July 31

Fifth Grade – Davis

Week #4 Week of April 13th – Our Target Learning Day is every Thursday and our synch session is always Thursday at 9:30 am. See the OneNote Digital learning Tab with this week’s lesson date for the link.

This week I’ll be adding a drop in session from 10:00-11:00am. The link will be included in the OneNote session Digital Learning page for that day. Additional times will be announced. Students will enter via a waiting room and may have to wait for a student in front of them to finish, so there may have to wait. You can also email me if additional one/one times are needed and we can schedule one.

See you on Thursday!


We had a staff meeting this Monday and all the teachers collaborated on class meeting times so that we didn’t overlap. We will have our 5th grade synchronous session every Thursday at 9:30am. Here is the link:

I had to take the link for the Zoom meetings down to protect our privacy. Please see the Digital Learning Lesson page or email me for the link.



Hi Fifth Grade


Link to sype

At 9am or slightly before I will update your OneNote notebooks with your assignments for our Thursday Target Day. Look for your assignments under a new tab entitled Digital Learning, I will put a code in OneNote for you to either join in a Skype or TEAMS meeting. between 9-10. You will have the entire week to complete your assignments in OneNote and we’ll meet again next Thursday! I miss you all and hope everyone is doing well.!




Homework Assignment

Create you snowperson. Come up with a rough draft of a drawing.

Create a story that depicts a day in the life of you as a snow “person”.

Writing Project:

Create a snowperson of yourself.

Create a short story about you as a snow person.

Answer the following questions:

Who are you?

Where do you live?

What do you do?

What special talents do you have?

What character traits do you have?

Do you have snow friends? A family? Do you go to snowperson school? What do you learn there? How do you stay cold? Do you only come out at night, like magic? Do you melt and come back each year or do change back into a person?

Use your imagination to write a short story about a day in the life of you as a snow person!



It was great to see so many of you this past week and discuss progress and the FUTURE! Can’t believe these students will be heading off to middle school! Thank you for being such great advocates and support for your children.

We are programming missions and have at least two teams who have programmed and run their first LEGO Missions successfully. They are working on their projects and getting close to developing their product/idea.


8/30 We have Target as usual this week! Exciting news! Our Lego Challenge set has arrived! Lots of LEGOs to build! They do have HW – they need to start thinking about problems with buildings and public spaces in cities. Can be local or global. We have one more activity for Core Values before we finalize teams. Their first builds went very well!


Target days are on Thursdays beginning on August 15th. Remember we are bell to bell, so come to my room upon arrival. We are jumping into our Robotics unit and there will be some homework (fun HW).


Welcome Back! Can’t wait to start our final Target year together! We will be studying Lego Robotics this year! Don’t forget about the Open House on August 9th – starts with an overview of AC at 7:15 and then a transition into Target at 7:40 with a visit to the classroom!




Wow! We had an amazing experience at iFly! Thank you for being adventurous. They truly enjoyed it and got to experience something amazing! Here are the directions for finding videos and pictures of their flights. They were split into two groups. The first group’s time was 10:30 and the second was 11:00 or 11:30 – it was on the wristband if it made it home.

I was able to get a video of each one – they are not professional by any means. I’ll be downloading them over the weekend and sharing them to their OneNote notebooks.

You have two weeks to download videos to a mac or PC using any browser except google chrome.

  1. Go to www.iflyworld.com
  2. Click on “Pics and Videos tab at the top of the page
  3. Select “GA-Atlanta” as your tunnel and choose the date you flew and your arrival time
  4. Click your name to view your videos and photos (or click “All Media” if you don’t see it)
  5. Press the shopping cart icon in the left corner of the item you want to add to your cart
  6. Click the “Do You Have a Media Voucher” button & enter the voucher code from your ticket
  7. Click “View cart” to confirm your selections & then enter your email and other information
  8. You will be emailed a link to download your media
  9. If you encounter any problems, please contact us at 678.803.4359 or at info.atlanta@iflyworld.com



First full day of 5th grade Target for 2019 will by Thursday, January 17th. Progress Reports will come home the same day.


Can’t believe we are half way through our year! Our Robotics Team which consisted of a 9 of our Target students did very well at the FLL Robotics Competition in December. We are continuing with our Robotics Unit and will be hosting a demonstration where parents can come and view what they have learned as they task their robots through certain tasks on our Into Orbit Challenge. A special thanks to Davis Commercial Laundry Solutions for donating the cost of the Challenge Field ($400).

We will be extending the robotics unit to Sphereos and take a fun detour into Space Engineering with Aerodynamics and Rocketry before we wrap up the year.

I have sent out emails regarding a field trip to iFly in Smyrna. I received only positive feedback so I’m officially scheduling the trip. Information will come home on our first day back. The trip will include a lesson and tour about the facility, how it all works, STEM experiments with flight, and two flights for each student. I’ve secured additional spots in case any parents wish to come along and fly with us! The cost is about $45. However, I’m working on getting us a $10 discount. One thought I had was we could raise some money during the Science Fair by selling snacks. Since I’m in charge of the Science Fair, I can’t head that up but if we have any parents/students who want to man a snack table, it might be a way to cut the cost even further. Let me know if you are interested in heading this up.

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Sign up for Fall Conference on Sign up Genius




WE had a great day in 5th Target this week! It was loud and there were LEGOs everywhere! They built some simple machines using a lever and gears. This is all gearing up for building our robots which will begin next week.

We took our Multiple Intelligences Test and wrote a reflection in our 5th Grade Target OneNote digital notebooks. The students can use these at home as well. Even if they don’t have Word, PowerPoint, etc. They can use it online at home. Here is how they log in at home:

Go to the Cobb County School District Home Page

Click on Parents

Click on 365 Login

the students type in their username: firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org

the student password is the same computer number they use for lunch:

You may need to try a different browser if you are having trouble. If you aren’t able to login, please contact the front office so they can put you in touch with someone who can.


OPEN HOUSE Tomorrow @7:30 in the Media Center

Don’t forget to fill out the Parent Information Form on the Parent Information Page!

We had a great first day! They are super excited to being the Lego Robotics Unit and they dove right in! In the first part of September we will extend our Robotics unit by having tryouts for the Robotics Team. We can take 2-10 students to competition in December. The cost is fairly high at $300 to register and then $100 to compete. We are working with our Keheley Foundation to secure donations and a possible sponsor. If you know of a company that would like to sponsor a team, please let me know and I’ll forward the info to Mrs. Carlsen.

We will continue with Hands on Equations. We have added Fractions to our collection of levels and I hope that some of our Math Maniacs will get to Fractions by the second half of the year. Great companion to our new AC Math classes as well to prep them for Advanced math classes in middle school. However, knowing that not all of our intelligences are math based, we will be striving to do our best and find success at our individual levels as well.

Please email me with any questions and follow me on Twitter @kelzwilli


Field Trip for 5/15

We do have room on the bus, please RSVP via email if you plan to attend (parents). Be sure to bring your own lunch in paper sack.



Wear hiking shoes – no open toes! Only 4 students per class signed up for a sack lunch from the café so be sure to pack your lunch. We’ll eat snack just before we leave. We have limited cooler space and lunches should be packed in paper sacks.

You can bring sunscreen LOTION if you are able to apply it yourself. Please leave cell phones at home or in backpacks at school – we can’t be responsible for lost items.

Hats can be worn – all students should follow the school and district dress code. Shorts must be fingertip length and no strappy shirts – short sleeves please.

We will be outside most if not the entire time.

Very excited and can’t wait to have this adventure!




We have finished Hatchet and will begin our individual challenge survivor teams that includes team building exercises, growing their own food, and using the survival skills they’ve learned over the past few weeks!

Be sure to get your permission slips and money in asap for our field trip to Red Top Survival! We have limited space for parents, contact me via email if you want to join us!



I am so excited about all we are doing in Office 365 with our class notebooks. They are journaling great ideas and thoughts about “Hatchet” and have shared some great insights to the emotions it takes to be a survivor! They’ve learned how to tie different types of knots and continue to learn what items are best to have on hand in the case of an emergency.

We will continue to work with problem solving with some group activities and survivor scenarios.

We will also be incorporating plants and how to grow plants from seeds and plant parts such as bulbs. This is the sustainability piece of our unit that we are adding in.

For STEM they are designing a game to play with kindergarten that uses the Ozobots and goes with the kindergarten standards.

This semester is already zipping by!


HW – Read Chapters 6-8 and catch up if you are behind

Try to login to Office 365 at home!

Go to the Cobb County Site http://www.cobbk12.org click on parents and then sign on to Office 365. Log in with your email address: first.last@students.cobbk12.org use the password that you use on your school account to login to the computers. It should work!

1/30/2018 –

Our books have arrived! Each week students will have homework to read and do an activity related to the reading.

We will be using Office 365 to coordinate our work and be able to journal and view assignments at home and at school. This program utilizes their 365 school student email account. There is a link that I can send to you to allow you access to see their notebook and work without logging in as them. If you wish to have this link, email me and I will send it to you.

I’m excited about utilizing this new online tool that will allow them to access their work anywhere using a computer, tablet, or phone. It will allow me to view their progress and respond to them. There is also a collaboration space that will allow them to work on group projects.

Our field trip to Red Top is waiting approval from administration. We will have room for parents to attend, not sure yet if there is a cost for parents. It looks like our field trip will cost about $12 per student. Don’t send in $$$ yet!


Survivor Unit for 5th Grade! 1/20/2018

This week we will be starting our Survivor Unit in 5th Grade. During this unit will be reading the book, “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen. Each student will be borrowing a book to take home each week and there will be an assigned reading task. I’m asking that no one reads ahead so that we can do the activities without knowing the ending. The money you sent in for supplies covers the costs of the books. WARNING: The book deals with depression and an attempt of the character to take his own life when he has been isolated and not found for a long period of time. We will tread very carefully concerning this topic but we will be exploring a lot of feelings of hopelessness due to the nature of the story. Students will be exploring character traits necessary to survive and skills/tools required to survive by researching survival tips in articles and real life stories of survival.

Our unit will culminate with a presentation project on Survival and a Survivor Field Trip to Red Top Mountain tentatively scheduled for May 15 with Park Rangers. We will learn how to build a shelter, start a fire, and use a compass to find a specific location – in the woods!

There will be lots of STEM activities and research to go along with our Survivor Unit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me @ Kelley.williams@cobbk12.org


Happy New Year!

Can’t wait to see my students! We will be welcoming a big group to our class this semester! We will spend the first two days together getting acclimated and beginning our Inventure projects to compete so that we can send one team to Georgia Tech this spring. I hope they’ve been doing their homework!

Target days stay on Tuesday and progress reports come home on January 9th – our first day back!


We had a great day yesterday re-engineering a shopping cart! I think we are on our way to begin creating our own inventions.

Our last class for this semester will be on November 14th due to gifted eligibility testing. We will resume classes in January.


Another great day in Target with 5th grade! Loved their homework assignments this week! This is a creative bunch and we enjoyed hearing and seeing all the creative ways they explained their assigned vocabulary words for our Inventure Unit.

P.A.C.E New way to do HOE! We have updated our process for HOE. It is now independent with facilitation from me. They have videos they can watch. I still do a mini lesson here and there but they are truly being independent learners and being accountable for their learning. We are also building our mental and verbal problem solving skills.

P.A.C.E Last week was learning about Seizing the Day! This week we explored the Future Me. Exploring character strengths we have and ones we’d like to have. What will people say about us when we are 80?

P.A.C.E Continuing our Rubik adventures. So many of us are so close to solving and it quite exciting. You can smell the brain burn!

P.A.C. E. Our extension unit focus this semester is the Inventure Unit. Students will be working a group to invent something that solves a problem. Last week we explored the vocabulary and presented our Ninja Warrior Obstacles which were fabulous – 2D and 3D! This week we learned how to identify Thin and Thick questions and why questioning is important. Next week we will be working cooperatively to reproduce a 4 piece square design.

Iggy, the Bearded Dragon, continues to acclimate to Keheley. He has begun to get more interactive and gave us quite a show today climbing around his cage. We hope to be able to get him out more as he gets more comfortable with his new home.


Welcome Back Fifth Graders!

I can’t believe these amazing students are beginning their last year at Keheley! Our Target day for this year is Tuesday. Mrs. Eitenmiller is so excited to meet her new fifth grade class! We have chosen to do the Inventure Unit this year with our fourth and fifth graders. We have lots of new things in store as our standards have changed a little this year and we attended some exciting trainings over the summer.

Another addition is one to Mrs. Davis’ classroom family. We now have a Bearded Dragon named Iggy to keep us company. Iggy comes to us from a STEM lab teacher at Argyle Elementary who was not able to keep him in her new space. He enjoys being around people especially students. Iggy is five years old and very tame.

Don’t forget Open House is on August 11 at 7:30am in Mrs. Davis’ room #113 in the First Grade Hall. Please email us if you have any questions! Can’t wait to see everyone and get this exciting year started!

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Eitenmiller