December 13

New to Target Open House

Parents that are new to Target can join us for an Open House on Monday, January 14th at 7:30am beginning in the Media Center. If you are unable to attend, we send information home.

Gifted eligibility letters will be sent home on December 21, 2018

November 13

No Creek Visit Tomorrow for Third Grade River Kids

Parents and Students:

Due to flooding, rain, and treacherous conditions at and along Rube’s Creek and it’s branches, we will not be visiting the creek to do our monitoring tomorrow. I will bring creek samples from a different section of the same creek tomorrow for us to conduct experiments and observe. We’ll discuss the changes and the accuracy of our data.

Parents – thank you for volunteering, you are welcome to come and take part in our experiments. We will begin around 9:30.

Be safe and stay dry!

October 10

Sign up for Fall Conferences

You can sign up for Fall Conferences for Target by:

First and Second Grade Target

Sign up Genius from Mrs. Eitenmiller

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade

Visit the grade level page on this blog to get to the Sign Up Genius or email Mrs. Davis to arrange a phone conference or morning time.

Remember Target progress reports only come home at the end of each semester. A midterm progress report will come home if your student is struggling and a conference will be requested.

Email us with questions!


September 13

How to Log In To OneNote for Students

It seems the password is the same one they use at school either 123 or keh


Here is the login information for logging into Office 365 and accessing our Target Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Class Notebooks.

Go to the CCSD homepage @

Click on Parents

Click on 365 Login

There should be a page that pops up prompting students to put in their user name and password.

The user name should be typed by inserting their first name and last name (as they are registered)

Be sure to include all the periods!

The password is their school id number (the number they use to login at school, purchase lunch, etc.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Soon I will send out how parents can access these accounts so you can see what we are up to.

August 24

We Are Under Way!

Thank you for coming to our Open House. I know several of you were not able to make it. We are working on getting a PowerPoint uploaded to the website. Please check the page with your grade level for updates and news.

As mentioned in our Open House presentation, I hope you will check out the organizations for gifted children to stay up to date on news, resources, and support available to you as a parent. The best advocate for your child is YOU! Remember we are here to answer any questions. I’ve included the links to some of the organizations for parents of gifted students below:

National Association for Gifted Children

Georgia Association for Gifted Children

Cobb County Website for Advanced Learning

July 31

Welcome Back!

We are so excited for the new school year! We are currently getting set up and organized for all the exciting changes!

Our OPEN HOUSE for Target is scheduled for Monday, August 20 at 7:30! We can’t wait to see you!

There is a new digital way to fill out the student information form this year. Check out the Target Student Information page. You can fill out the form in less than 5 minutes!

Target classes officially begin the week of August 13th!

First Grade – Fridays with Mrs. Eitenmiller

Second Grade  – Tuesdays with Mrs. Eitenmiller

Third Grade – Tuesdays with Mrs. Davis

Fourth Grade – Wednesdays with Mrs. Davis

Fifth Grade – Thursdays with Mrs. Davis

April 16

Fund Raising Ideas


Next year we would love to teach the Robotics Unit for 4th/5th grades using the LEGO EV3 robots which retail for around $400 a piece. We have one. We need 4 to be well stocked but even a second one would be awesome.

We’d love to hear your ideas or if you think you might have corporate sponsor in mind  – we’d love to talk to you about it!

Please email me at with any ideas you may have to get us there!

We have enjoyed the Speroes and Ozobots donated by E.Smith this year and plan to implement them more next year.