Reading Bowl

Hello readers and parents!


Welcome back to school!  As you read the Reading Bowl books, I’d like for you to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Please read carefully!  We will have  question and answer sessions as we move forward.
  2. Parents – some of the books have topics that you might want to check out before reading. Please read reviews and synopses carefully before choosing to read the books.  You may even want to read some of them together!
  3. Lily and Dunkin, although listed, is not being used by Cobb County this year.
  4. We will announce our first meeting shortly. Looking forward to meeting with all of you!

Here is our list of books:

Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans – Don Brown

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook – Leslie Connor

What Elephants Know – Eric Dinerstein

Projekt 1065 – Alan Gratz

When Friendship Followed Me Home – Paul Griffin

Mayday – Karen Harrington

House Arrest – K.A. Holt

Waiting for Augusta – Jessica Lawson

The Seventh Most Important Thing – Shelley Pearsall

The Best Man – Richard Peck

Pax – Sara Pennypacker

As Brave As You – Jason Reynolds

Once Was a Time – Leila Sales

Wolf Hollow – Lauren Wolk

Ms. Bixby’s Last Day – John David Anderson

Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story – Nora Raleigh Baskin

The Wild Robot – Peter Brown

Unidentified Suburban Object – Mike Jung

Footer Davis Probably is Crazy – Susan Vaught


As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

Happy reading!




End of the year!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the year.  We’ve had such a fun year. My Media Helpers and KNN Kids have been wonderful to work with and we’ve had a great  time making all kinds of things.


Stay tuned for next year. We have lots more fun coming up!  Remember to read, read, read this summer and log those minutes!



Keheley Reads!



Keheley Superstar Reading Contest begins Wednesday, March 22.

Who will read the most at Keheley?

Log your minutes read on a weekly basis at:

Week 1 (ends Sunday, March 26th): Keheley Top Reader wins a $3 Bruster’s Gift Card

Week 2 (ends Sunday, April 2nd): Keheley Top Reader wins a $3 Bruster’s Gift Card

Week 3 (ends Sunday, April 9th); Keheley Top Reader wins a $3 Bruster’s Gift Card

Week 4 (ends Sunday, April 16th): Keheley Top Reader wins a $3 Bruster’s Gift Card

Week 5 (ends Sunday, April 23rd): Keheley Top Reader wins a $3 Bruster’s Gift Card

Week 6 (ends Sunday, April 30th): Keheley Top Reader wins a $3 Bruster’s Gift Card

Weekly Winners will be announced on KNN!

Class with the most reading minutes logged at the end of 6 weeks will receive and ice cream party!

If you have questions, please contact Cindy Goolsby at [email protected]


Book Fair and Dr Seuss week!

Both the Scholastic Book Fair AND Dr. Seuss week are next week, Feb 27-Mar 3. We are so excited to have both going on!  The theme for the book fair is “Happy Camper” so we will be having some camping fun in the Learning Commons after we return to school.

Also, in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America, we have dress up days to correspond with some of Dr. Seuss’ books.  You can find more out about our dress up days by clicking on the link below.

MakerSpace in photos

Pictures from our morning – we currently have Perler beads, Ozobot, Osmo and Snap Circuits out.  There is always coloring available too!

The Ozobot was added this week. We started by just having fun with it and will add some coding with Blockly next week.Blockly is what we use when we do the Hour of Code each year.  Students have enjoyed making “Bob” (the name given to the Ozobot) move around paths they construct. Next week they will begin to really code with him!


Maker update!

We have been having so much fun in the Makerspace. Makerspace mornings are going really well, so well that we have now have our space open all day! Students are able to come in and work on projects when they are completely finished with class work. We are always available to help them and to get them started. This may be 10 minutes or even longer – we leave it up to the teacher to decide the time limit.

We are SO EXCITED to be able to do this. Watching the kids work and learn is, quite simply, amazing.  I learn something from them every single day!

Also, we are now working on badging. Students can earn badges for the work they do in the Makerspace. They have to show proficiency and do some specifics for each type of badge. We started working on these last week and they made name badges to begin. We are going over what each badge entails and how they earn it.
As always, we would love to have you come in and see what we are up to. The Media Center is rocking!





Welcome to the MakerSpace at the Keheley Learning Commons! Make sure to check the MakerSpace link at the top of this page. I will be posting updates there.

This week is our opening week. We are working on using one single sheet of paper to support a book.  Do you think you know how to do it? You might be surprised at some of the solutions we find…


Week of Oct 24: Rules and Support a book with a Single sheet of Paper

Week of Oct 31: Origami!

Week of Nov 7: Patriotism

Fall Break- What did YOU read?

I hope you enjoyed this week with your families and I hope you did a lot of reading! I did both of those things – my family (everyone except my college-aged daughter) went to the beach and had a glorious time.  While we were there, I managed to read 7 books. SEVEN!  It was so fun to catch up and do some long awaited reading of some new books. I have lots of new stuff to recommend to all of you.

Here is what I read:

  1. Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo – I love this book!  It’s such a great book about friendships and learning to love people for who they are. I think it also spoke to me because it takes place in the time when I was a kid.
  2. Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson.  This was probably my favorite for the week. Roller Derby, learning to lose, learning that even if you’re not THE BEST at something, you can still enjoy it.  Plus, it’s in graphic novel format which is my favorite way to read.
  3. Pax by Sara Pennypacker with illustrations by Jon Klassen.  A story about a boy, his fox, war time, and love.  It’s a very sweet, sometimes sad story. If you love animal stories (and I know lots of you do!), read this. It will make you understand that feeling of “not two”.  The illustrations by Jon Klassen are a nice touch, too. He is a Caldecott Honor Award winner and draws lots of silly picture books. His drawings in this book are not silly, but they are still really nice.   The pictures really add to the story.
  4. Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelly Jones.  This book is written in my other favorite style – it’s a series of letters written back and forth between Sophie, a young girl who has had to move to the country from Los Angeles because of her dad’s job loss, and Agnes, a woman who sells chickens and their stuff.  While it was a really entertaining book, probably because I would love to own chickens, I’m still trying to figure out the end. If you read it and figure it out, come let me know!
  5. and 6: Amulet 2: The Stonekeeper’s Curse  and  Amulet 3: The CloudSearchers by Kazu Kibuishi.  What can I say about these books? Series, graphic novels, girl with a good head on her shoulders, lots of help and lots of adventure.  It’s a fantastic series!  We have all 7 of these in the Media Center.  Come read them!
  6.  (really #7) Audacity Jones by Kirby Larson. This book has been sitting on my desk since the beginning of the school. I’ve been dying to read it and I am happy to say it lived up to all of my expectations.  If you like strog girl characters, this one is for you!

In addition to all that reading, I learned how to use LittleBits (thanks for your help, Mr. Dupuis!),decided to go to a MakerFaire when we get home from the beach, and  came up with some cool ideas for the book fair this year. The theme is Bookaneer: Where Books are the Treasure so I get to have lots of fun with that pirate theme! Our book fair will be here in less than a month, so start thinking about what you want to read! I can’t wait!

Get some last minute rest, have fun with your families and KEEP READING!!! I will see you all on Monday!




Week of August 29-September 2

This week in the Media Center:

Kindergarten: We learned more rules. We have lots of rules in the Media Center that we have to follow. The most important rule is to find a book that you really enjoy reading!  This week, the Kindergartners and I read a story called No, David by David Shannon. We practiced saying “NO!” in a really loud voice (they are really good at that!) and we even sang a “NO!” song! I  used this book because the majority of them know it and I want to be able to cover rules without having to explain the story too.  We went over what we can do and what we shouldn’t do. Your students have gotten really good at saying their first and last names and the extra special “thank you!” that comes with checking out a book.  It is so much fun to watch our kindergartners learn change after only a week or two!

1st grade and 2nd grade: We read Are we There yet? by Dan Santat and talked about having to wait, using our imaginations and just generally being kind people. It’s an amazing book full of imagination and perspective from a child’s point of view.

3rd, 4th and 5th grade: This week we worked on finding items on our Non-Fiction shelves.  We looked at our online catalog (Destiny) and figured out how to find the call number, how to write it all down and then find the book on the shelves. Your students were amazingly good at it! We had a quick verbal survey and it seems that most of them get it. I think I even converted some of them to be Dewey lovers like I am

As your students continue to come into the Media Center, whether alone or with a class, we will have the Dewey helper notebooks out and call slips available for them to write down their call numbers. This is an important map skill in life. To be able to see on the map and find what you want is necessary.  There’s no Siri to help you in the library…YET!

As always, your students are always welcome to come check items out. We love to see them and catch up with what they are reading.