We Love Our Book Buddies!

Each Monday we LOVE having 5th grade friends from Mrs. Kellam and Mrs. Bintliff’s classes come and visit!  This week, our friends helped us play Sight Word Candyland, read special books with us, and even helped make some new adapted books for our classroom library!  We look forward to seeing them each Monday.

Marvelous Monday

We had a fantastic start to the week!  I was so impressed with all of our students hard work today.  Here are a few highlights from the day:

Reading:  We all began new guided reading books today.  The students are learning the weekly reading routine, and are doing well learning new vocabulary and reading with me on Mondays.  I try to select books based on their interests, and enjoy seeing how engaged they are when they get their new book.

Book Buddies!  Exciting news!  We collaborated with some of Mrs. Kellam’s fifth grade class and began our book buddies today.  We talked about friendship and read a book together.  Then (the most exciting part…)  each of our students read a book to the new friends!  They were so proud of themselves and the students in Mrs. Kellam’s class were so impressed with their reading.  WIN-WIN!!  They will be coming to visit each Monday and helping us continue to be super readers!

It’s a busy week at Pickett’s Mill!  Don’t forget that Wednesday is early release, and Thursday is school picture day.  Then, we will all enjoy a long weekend Sharpening the Saw with the Labor Day holiday on Monday.

Terrific Tuesday

Weekly Updates from Room 114:

Begin With the End In Mind:

  • This Friday is Pirate Spirit Day – don’t forget to participate in the fun!
  • August 29th: Early Release and Lake Point Night
  • August 30th: School Picture Day
  • September 3rd: No School

Curriculum Highlights:

Each student started a new guided reading book this week.  I sent home the books from last week including the key vocabulary sheet, if needed.  Please listen to your child read the books to you at home – they are so proud of how well they can read!  See last’s week’s post regarding our weekly guided reading schedule.

All students are continuing work in Math that targets their individual goals and objectives.

Our writing workshop continues to have both and handwriting component as well as a narrative writing component.  We are focusing on proper letter formation of capital letters.  Handwriting practice was sent home today.

Please don’t forget to constantly review life skills information: first and last name, phone number, mom and dad’s name, address, date of birth, etc.  We review and assess this weekly in our classroom.

Have a wonderful week!

Treasured Tuesday

We are having another wonderful week in our classroom!  Tonight is PMES Chick-fil-a Spirit Night.  I will be there with the other Derman Pirates and hope to have dinner with all of you tonight.

Here are our curriculum highlights for the week:


We are reviewing letter formation for R,N, and M as well as number formation for 3,4,5, and 6 using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.  The students are really enjoying the multi-sensory approach and I’m seeing improvements in their handwriting already.

Guided Reading:

Each student started a new guided reading book this week.  Here is an overview of how we approach our book each week:

  • Monday: I teach the students the new key vocabulary for the book and we read the book together.
  • Tuesday: Students hunt for and highlight sight words in the book.  Then, they read the book independently with coaching from me.
  • Wednesday:  The student reads the book and I teach a relevant grammar lesson.
  • Thursday:  The student reads the book and I assess their accuracy while reading.
  • Friday:  Students take a comprehension quiz over the book.

Writing Workshop:

This weeks writing workshop topic is “What Makes a Good Friend?”  We are supporting this topic by reading the book Rainbow Fish.  Writing pieces are different for each student, allowing them to best express their thoughts on the topic.


All students are accessing the standard MGSE3/5.NBT.2 – adding and subtracting fluently.  Math lessons are highly differentiated based on the needs of each student.

Science and Social Studies:

Third grade students are beginning their study of rocks and minerals.  Fifth grade social studies lessons are beginning with a unit of study about Geography.

Begin With the End In Mind

8/14: Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

8/24: Spirit Day – Pirate Day

8/29: Early Release and Lakepoint Night

8/30: Fall Picture Day

Looking forward to a wonderful week!


Friday 8/3/2018

As we finish our first week of school, I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of each of our students.  They have worked hard, picking up right where we left off in May – AMAZING!

Here are a few important announcements from this week:


Our Speech days will be Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 AM.  Our speech folders were sent home today with some very important information from Mrs. Nettles, our speech pathologist.  Please leave the speech calendar in the folder and color or sign it as you complete the homework.  Mrs. Nettles checks the calendar at the beginning of each speech session.  If you have any questions regarding speech, she can be reached at [email protected]

Change of Clothes:

If you have not already done so, please send in a complete change of clothes for your child.

Curriculum Highlights:

I was able to complete several assessments this week, and again, I’m so proud of how well all of our students did.  We reviewed counting skills this week.  Pro Parent Tip:  Practice counting all around your house: up and down stairs, food items at meals, etc.  For an extra challenge, start counting from different numbers (count up from 4, count backwards from 6, etc.)

We completed a very fun graphic organizer about ourselves using emoji’s!  We will use this to create our first writing piece next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I can’t wait for our first full week next week!




Fabulous First Day!

We had a fabulous first day in Room 114!  Here are some highlights of what we enjoyed doing today:

We learned how to assemble our daily schedule and behavior sheet.  This made all of our friends feel comfortable with where they would be going and what they would be doing during the day.  I’m happy to report that I was able to write ALL smile faces on our behavior sheets – WOW!

Writing:  We did pencil pickups and reviewed how to hold our pencil correctly.  We added pencil marks to interesting drawings and even had a chance to practice drawing with our pencil grip and good writing posture.

Reading:  We enjoyed reading the book “First Day Jitters”.  We used picture choices to help us understand the story, and I was so impressed with how well everyone listened and remembered details from our story.

Math:  We did a fast paced math review using our calendar.  It was so nice to start school on the 1st – it made counting easy!

Our specials today was Art, and the students enjoyed seeing Mrs. Purcell!

We also learned all about being a whole body listener.  We completed a take-home activity.  It will be helpful for you to review what each part of our body does when we are ready to learn, using the review sheet provided.

It is going to be a fabulous year, and I’m so grateful and excited to have your children in our class!