November 26

Tomorrow is Our First Competition Trial

Science Olympians!

The coaches have been working hard to prepare a mini competition for you! The following events will be tested tomorrow:

Backyard Biologists            Data Crunchers          Deep Blue Sea          Disease Detectives

No builds tomorrow but additional straws/supplies for build practice will be available!

Pick up time is 3:15! None of the competitions will be over 30 minutes! Bring a snack to have before you begin your mini-competition!

Remember – Having Fun is the key!

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3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Our First Competition Trial

    1. keheleytarget (Post author)

      There were two and I added another this am. For some reason I couldn’t see it at home this am but pulled it up this morning at school and then on my phone. Should be able to see the updated Disease Detectives page now. Please let me know if you can’t so I can trouble shoot. Thanks!

  1. Emily Riggs

    It shows up now, but has not. Lilly has been checking for a while. The CDC link provides extensive power points on epidemiology that are quite complex.


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