January 22

Events will be announced tomorrow!

We will be announcing the event assignments tomorrow. We still have a few event spaces not filled. We will have 3 alternates as we have 23 Science Olympiad participants. These alternates will select two events to be alternates in and study with those event teams and be ready to compete if needed in March. The event assignments were determined by the mini competitions we held each week. We are ready to buckle down and start preparing for our individual events.

If you were interesting in coaching an event or helping, please reach out to the coach facilitating that event to arrange practice times. A sheet with the assignments will be sent home tomorrow.

We have truly been inspired by the motivation of our Olympians!

Coaches Davis, Handley, Eitenmiller, and Chatha

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1 thoughts on “Events will be announced tomorrow!

  1. Ariana Turpin

    Hello all, just wanted to let you know Esmé is home sick today! She will be working on her build! Thank you!


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