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"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

Summary of Class

Throughout this course the following thematic units will be addressed:

**This is an approximate timeline of course. It is subject to change due to school activities and weather.

Week 1-2 Review Background knowledge of Spanish 1 skills and class expectations and procedures
Week 3-5 School and Classroom
Week 6-9 Home Life
Week 10-13  Family/ Leisure
Week 14-17 Countries and Cultures
Week 18 Review for final

The emphasis on listening and speaking skills means student attendance and participation are extremely important. When a student must be absent, he or she is responsible for ALL make-up work. Students are allowed two weeks to make-up an assignment after an excused absence. No late/make-up assignments will be accepted after Dec 1st and May 1st for the corresponding semester. Late projects/performance tasks will have a deduction of twenty percent for the first week after due date and then will be accepted for half-credit. Late homework has a penalty of fifty-percent. Tests must be made up on Monday following the absence, after school.

 All powerpoint presentations and reports are due by Tuesday 8:00 a.m.  make sure you email your powerpoint to me
on the subject line type your first and last name and your class period.

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