July 31

Fourth Grade

September 15, 2017

The 4th Grade students have been introduced to Inventure Challenge. In this unit the students become inventors!  Finding a need to fulfill or a problem to solve is the first step in the invention process. The invention may be a new product or it may be a new process for doing something.  They have begun brainstorming ideas they might want  to pursue.   Although, we haven’t officially started our inventions, I have heard the students talking about so great ideas!!!  The students are also learning how failure can lead to success.  For example, Michael Jordan got cut from his high school varsity basketball team and 27 publishers turned down Dr. Seuss’s first book.  

 The Students are learning why interpersonal skills are important and how they can use self-reflection to develop their own interpersonal abilities? They are also learning how developing effective communication, operative collaboration, and respect for others enable them to be a powerful group member.

October 19, 2017

We had a great day in Target!  We learned the importance of reliability, commitment, and active participation.  We split into 3 groups and the students created some amazing skits showing what these words mean to them!  It was so much fun and so creative.


The Invention Convention Overview

Fostering the development of important science skills is an ongoing challenge. Students should be given opportunities to solve problems, think creatively, experiment, and work with data throughout the school year. The Invention Convention is an event that gives students an opportunity to demonstrate these skills independently as they invent a new product or process.

I hope everyone is thinking about their inventions and what they may want to create.


October 20, 2017

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