July 31

First Grade

October 2, 2107

The first graders are learning all about Amelia Earhart.

Amelia was an American aviation pioneer and author. Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She set many records, won awards, wrote best-selling books and was instrumental in the formation of an organization for female pilots. Earhart was a professor in aeronautical engineering and a career counselor to women students. She supported the Equal Rights Amendment


The students are also working on solving Logic Puzzles independently.  A logic puzzle is basically a description of an event/gathering/contest, etc. Using the clues provided, you have to piece together what actually happened. This involves clear and logical thinking – hence ‘logic’ puzzles. Below, you will find a number of puzzle ranging in difficulty and new puzzles appear at the top of the list.





It’s SMORE fun to do newletters now!  Check out our new Target Newsletter!



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October 20, 2017

It’s SMORE fun to do newletters now!  Check out our new Target Newsletter!

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January 22, 2018


I finally got to have a day with my first graders!  The weather this year has been crazy!  I have 13 new smiling faces in first grade.  We talked a lot today about rituals and routines for the classroom. There will be a New Year’s Celebration next Monday.  The students are to bring their favorite snack to share!  Today we worked on a “Kindness Project!”  We tried to make a “shark” smile!   Ask your child about it!  We will begin our Unit on Da Vinci next week.  We had a great day!!


February 9, 2018

My first grade group is awesome!  I am enjoying them so much!  We are starting to understand the rituals and routines needed to make our class a successful!  We have had so great learning experience thus far!!!  e have learned about divergent thinking, convergent thinking, and this weekend we are searching for how to pronounce our names in Italian!

I will be sending home a letter with the students on Monday, but wanted to let you know here as well, that we will be have a meeting for those students “new” to target on Friday, February 16, 2018 at 7:30am in room 333.  I wanted to wait until the students had been to target a few before scheduling in order to answer questions you may have.  I hope everyone can make it and I can’t wait to meet those of you who are new.