Monday, 4/23/18

Adv Math 7 & Math 7:  4.23.18-2dkp74q

Warm Up
Review homework
Probability of Compound Events WS – due today!
Homework: Study Guide #1-10 and review for your quiz on Wednesday
Learning Target: I will learn how to find the experimental and theoretical probability of compound events.

6th and 7th grade parents:

As most of you know, the Eighth Grade Dance is a big annual event at McClure.  This year’s theme is “New York!” and we need your help to make sure a night in the Big  goes smoothly.  While the teachers and administrators are present for supervision of the students, parents of 6th and 7th grade students manage the food, supervise check-in, and assist as needed throughout the evening.


We need help to make the night a big success.  It’s a great way to show the school faculty, staff and administration your support & it’s a great way to see what it will be like for your kiddo when s/he is in 8th grade!


Please click on the link below for more information and to sign up. (NOTE:  8th grade parents are not eligible to chaperone.)


Thank you for the support!


Debbi Schulte & Shae Smith

Friday, 4/20/18

Adv Math 7 & Math 7:  4.20.18-1dcnrq1

Warm Up
Turn in Unit 4-6 Review Packet
Did I Get It? Ticket (Due today for a grade)
Homework: page 839-840 #17 -33 and review for quiz Wednesday (The first three problems are completed in the above attachment for your reference.)
Learning Target: I will learn how to find the experimental and theoretical probability of compound events.

Monday, 4/16/18

Adv Math 7:  

Testing from 9:15 – lunch
Simulations & Probability WS
ELA review game
Homework: Review for milestone test ELA day 2 tomorrow

Math 7:  

Finish Unit 4-6 Review packet and turn in
page 839 – 840 #17 – 33
Homework: Review for milestone Test ELA day 2 is tomorrow

Friday, 3/30/18

Adv Math 7:  3.30.18 adv math 7-21005vi

Warm Up
Review homework
Simulations Inquiry Lab
Homework: Answer all questions on the Simulations Inquiry Lab
Learning Target: I can design and carry out a simulation to model an experiment.

Math 7:  3.30.18 math 7-1v8fgv2

Warm Up
Inquiry Lab page 831 – 832
Independent and Dependent Events Notes
Homework: page 837 #1-10
Learning Target: I will learn how to distinguish between independent and dependent events because I will have to calculate the probability of each.

Parents and Students:  Here is the permission slip for Performing Arts:  Form_IFCB-4 (1)fperforming arts-1nqn6rs