October 31

Don’t Bug Me

Description: The contestants are to distinguish insects from non-insects, identify various body parts, characteristics, habitats, ecological significance, life cycle, and major classes and orders of arthropods.

20-25 stations – 2 part questions: may use pictures, preserved, or living specimens

Major classes: Arachnida, Chilopoda, Crustacean, Diploda, Insect (Hexapoda)

Orders: Tysanura, Orthoptera, Isoptera, Neuroptera, Ephemrida, Odonata, Mallophaga, Anolplura, Hemiptera, Homoptera, Dermaptera, Coleoptera, Trichoptera, Lepidoptera, Dptera, Siphonaptera, Hunmenoptera

Questions will test student knowledge about the information contained in the description and be multiple choice.

Sample questions:

Grasshopper: To order does this insect belong? 1. Diptera 2. Odonata 3. Orhoptera

Practice Tips from Fernbank: http://www.fernbank.edu/PDF/ScienceOlympiad/Practice%20Tips%20-%20Dont%20Bug%20Me%202015.pdf

Great website for discovering info on bugs! https://www.earthlife.net/insects/six01.html

Basic Anatomy of an Insect https://www.earthlife.net/insects/anatomy.html