January 12

Session I on January 13th

Welcome Back!

Session I will be meeting on Monday, January 13th. Pick up time is 3:30pm. Be sure that everyone is studying for their individual events. We will begin doing practice competition and studying at home makes the difference!

Looking forward to seeing our Olympians tomorrow!

December 18

Science Olympiad Sessions and Practices for 2020

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from your ESO Coaches at Keheley!

Here is our practice schedule for 2020

January 13 – Session I

January 20 – No School

January 27 – Session II

February 3  – Session III

February 10 – Session I

February 17 – February Break – No School

February 24 – Session II

March 2 – Session III

March 9 – Practice

March 16 – Practice

March 28th – SCIENCE OLYMPIAD COMPETITION at Walton High School


Students should check their OneNote Notebook over the holiday break for study guidelines! See your coach for helpful tips on studying for your event!

November 10

Science Olympiad Session Schedule

Students will only need to attend the session that they have events in each week. That is when their coaches will be available. If they want to come and study, they may but unless the coach okays it, they shouldn’t come to do extra builds. We want to try and give dedicated time to students for their individual events.

Students will be given resources to study and should dedicate several hours a week to learning everything they can about their events. Competition is based on how much they know and how fast they can correctly answer questions. Meetings with their coaches are meant to test their progress and work with their partner.

Session 1 – Monday, November 11

Backyard Biologist – Coach Davis – QN/GT

Barge Building – Coach Chatha – CC/ JN

Bridge Building – Coach Brown – FZ/CN

Crime Busters – Coach Midkiff – TS/JG

Data Crunchers – Coach Davis – AM/DJS

Deep Blue Sea – Coach Eitenmiller – RC/HP

Session 2 – November 18

Disease Detectives – Coach Eitenmiller – AM/AW

Grab A Gram – Coach Brown – TS/CN

Mystery Architecture – Coach Brown – QN/CC

No Bones About It – Coach Chatha – RC/JN

Paper Rockts – Coach Chatha – ET/HP

Rock Hound – Coach Eitenmiller – GT/FZ

Session 3 – December 1

Starry Starry Night – Coach Chatha/Midkiff – CC/TS

Egg Drop – Coach Chatha – RC/FZ

Water Rockets – Coach Brown – QN/HP/DJS

Weather or Not – Coach Davis – ET/JN

Which Way is North – Coach ? – CN/AW

The 24 Game – Coach Midkiff – AM/JG?

October 21

First ESO Meeting!

First meeting on Monday, October 21! Brief parent meeting at 3:15. Students should be picked up or set to go to ASP at 3:30. Students not picked up by 3:35 will be sent to ASP.

Students will be choosing their events over the next two weeks. Please help them research so they can make the best choice!

October 5

Science Olympiad Tryouts are MONDAY 10/7!

This Monday we will be holding our try-outs for our Science Olympiad team. The coaches will be there and students will be presenting their posters in a rotation and take their tests on Bones and Stars. Pick up time will be at 3:30, some students may be take a little longer since we have a lot of student trying out this year so we apologize in advance if you have to wait a few minutes before they are ready.

We will announce the team by giving students a sealed letter. We ask them to wait until they get home to open it, simply because we want them to be with you when they receive the news. We have been amazed at the interest this year and we wish we could take everyone. We are hoping that sometime in the future we can offer a Science Club for all students.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or one of the other coaches.


Our coaches this year are:

Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Chatha, Mrs. Midkiff, Mr. Brown, and Mrs. Eitenmiller

September 15

Keheley Science Olympiad Information for Tryouts for the 2020 Competition

We are so excited to start our 2020 competition season! Last year’s team will be tough to beat but they set the bar high by gaining a spot to the State Competition level.

What is ESO?

Elementary Science Olympiad (ESO) is a nationwide competition set up in regions across the United States. Elementary students in grades 3-5 become experts in events like Weather, Mapping, Rock and Minerals, Oceans and Ocean Life, and many more. There are also opportunities to build and use the engineering design approach to conquer a given challenge like Mystery Architecture, Bridge Building, Water Rockets, and many more. The students compete in groups of 2, not teachers or coaches are allowed to go into the competition room while students are competing. It’s similar to a tournament of science based concepts.

Students must be ready to study on their own to become experts in their chosen event. They must be willing to dedicate 5 or more hours per week to studying, researching, and practicing. We meet once a week to help students locate information and guide their quest for information. We may hold mini practice competitions to help students get ready for competition. Competition is based on correct answers and time completion.

If you are a student ready to dedicate the time and energy to being a competitor then ESO is for you! You can pick up a packet from Mrs. Davis’ door starting on Monday, September 16th. You will study for the tests, prepare a presentation on your research, and fill out the interview questions. Students will give two teachers a teacher recommendation to fill out (one of the teachers should be a teacher from this school year, the second can be last year’s teacher, a specialist (like Art, Music, PE, Mrs. Dupuis, etc). Bring all of this with you on the day of tryouts on Monday, October 7th.


Packets can be printed off on the website but remember to turn in the permission slip for tryouts!

Please email Mrs. Davis with any questions @kelley.williams@cobbk12.org

May 11

May 11th is Finally Here! GAESO!

Here are some updates on the Rain Plan for Saturday.

We will have our home base in the Carmichael Student Center. I’m not sure where – there are two floors. I plan on getting there around 6:30am and will text it via Remind. You are welcome to meet us there anytime to drop off coolers, etc.

We will not be parading in – which makes me sad – BUT we will meet at the convocation center at 7:45. location will be texted via Remind. They want us coming in at 8 and seated by 8:20.

Water Rockets are a go and will be happening on the Campus Green – unless there is lightening.

No pop-ups can be put on the Campus Green so don’t bring those

Chick-fil-a orders – Mrs. Goodwin will pick up and bring to the Team Base – Bring CASH!

Parking in the deck is $10

We will pick up the pre-ordered t-shirts and get them to you.

So excited! Be ready to get wet – different reports are saying different things about when the rain will be moving through so hope for the best!

So proud of our team! They worked very hard to get here!