Second Grade – Davis


Half day of Target this week and possibly next! They need to bring their binders.


We are loving our Picasso Cubism Unit! I can’t believe how fast these second graders are catching on to the cube. We even have 2X2 cubes now thanks to an Impact Grant from CCSD Foundation and Braves Foundation!


We started our Cubism Unit today and our study on Pablo Picasso! Today was a fun filled day of exploring the Rubik cube, creating our own self-portrait (they are amazing!), learning how to measure probably (to tackle our geometry segment in this unit), working with the Ozobots and learning how to be more “Ish” and less perfect!

This unit will help us to discover our creative side and help us “perfectionists” learn to accept our own imperfections. At the end of the unit we will have a portfolio of our work.

2/15 – thank you all for attending our Rover Olympics! The students had a great time showcasing their skills!

Finishing up or Mission Possible Unit!

We are getting ready to end our Rover Unit. We will be having a Rover Olympics on February 14th to showcase our hard work in learning to program our Rovers and design our own programs. We will be adding the Ozobots to our STEM challenge starting this week. These Ozobots were graciously donated by a local company owned by Mrs. Eitenmiller’s husband. This will be a great addition to our resources!

Happy New Year!

Can’t wait to see my students! We will jump right back in to programming our Rovers and continuing with patterns and pre-algebra unit. We will be exploring some fun ways to journal and set goals. Don’t forget your binders! Progress reports go home on January 10th – Target day stays the same – Wednesdays!

Here is the link for      

Use your login from your card that should be in your binder! 🙂


We worked on some today and they are doing great! Thank you for providing time to work on this at home!

We’ve completed Mission 7 today – programmed our Rover to dance!

Our last day of Target for this semester will be November 15th due to gifted eligibility testing. We will resume classes in January!


We were able to log onto today to begin coding lessons. I have set up so that they can work at their own pace. We will be having mini lessons in class and allowing for time on as time permits. This is self paced but since we do not have much homework in Target, I’m hoping they will try to get on a few times a week.


We had a fun day this week in Target! We went on a pattern scavenger hunt and discovered patterns with our eyes, ears, and sense of touch. We did our first lesson in the Seven Habits about being proactive. Our analytical skills were challenged in sorting odd shapes, creating rules, and placing them in Venn Diagrams. We got to know our Rovers and will finish calibrating them next week in preparation to perform our very first mission with programming the rovers! So exciting!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Eitenmiller

Welcome Back Second Grade Parents!

We are excited to start a new year with our Second Graders. I hope you will join me in welcoming Mrs. Eitenmiller to Keheley and to our Target team. She brings lots of experience and enthusiasm.

This year Second grade will be starting off with pre-algebra and learning all about patterns. There are patterns in EVERYTHING! We will be learning about the Seven Habits from Stephen Covey, learning how to think analytically as we tackle logic puzzles and our unit focus this semester is ROVERS!

Another addition is one to Mrs. Davis’ classroom family. We now have a Bearded Dragon named Iggy to keep us company. Iggy comes to us from a STEM lab teacher at Argyle Elementary who was not able to keep him in her new space. He enjoys being around people especially students. Iggy is five years old and very tame.

Don’t forget Open House is on August 11 at 7:30am in Mrs. Davis’ room #113 in the First Grade Hall. Please email us if you have any questions! Can’t wait to see everyone and get this exciting year started!

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Eitenmiller