Third Grade

Here is the link to the website for! Happy coding!     Click the link to go to


We are ready to resume our creek visits! An email will go home by tomorrow with possible dates – we will be in the middle of Milestone testing. We have found a close neighborhood willing to allow us to come in and test their creek. Many thanks to Mrs. Cox for the suggestion and getting permission. We will need drivers! We have 22 third graders now!

They have learned several different publishing apps and will be ready to begin developing their product when we return from Spring Break.

They are working hard in HOE – we have several students moving on to Level II!

Their logic and critical thinking skills are sharpening! They have definitely found a good groove to work in!


We will have our first regular Target day on Tuesday, January 15th! Progress Reports will come home for Target students on this day.


Happy New Year! Can’t believe our year is half way through!

Their water projects were amazing!!!

We will be adding to our class this semester. We will be coordinating with Mrs. Dupuis in the Media Center for our research project and Mrs. Gleichweit in the STEM Lab to study some cool experiments about FLOW, water pressure, and construct some water cleanup devices.

We will continue with water including the addition of a book study. More information to come!

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns.

Due 10/30 HOMEWORK

Student homework is to collect data for water consumption. Last week we had collection for each individual student. If students didn’t complete it, that’s okay because they can complete it this week as well.

This week we’ve added family water consumption collection. The students can ask family members to make tally marks on the personal water use chart. You can help by assisting in collecting information for the family and adding up the numbers. We will use calculators to add up our usage. If you have any questions, please email me.

Here is the link for the form just in case.


10/23 Projects: Parents the only projects that are not being done in the classroom are:

Water and Me project – picture with description of their favorite water place. This is due anytime before the semester ends. Should include a picture of the students and the water. Like a waterfall, ocean, stream, or even a puddle. Shows students making a connection to the water in their lives.

Water consumption homework is a piece of our project that we are completing at school and much needed for our data to participate in Down the Drain

Hope that clears it up!


10/17 – Homework! Please assist in collecting data for your student’s water consumption this week. We have joined the global project “Down the Drain” and will be adding our data to their website and collaborating with students around the world to monitor water consumption. Next week will be your turn as we collect for the household!


Fall Conference Sign up


Wonderful Creek Day for Keheley River Kids! Thank you to the parents who volunteered today!

We were able to complete all of our experiments despite a little bit of drizzle. We found the creek to be healthy and our data matched the big experiment. We even caught a small salamander to observe! Follow us on Twitter @kelzwilli to catch a glimpse!

Very proud of our River Kids!


We had a great day – filled to the brim with creek experiment practice, finding our perfect boots, practicing in our fake creek while wearing our boots, learned a new logic word game, and had some aha moments in HOE! Whew!

We finally got to read “The Perfect Square” by Michael Hall. They each have a blue square to create something out of. This is a choice STEAM activity and is due next week. Hopefully the book will give them inspiration! Scroll down to see the link to hear the book.

Field Trip next week!!!



Our Field Trip to the creek is scheduled for 10/9. I accidentally put “tomorrow” on the reminder I send home. We will be practicing for our field trip but won’t go until next week. We are still in need of drivers for our November 13th field trip. Please contact me if you’d like to sign up!


Just in case One Note doesn’t work today!

Teacher website for video

Watershed Website #1

Watershed Website #2

Watershed Website #3

Activities, Lessons & Links




This week we will be starting something new! Each month we will have a new STEM Challenge for homework assignment. Students will read the book, “Perfect Square” by Michael Hall with me and then be given a square of their very own to create whatever they like. They will be encouraged to use their SCAMPER skills to create the most unique creation from their square! Students will hold on to their creations until October 2 when we will awe and gaze upon their amazing creations! Be sure to keep it a secret until then so we don’t give away any ideas!

Here is a video of the book, just in case you need added inspiration!


We will not be going on our field trip next week.

  1. Permission for the field trip was late getting approved
  2. We don’t have enough drivers for next week – we only had one parent volunteer

Our next day is 10/9 and it looks like we have an abundance of volunteers. We will need more volunteers for 11/13 and I’ll do my best to make the 12/11 day happen. I haven’t heard back from the Noonday Creek facility as of today.

We learned about pH today and that pH determines the alkali and acidity of a substance/liquid. We were in the STEM Lab trying testing a few everyday items for pH – we were quite surprised about some!

We also learned how to run the pH test for our creek trips today and test the conductivity of water along with water temp.


We had a great week this week. Unfortunately we ran out of time to complete all of experiments this week. A note went home with “tentative” dates for our creek visits. Please fill out the dates you’d be able to attend. They are 9/11, 10/9, 11/13, 12/11*. We plan to leave at 9:30 and be back by 11:30. I will ask that you come in at some point to get a little “training”. We can usually run through it during Specials before the field trip. More info to follow on that!

We have started HOE – Hands on Equations. This is a algebraic based program that utilizes pieces to help student solve algebraic problems. We do verbal (word problems) as well.

Next week we will get fitted with our boots for the creek visits. I may not have enough, if so I’ll be in touch. We’ve collected quite a few pairs over the years. They will also get their shirts but they will not come home until our unit is complete. I’ll take them home and wash them after our creek visits.

Questions? Please email me!

K. Davis


OPEN HOUSE 8/20/18 – 7:30am in the Media Center. Don’t forget to go to the Parent Information Page and fill out the form!

Our first day was great! The students seem to be excited to all be together and about the River Unit. We do have 18 students which is on par with other Third Grade Target classes in the district.

HW: We All Live Downstream is a fun interactive activity that the students brought home. They each have a section of a river. There assignment is to create whatever they want on their section of the river. They could have an amusement park, a mansion with a swimming pool and horses, anything goes. We will assemble the river in class and see what happens!

We will look at possible dates for our field trips at the Open House tomorrow, If you are unable to attend, no worries! I’ll post the information and send home info this week. There will be lots of opportunities, if you can’t join us for all of them, we hope to see you for one!

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Target classes begin next week!

Our Target Open House is Monday, August 20 @7:30 beginning in the media center.

As in year’s past, we ask that you send in $15 for Target supplies. This does go into a community storage but each student has their own Target pouch that has their supplies inside that they use each Target day. Just send in the $15 in an envelope (white ones can be found near the safe) marked Target funds.

Additional funds may be required for field trips, books, etc. as determined by the unit we are studying.

We will be studying the River Unit this first semester and will be going on field trips once a month to monitor Rube’s Creek near McCleskey Middle School. We will need drivers and special permission for students to ride in private vehicles. A schedule and more information will come out soon.

Our Target day is Tuesday this week and I’m looking forward to a great year!






Great production day this past week. No one was fined for a mess, although it was a little close! Next week should be a full day.

Special thanks to Mr. Winn from Bank of America for coming in to talk to us about how the economy works! He’ll be back to make sure we are on target to make a good profit before our Market Day (date TBD)


Half day this week due to Milestone testing! We will still have a production day to get as many products made as we can! Bring materials if you need anything else.



Don’t forget to bring your materials for production!


Loving all the enthusiasm with our new Economics Unit! Loved hearing their product ideas this week! We are reading the book “Lemonade Wars” aloud while studying about entrepreneurship using Bizkids and other resources.

HW for this week is to bring in a prototype with a list of materials used and a timeframe of how long each one took to make. Students can purchase outside items but we are encouraging them to find and repurpose as much as possible. I have beads I’m bringing in to be repurposed. Please do not spend more than $10 on items for them to use. All materials will come to school so that they can assemble their products at school.

The unit provides activities for them to have to create a budget, make a business plan, buy a business license, rent vendor space, set their pricing, and calculate their profit. And yes, you will be invited in on our Economic Day so you can see them in action! More info on that at a later date!

Thank you for supporting us!


HW: Use your vocabulary to complete the 2 situations and start making a list of 3-5 things you could make to sell at a school market for 2nd grade. It must be handmade and constructed in class for the market.

We had some fun today working with the Ozobots and learning to code on the iPads with them. Our goal is to set up a game for younger grade levels to use the Ozobots with in the future.

In HOE we were introduced to a challenging HOE puzzle that had their brain burning!



Week of 1/22/2018

Can’t wait to see my third graders this week! Isn’t 2018 off to a crazy start?

We will be starting our Economy Unit this week. Students will start having a little bit of homework in regards to designing a product to sell. We will be going through the process of our economy works, how businesses get a business license, paying taxes, cost of goods, profits, and much more! We will become junior entrepreneurs! Students will design and build a product to be sold to a grade level at school with “Cougar cash”. They will design a business model for their product, build it, advertise it, sell it, and then analyze their success/failure.

We will be placing a $$ limit on what can be purchased in the way of materials from home. Look for more information in the next two weeks!

If you have any questions, please contact me @


Happy New Year!

Can’t wait to see my students! We will start back on Thursday, January 11th. Don’t forget your binder. We will welcome a few new students to Target and jump right back into water pollution – with a focus on research, water conservation, and types of pollution. Pre-Algebra will continue as we really dive into verbal problems with HOE.

Progress Reports come home on January 11th.

Links to use in class



Our last Rube’s Creek visit for 2017 is tomorrow. Bring a pair of clean socks just in case! 😉




I can’t believe it’s almost the end of October already! This year is flying by in Third Grade! We have our Noonday Water Treatment Field Trip on Thursday. We could use one more driver – it’s a fun (yet smelly) experience that you will never forget!

We’ve enjoyed two visits to Rube’s Creek this fall with some wonderful parent volunteers.



First I wanted to give a big Thank You for my birthday card and Target Gift Card! Very sweet – I believe Mrs. Perdue might’ve been behind that! Very thoughtful!

Second – we had a great first outing to Rube’s Creek. Thank you to our parents that were brave enough to come along on our firsts visit! Mrs. Mathur, Mrs. Perdue, Mrs. Freeman, and Mrs. Singh did an awesome job! We collected our data and no one fell in!

Third – Today we only had a 1/2 day but I had borrowed the Enviroscape from Cobb County Water and we learned about water sheds and Point Source Pollution and Non Point Source Pollution. They may be grilling you about what pollutants might be getting into our creeks and streams – sorry about that! Always good to get educated about the chemicals and pollutants we take for granted around the house and their affect on our ecosystem. I know I’ve learned a lot and have had to make a few changes!

Thanks for all you do! I’ll be in touch with our next group of volunteers to Rube’s Creek next week.



We had a fun filled day this week! We began by re-introducing Hands on Equations (HOE) for pre-algebra. The students will be self-paced with mini lessons from me and the ability to access videos. I will be there to facilitate and then test them when they are ready to move on. I love this model! We talked about Teamwork this week and read the book “Coasting Casey” which went along with our first Affective Lesson from Covey’s “Seven Habits …”. We jumped into learning about the experiments we will conduct at the creek this year by learning about pH and actually testing some different solutions.

Field Trips to the creek. We have had an unexpected change to the school schedule this year and it looks like we will be going to the creek in the afternoons versus the mornings which I know may impact some who wanted to assist. I have tentative dates planned but we may need to adjust. I’m still waiting to hear back from the water treatment plant to confirm that date.

Look for an email regarding more detailed information on our creek visits and what they entail.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me!

Hope you all will have the opportunity to see the eclipse! Be safe! Can’t wait to hear about their experiences whether they are at school with us or viewing somewhere special with family!


Hello Third Grade Parents:
Here are some dates that we hope to go to the creek. We are still working out specifics with McCleskey. I am hoping that we could leave at 8:05 and be at McCleskey at 8:15, conduct our creek experiments and be on our way back by 9:45. I think this will help us avoid the buses as McCleskey and get us back in time for lunch at 10:30. Here are the proposed dates:
8/31; 10/5; 11/2; and 12/7; I have contacted the water treatment plant coordinator and am hoping to hear back. I asked for 9/21 or 10/26.

Students had a homework assignment to design their piece of property any way they liked. There were to draw it from the perspective of being in an airplane. They should have a detailed paragraph written about their property.

Any questions? Please feel free to email me!

Welcome Back!

I am so excited to welcome back my second graders as THIRD GRADERS! We have an exciting unit planned for this year! We will be studying the River Unit. This means we will need parent volunteers who have a love for science to come along and help us conduct science experiments on Rube’s Creek by McCleskey and turn that data into the county and the state to help monitor our water in Georgia. More information to come very soon with dates, etc.

We welcomed a new staff member and new teacher to Target this year. Jenni Eitenmiller has joined us to teach first, second, fourth, and fifth grade Target classes this year. Can’t wait to see everyone!. Be sure to join us for the Open House on Friday, August 11th at 7:30am in room #113.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!