Competition Sign Ups are Here!

Here is the link to our Sign Up Genius to bring snacks and water to support our Olympians! The Walton Girl’s Lacrosse Team will be selling breakfast items, snacks, drinks, and pizza for lunch. Cash only.

If you’d like to bring a brain building snack or water OR help out with set up or clean up – please follow the link below to the sign up genius!

Thank you for all of your support!


Competition Time is Coming!

Parents and Students!

Our time is almost here!

Science Olympiad competition is on Saturday, March 24th. More info on parking, details, etc. will be coming soon!

We do need a parent volunteer or two to coordinate snacks, etc for the day of the event. They do sell drinks and pizza for lunch but always nice to have some snacks and low stress activities for the kids. Please email me asap if you wish to head up coordinating this and our end of season party! Hopefully we will make it to the State competition in May.

Make sure your students are studying their events every day for at least a few minutes to keep their skills sharp!

Our T-shirts came in, their was a mistake so after we grabbed a quick pic for the yearbook, we sent them back and should have them back next week.


Session 2 Today

Events for today include:

Don’t Bug Me  – Davis

Mystery Architecture – Eitenmiller

No Bones About It – Davis

Paper Rockets – Handley

Rock Hound – Eitenmiller

Starry Starry Night – Handley


Build try out for Straw Tower, Barge Building, Mystery Architecture


Next week: Session III

Straw Egg Drop, Straw Tower, What’s the Matter, Which Way is North, 24 Game

Events will be announced tomorrow!

We will be announcing the event assignments tomorrow. We still have a few event spaces not filled. We will have 3 alternates as we have 23 Science Olympiad participants. These alternates will select two events to be alternates in and study with those event teams and be ready to compete if needed in March. The event assignments were determined by the mini competitions we held each week. We are ready to buckle down and start preparing for our individual events.

If you were interesting in coaching an event or helping, please reach out to the coach facilitating that event to arrange practice times. A sheet with the assignments will be sent home tomorrow.

We have truly been inspired by the motivation of our Olympians!

Coaches Davis, Handley, Eitenmiller, and Chatha

A List of Sessions

Session I Mini-competition November 27th

Backyard Biologist/ Deep Blue Sea/ Data Crunchers/ Disease Detectives

Session II Mini-competition December 4

Don’t Bug Me/ No Bones About It/ Rock Hound/ Starry Starry Night

No practice on December 11th

Session III Mini-competition December 18

What’s the Matter/ Which Way is North/ 24 Game

Tomorrow is Our First Competition Trial

Science Olympians!

The coaches have been working hard to prepare a mini competition for you! The following events will be tested tomorrow:

Backyard Biologists            Data Crunchers          Deep Blue Sea          Disease Detectives

No builds tomorrow but additional straws/supplies for build practice will be available!

Pick up time is 3:15! None of the competitions will be over 30 minutes! Bring a snack to have before you begin your mini-competition!

Remember – Having Fun is the key!

Ready for our First Competition!

On November 27th we will have our first competition for Session I: Backyard Biologists, Data Crunchers, Deep Blue Sea, and Disease Detectives. We need volunteers to help us run the different events. Click on the Sign up Genius below to sign up to help with events, sessions, or as a Team Mom;

Session II will compete on Monday, December 4 and Session III will compete on Monday December 18.

Builds will compete in January as will a second competition for events for those who chose two in a session.

More info to come on Water Rockets.

First Meeting was AWESOME!

We had a great first meeting going over how trying out for the events was going to work and highlighting each event. Students put their top choices on paper and we will get the event descriptions to them so they can start practicing for their event competition. A calendar was included in the packet today. We will be posting it here soon.

Our future meetings will be ending at 3:15 each Monday.

We are looking for parent volunteers to lead events and/or help out with event training. You don’t have to be available every Monday!

We are happy to welcome Roop Chatha to our team!

A subscribe button pops up in the lower right hand corner of our page. Click on it to enter your email address to receive an email when our blog has been updated. We also sent home a sheet with instructions to join us on the REMIND app – it’s a quick way to get a reminder about practices and upcoming events.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any one of us!

Coaches Davis, Handley, Eitenmiller, and Chatha

Welcome to the Keheley Cougar Science Olympiad Team!

Congratulations! You worked hard to earn a place on the team! Your hard work isn’t over yet! In order to secure a place on the team for the March 24th competition, you will need to compete for your spot. Over the next three weeks, we will be highlighting the events in each session. You should plan on learning two events from each session. You will prepare at home and compete in that event in order to win your spot. We can only register 20 competitors the day of our competition in March so be sure to be prepared so you will be selected to compete!

Parents – We need volunteers! We need coaches and assistant coaches to help with events. A list was sent home of events with the teacher in charge of that event. If you would like to help out with an event or two, please contact that teacher.

A schedule was sent home and will be posted here on the website. Please subscribe to this website so that you can receive email updates when the website has been updated. We will be using the Remind system to help remind you of meetings and upcoming competitions for events via texts to your phone. The information for signing up for Remind was sent home today.

Fees – the team fees go to a team t-shirt and supplies. Coaches are not paid for their time nor do any of the fees go to the coaches. If you are not able to make the full payment at this time, you can pay in installments. Please contact one of the coaches if you have concerns or questions.

Fee – $40 per student