May 11

May 11th is Finally Here! GAESO!

Here are some updates on the Rain Plan for Saturday.

We will have our home base in the Carmichael Student Center. I’m not sure where – there are two floors. I plan on getting there around 6:30am and will text it via Remind. You are welcome to meet us there anytime to drop off coolers, etc.

We will not be parading in – which makes me sad – BUT we will meet at the convocation center at 7:45. location will be texted via Remind. They want us coming in at 8 and seated by 8:20.

Water Rockets are a go and will be happening on the Campus Green – unless there is lightening.

No pop-ups can be put on the Campus Green so don’t bring those

Chick-fil-a orders – Mrs. Goodwin will pick up and bring to the Team Base – Bring CASH!

Parking in the deck is $10

We will pick up the pre-ordered t-shirts and get them to you.

So excited! Be ready to get wet – different reports are saying different things about when the rain will be moving through so hope for the best!

So proud of our team! They worked very hard to get here!

May 5

ESO State Competition Event Map, Day Schedule, and Event Schedule

Day Schedule for May 112019_state_eso_schedule

Events Schedule 2019_state_eso_team_event_locations

Event Locations/Map ksu_event_location_map_19

Sign up to bring items for Saturday to share Sign Up Genius


The Georgia Science Olympiad State Website



May 5

ESO Georgia State Competion at KSU

We did it! May 11th is almost here!

  1. Thank you for getting all the student forms in!
  2. We have two practices this week. Everyone should attend so we can touch base with each event.
  3. Check all the links below for information on Saturday.
  4. Sign up Genius to bring water, snacks, tent, tables….
  5. Team sites are first come, first serve and parking is $10
  6. We will send out Reminds and be sure to sign up for the GAESO Remind
  7. If you haven’t already, please send in the $12 for the pre-ordered shirt – if you forgot, no worries – they will be available at the T-shirt vendor for $20.

So… What is the ESO State Competition like? We will have a team base camp on the campus green. Bring a camp chair for everyone in your family or a blanket to hang out on. If it rains, there is a plan for us to be based indoors. The events are housed in different KSU buildings in classrooms (see the map and event schedule). We ask that parents walk their children to the events and pick them up. The coaches will be roaming. If you feel that there was a problem, please DO NOT approach the event coordinators, leave that to the coaches. We will have the rules and we can access the appropriate people.

Food: KSU is not in session so there will be little if any food available on campus. Several of you expressed interest in ordering Chikfila to be delivered – we are in the process of finding a coordinator for that- so more info to come. You can bring your lunch in a cooler of your own. Chikfila is $7.50/person without a drink. KONA Ice will be there – not really food but bring $$ if you’d like one. Snacks and water are being donated and brought by parents to share.

Entertainment: There will be a Science show and I believe the Kell Robotics Club will be there along with Reptile show. I’ll bring a tub of cubes. Water Rockets will be visible from the green.

T-Shirts: We will pick up T-shirts when we sign in, in the AM. You can take the T-shirts to get more bling at the T-shirt station and purchase other T-shirts as well. $$. Students should wear their TEAM shirts.

There will be an opening ceremony, much like the Cobb Competition but much bigger. It is the Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup… for us so it’s quite exciting.

There will be A LOT of walking – and it will most likely be warm – wear comfortable walking shoes.

We are beyond proud of our students and are so very grateful for all of our parents who have supported us in taking on events and practicing at home. We know it’s Mother’s Day weekend… we appreciate you giving up your time and energy to make this happen for our Keheley Cougars! Getting to state is a big deal for our small school so when we walk into that Convocation Center at KSU on Saturday morning – we’ve already won!

Our Final Meeting will be our party on Monday, May 13th. We’ll have cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate our great season. Certificates and awards will be given. We probably will not have the placement ribbons until the end so we will give these out on Monday as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or text via Remind. I will post the links in the next post.

Coach Davis

April 15

ESO State Schedule is IN!

The  ESO State schedule has been posted. We do not know what Group we will be in – most likely the middle.

I will be posting a form for you to fill out for t-shirts. We can preorder for a significant discount but I will need to get the order in right away. I will send a remind out when the form is available – or let you know at practice tomorrow.

We realize practices are confusing. We are trying to give them lots of opportunities to practice and get support from their coaches. All are welcome to practice but we are focusing on certain events on certain days. This Monday will be session 3 – unless you’ve made arrangements with your coach to come in for an event or want to come in to practice. Parents are always welcome to come and help with those students who want some extra practice.

Thursday will be Session 4

2019 State Competition Schedule-2ncl4bq


Events – Keep in mind we do not know which group we will be in.

2019 State ESO Team Event Locations-167k9eh


April 10

Sessions and Practices

We are adding a practice on Thursday. We will focus on Session 1 and 3 on Mondays and Session 2 and 4 on Thursdays. Meetings will still end at 3:15. If students are in ASP and I’m available I don’t mind checking them out for a short period to study or practice a build.

Session 1 (Mondays)

Backyard Biologist, Barge Building, Bridge Building, Crime Busters, Data Crunchers

Session 2 (Thursdays)

Deep Blue Sea, Disease Detectives, Grab a Gram, Mystery Architecture

Session 3 (Mondays)

No Bones About it, Paper Rockets, Rock Hound, Starry Starry Night

Session 4 (Thursdays)

Straw Egg Drop, Water Rockets, Weather or Not, Which Way is North, 24 Game

Students will have homework. I am so proud of how hard they’ve worked to recall information and take part in creating their study resources for the upcoming state competition. I have been WOWED and inspired!

If you have conflicts on Thursdays – we can arrange for them to come on Mondays. They are welcome to come study. Parent volunteers are welcome to come and help study with groups.

A big THANK YOU to all of our parents! I know this is more than you bargained for with Spring in full swing – WE APPRECIATE YOU!

April 3

Meeting Schedule For State

All Science Olympians should meet on Monday, April 8th. Coaches are still in the process of scheduling their practices. Mrs. Handley is officially on maternity leave and welcomed a beautiful baby boy. Both are doing well! She sends her best wishes and excitement for the team.

Be sure you are signed up for REMIND – as this is the best way to stay up on the latest news. We only have to move a few people. The sessions are as follows:

Session list for State-2j4tbtj

There are four sessions instead of three. We won’t know which session is first for us until the session list is posted by school.

More to come….

March 28

We Did It! We are going to STATE!

I could not possibly be more excited for these students! I am amazed at their fortitude, talents, and skills as they worked to gain the 6th spot out of 34 competing teams. They placed in 6th in the County Regional Tournament that was no easy task considering the fierce competition among the Cobb County elementary schools.

Practices will resume after the Spring  Break and some events will go to two a week practices. Homework and studying assignments will be assigned to help students get ready to compete in a field of 65 elementary schools from across the state on May 11th at KSU.

Melissa Carlsen, Liz Perdue, and Carmon White have volunteered to lead the organizing of shelter, food, snacks, and other logistics for our team so look for information to come from them soon.

I’ve created a OneNote Notebook for students to gather resources and study online with quizzes and other features. They can use this space to copy and past pictures, resources, and create their own notes page.

I am very excited for our team. More information will come soon!