District policy, students should be free of fever (without the use of fever reducing medicine), diarrhea, and/or vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school.  This will help keep the students and staff healthy throughout the school year. Students may attend school while experiencing minor health concerns such as coughing, allergies, congestion, sneezing, exhaustion, and other mild, non-contagious conditions. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. Feel free to contact Nurse Dawn Mahoney at [email protected] or 770-578-7214 with any questions.



Prezados Pais da Eastvalley,

O inverno chegou! O que significa um aumento de doenças na nossa comunidade escolar e na Eastvalley! Enquanto a frequência escolar é fundamental para garantir o desempenho do aluno e rendimento acadêmico, também é importante manter um ambiente saudável para todos os alunos. Para manter todos o mais saudável possível, a Eastvalley quer lembrar aos pais e as famílias que os alunos não devem ser enviados para a escola com febre, diarréia e/ou vômitos. De acordo com a política do Condado Escolar do Distrito de Cobb ( Cobb County School District – em inglês), estudantes devem estar livres de febre (sem o uso de medicamento para reduzir a febre), diarréia e/ou vômitos durante 24 horas antes de retornar à escola. Isto irá ajudar a manter os alunos e funcionários saudáveis durante todo o ano letivo. Os alunos podem frequentar a escola enquanto estiverem com tosse, alergia, congestão, espirro, exaustão e outras condições mais amenas, não contagiosas. Agradecemos a sua compreensão e cooperação. Qualquer dúvida ou pergunta entrar em contato com a nossa enfermeira, Nurse Dawn Mahoney at [email protected] ou 770-578-7214.



Estimados Padres de Eastvalley,

¡Los meses de invierno han llegado lo que significa un aumento en enfermedades en nuestra comunidad escolar y en Eastvalley! Mientras que la asistencia escolar es fundamental para el rendimiento estudiantil y el crecimiento académico, también es importante mantener un ambiente saludable para todos los estudiantes. Con el fin de mantener a todos lo más saludable posible, Eastvalley quiere recordar a todos los padres y familiares que los estudiantes no deben asistir a la escuela con fiebre, diarrea, y/o vomito. De acuerdo a las pólizas del Distrito Escolar de Cobb, los estudiantes deben estar sin fiebre (sin la ayuda de medicamentos para reducir la fiebre), diarrea, y/o vomito durante 24 horas antes de regresar a la escuela.

Esto ayudara a mantener a los estudiantes y empleados saludables durante el año escolar.

Los estudiantes pueden asistir a la escuela si padecen de problemas de salud leves como tos, alergias, congestión, estornudos, agotamiento y otras condiciones leves, no contagiosas.

Muchas gracias por su entendimiento y cooperación. Si tiene preguntas adicionales se puede comunicar con la enfermera Dawn Mahoney al correo electrónico [email protected] o 770-578-7214.

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January 2018

Hi, everyone!

I hope you’ve all managed to stay warm and avoid cabin fever the last few days!

The January/February Homework Choice Menu can be found under the homework tab, and so can the links for crafts, science experiments, and info about Lewis & Clark. Have fun!

As I mentioned on the homework menu, Eastvalley no longer has a subscription to Lumio. Until we get a new subscription, check out Splash Math at Mrs. Healy recommended it!

Second semester F.A.S.T. activities begin next week. Please send me an email or write a note in your child’s agenda with the name and day of the week for each activity your child will attend. 

Thank you!

Mark Your Calendars:
Jan. 22nd–> Synergy Squads
Feb. 1st–> Family Science Night (RSVP!)
Feb. 5th–> Synergy Squads & PJ Day
Feb. 8th–> Art Show & PTA Meeting
Feb. 10th–> Father/Daughter Dance

Current & Upcoming Areas of Focus:
retelling stories, including key details, and identifying the central message/lesson
Writing: the five step writing process, conventions, and opinion writing
comparing 2-digit numbers and addition/subtraction strategies
Social Studies:
Lewis & Clark’s contributions and character traits

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December Dates & More

Hello, 1st Grade Families!

The newest Homework Choice Menu can be found under the homework tab, and so can the links for crafts, the SciShow Kids video, and Mackinvia. Have fun!

Mark Your Calendars:

Dec. 8th–> Synergy Squads
Dec. 15th –>EVRC Cut-Off for Quarter 2
Dec. 19th- 20th–> Early Release @12:30
Dec. 20th–> Class Holiday Party
Dec. 21st- Jan. 1st–> Winter Holiday Break 
Jan. 2nd- 3rd–> Teacher Workdays (no school)

Current & Upcoming Areas of Focus:
Reading: main idea & supporting details of nonfiction text and author’s purpose

Writing: informational/nonfiction writing & mechanics
Math: addition and subtraction word problems and place value 0-100
Social Studies: Thomas Jefferson
Science: magnets

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November already??

Hello, 1st Grade Families!

Below are attachments with information about the Thanksgiving Food Drive and our Friends and Family Lunch. You can find the November homework menu if you click on the “Homework” link to the right. 

2017 Friends & Family Lunch Schedule

2017 Thanks for Giving

Mark Your Calendars!
Nov. 7th–> 
Teacher Workday/ Student Holiday (no school)

Nov. 8th–> Hat Day for United Way ($1)
Nov. 10th
 –>Final Day of the Thanksgiving Food Drive

Nov. 13th–> Giving Tree Goes Up
Nov. 16th–> 
Friends & Family Lunch (1st and 5th grades)

Nov. 20th– 24th–> Thanksgiving Break (no school)
Nov. 28th–> Field Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

Current & Upcoming Areas of Focus:
Reading: nonfiction text features and how they help us better understand text & main idea of nonfiction text

Writing: informational/nonfiction writing & mechanics
Math: addition strategies & true/false equations
Science: sound- vibrations, pitch, volume

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Monthly *Optional* Homework Menus

Hello, families! The first *optional* homework menu went home with your child today. You can find October’s menu and future menus on this blog. Look at the orange sticky note on the top of my blog to find the link. Thanks!

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You’re Invited…

Eastvalley Parents
You are invited to learn more about
 Cobb County’s Gifted Eligibility Process
(Advanced Learning Program)
Presented by Mrs. OMeara and Mrs. Urbano
Friday, October 6, 2017
8:15 a.m.
Eastvalley Media Center
All Eastvalley parents are invited to attend.
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