November 27

A List of Sessions

Session I Mini-competition November 27th

Backyard Biologist/ Deep Blue Sea/ Data Crunchers/ Disease Detectives

Session II Mini-competition December 4

Don’t Bug Me/ No Bones About It/ Rock Hound/ Starry Starry Night

No practice on December 11th

Session III Mini-competition December 18

What’s the Matter/ Which Way is North/ 24 Game

November 26

Tomorrow is Our First Competition Trial

Science Olympians!

The coaches have been working hard to prepare a mini competition for you! The following events will be tested tomorrow:

Backyard Biologists            Data Crunchers          Deep Blue Sea          Disease Detectives

No builds tomorrow but additional straws/supplies for build practice will be available!

Pick up time is 3:15! None of the competitions will be over 30 minutes! Bring a snack to have before you begin your mini-competition!

Remember – Having Fun is the key!

November 13

Ready for our First Competition!

On November 27th we will have our first competition for Session I: Backyard Biologists, Data Crunchers, Deep Blue Sea, and Disease Detectives. We need volunteers to help us run the different events. Click on the Sign up Genius below to sign up to help with events, sessions, or as a Team Mom;

Session II will compete on Monday, December 4 and Session III will compete on Monday December 18.

Builds will compete in January as will a second competition for events for those who chose two in a session.

More info to come on Water Rockets.