October 30

Events Assigned and Calendar

We had a great first meeting.

Students came home with their event descriptions and a calendar. Please put the calendar in a safe and easily accessible place. I’ll attach a copy here as well. We are practicing by sessions so that we can dive deep for the first few practices with our coaches.

Next week is Session I; Only Session I participants should come next week so that we can focus on those events. The following week will be Session II only and the next meeting will be Session III only. We will run practices this way until January.

Olympians must practice, research, and study at home. A minimum of 2-4 hours should be dedicated to prep time at home.

Practice is until 3:15 – Please be prompt in picking up your child as all of our coaches have obligations elsewhere. Students will be placed in ASP at 3:25.

We are in need of parent volunteers. We need experts in the field of engineering, aerodynamics, diseases, bones, biology, ecosystems,  – so if you know of someone, send them our way. We can skype so they wouldn’t have to come to us. Most of the teams in Cobb have 12-14 parent volunteers and experts helping out – we’d love to have 1/2 of that!

Any questions, please email one of us.

A calendar will be posted on the next post

October 5

Congrats to our 2018-2019 ESO Team!

Our first meeting date is Monday, October 22. Look over the events to pick your top three in each area

Pick three in events 1-6

Pick three in events 7-12

Pick three in events 13-18

We need more coaches to be successful! If you are interested in helping out as a coach or just an extra pair of hands – please let us know!

Click on the link below for a list of ESO events for this year’s team!


September 27

It’s not TOO LATE!

We’ve had a few parents contact us regarding missing the initial meeting and test. It’s not too late but time is running short!

Students will need to bring their completed project on Monday, October 1st. Rubrics are attached in a previous post.

Please email me if your child will be absent on Monday, October 1st and we can make arrangements for a make-up.

Check the last few blog posts to get tryout information and download forms. The make up Stars test will need to be made up by Wednesday, October 3rd. Please email me to make arrangements so that the test can be taken before or after school.




September 8

Tryout Time is Here!

Be sure to request a packet for tryouts from your homeroom teacher or pick up one outside of Mrs. Davis’ door in C wing. You can also download and print the forms from here on the website.

Tryout dates:

Informational meeting and the first test (Stars and Constellations):

Monday, September 17th from 2:30-3:15

Second Meeting, project presentations, and second test (Bones):

Monday, October 1 from 2:30-3:15 * some students may have to stay a little later so they can finish presenting their projects

Team member announcements will go home on Friday, October 6.

Students must bring a permission slip and their interview questions to the first meeting. Please email me @ Kelley.Williams@cobbk12.org with any questions.

Science Olympiad Tryout Requirements-1cabkyi

Science Olympiad Team Application-2kcya63

Science Olympiad Announcement and permission form-1gbhu8b


August 20

Science Olympiad Team for 2018-19

We will be meeting soon to organize our year for ESO tryouts. We are always in need of coaches and parent support. If you have a 3rd – 5th grader who are interested, please subscribe to this site to stay on top of announcements. ESO requires participants to put in a lot of time at home to research and practice for competition. We get one day to show our expertise and hopefully move on to State.