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January 22-26


Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the snow days last week. As we work to catch up, please note that there might be a little extra homework this week. Thank you for following up with your child to make sure they stay on top of this at home.

KSU field trip/money- please turn in ASAP. 

I will send out Remind messages for all dates that were changed due to the days off. Students will also write new due dates in their agenda on Monday!

Reading at home (2.5 hours per week) is still required. Students are expected to record minutes read and the title of their book in the agenda. These are checked each Monday. Once a chapter book is completed, the students need to type a book review in Biblionasium (log in with Destiny). A total of 6 book reviews are to be completed by March 21st.

Academics for this week:

Reading: We will continue our novel study, Pictures of Hollis Woods. 

ELA: Evidence based writing, conjunctions and interjections.

Math: There will be an assessment on multiplying fractions with models on Tuesday. We will review this skill Monday in class. We will begin dividing fractions later this week. Notes and examples will be added to the math notebook. Students are encouraged to bring this resource home nightly to assist with homework.

Social Studies: WWI, The Great Depression, and The Jazz Age. There is an Acceleration Project for this unit of study. Students are allowed to work with one partner. If the project has a written component, each student is expected to turn in their own writing piece. Project choices can be found on the learning contract that is glued into the social studies notebook. Students were given an additional worksheet that details the requirements for each project. As questions arise, please encourage your child to write them down and COME ASK ME. I will have them write the answers down so that they can communicate with you. This is a great way for them to take ownership for their learning. Check the agenda for the project due date as it might change due to the snow days!

December 4-8



Important Dates/Events:

December 4th; Holiday Shop- Our class will be going to the Ford Holiday Shop. Please send money in the envelope that is in the red folder.

December 6th; Atlanta Symphony- Students need to dress nicely on this day.


Reading/ELA: We will begin working on non-fiction text in guided reading groups. Grammar- We will wrap up our unit on prepositions and beginning conjunctions and interjections.

Math: Adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our “Changing Nations” unit of study.

Science: Matter unit of study will begin the week of December 11.


November 13-17


Thanksgiving Feast: Thursday, November 15

ParentVUE: Grades will be 100% up to date on November 15th. This is the 4 1/2 week mark for the second grading period. When you sign the “Accountability Sheet” on Friday (in the red folder), you are stating that you are aware of your child’s current averages.

Class Spelling Bee: We will be holding a class spelling bee this week. The top two spellers will represent our class in the Ford Spelling Bee on December 18th. Good luck to all students!

Minute to Win It” Holiday Party: December 20th (8:30-9:30) Mrs. Galyon will be contacting you soon with volunteer opportunities for our holiday party. I will need several parents to help manage each station! The students always have so much fun playing these games and I need your help make it possible. As always, parents are invited to enjoy this event with us! We would love to have you there.

Holiday Party Book Exchange: Our class will have a book exchange on December 20th. I will be placing another Scholastic Book order on December 1st. More information will be sent home in the red folder this Friday! In the past, parents have loved taking advantage of this order to purchase their class book exchange novel AND some books to be given as gifts.

November 6-10


Our Big Head Campaign was a HUGE success! Our class donated a little over $1,000. That is so amazing! Thank you for investing in your child’s education.

Our Canned Food Drive is currently going on. Make sure to put Mrs. Strickland on the outside of the bag if you choose to donate! Last year our school collected over 10,000 cans! Let’s do it again.

ParentVue is currently up to date. Please check your child’s grades online.

I will be sending information home on Friday regarding a class holiday book exchange. Look for this information in the red folder. Can you believe the holidays are approaching???

We began a new social studies unit today, A Changing Nation. Students should begin the unit vocabulary this week. It is due November 13th.

There will be a vocabulary test this Friday over Unit 7.

Our math focus this week is on dividing with decimals. The students will be working with models Monday night and then moving to the traditional algorithm by the end of the week. Check at home for understanding. Give them a few practice problems each night. The quiz will be given on Friday.

Have a wonderful week!

October 30-November 3


Hi Parents!

Thank you for all of the donations to our Big Head Campaign! I can not wait to share the final results with you! Remember, this money will be kept at our school and will provide additional laptops for our Learning Commons! Thank you for investing in your child’s education.

Tuesday, October 31st is Halloween! For a donation of $2.00 your child can wear their Halloween costume to school. The costume needs to be school appropriate and masks/props need to stay at home. Once again, your donation will go to the Ford Foundation!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the parents who sent in donation for our Candy Factory book celebration! Remember that the goal for this nine weeks is SEVEN chapter books. Students will complete a book review for each chapter book on Biblionasium. Weekly minutes read (2.5 hours per week) should be logged in Biblionasium also. I have modeled how to do this in class, but if anyone needs assistance I will be glad to help!

Academics for this week:

Reading: We will continue our novel study, Wonder. There will be an assessment over Part One: August and Part Two: Via later this week. Studying is not necessary since we are having daily class discussions. The movie, Wonder, comes out November 17th. I hope that we can all go see the movie together as a culminating activity! I let you know details once the date gets closer.

Language Arts: We will continue working on our opinion piece, “Should schools serve chocolate milk?”. I am very pleased with the progress the students are making. We are also writing opinion paragraphs about our novel study. These are written in the reading journal and grades will be added to ParentVUE- they will not be in the red folder.

Math: We are currently studying modeling decimal multiplication and using the traditional algorithm. There will be a quiz over these skills Tuesday, October 31st. Students can review their INB in preparation for this assessment. We will then shift our focus to modeling decimal division.

Science: We are wrapping up our unit on Classification and Traits. The assessment for this unit will be given Friday. There will be a study guide provided, but reviewing the Science INB will be just fine.



September 18-22


Important Updates and Reminders:

(1) The due date for the social studies project has been changed to Friday, September 22.

(2) Thank you for donating all of the special treats during IOWA testing. The students really appreciated everything! If your name was not on this donation list then you will be at the top of the list during Milestone testing. Mrs. Galyon assigned treats based on ABC order.

(3) We will be adding a cover crop to our garden beds this week. Earth Parents are not needed for this day, but they were AMAZING on the day we had to weed our beds!

(4) Thank you for purchasing books from Scholastic online. I placed the order Friday and I’m crossing my fingers that it arrives before the Fall Break. We will place another book order in mid-November.

(5) Please make sure your child is reading at home. The reading goal for this nine weeks is SIX chapter books. Sometimes students do the reading but fail to complete the mini-book review. The students wrote in their agenda how many book reviews they have turned in. Please initial that you see this.

(6) Fifth grade lock-in permission slips are due on Friday along with the donation.


September 5-8


I hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday weekend! Don’t you wish we had three day weekends more often? I was able to get so many things accomplished around the house AND spend time with family and friends.

Upcoming Events and Important Reminders:

  1. Students may chose to take the vocabulary unit 3 test on Friday, September 8, OR Monday, September 11.
  2. IOWA testing will begin Monday, September 11. It is important for students to arrive on time and eat a good breakfast each morning. We will begin testing right at 8:00. Thanks in advance for donating healthy snacks! IOWA TEST SCORES ARE USED TO DETERMINE MIDDLE SCHOOL CLASS PLACEMENT. While we don’t want to put pressure on the students, I do think it’s important that they understand how the results will be used. Have this conversation with them over the next few days. Being present for all test days and having a good breakfast will help ensure accurate results.
  3. The 5th grade activity fee is due by September 22. A stapled packet was sent home on Tuesday from the 5th grade committee. Please keep this in a safe spot as it will need to be referenced several times throughout the year.
  4. Return the lock-in permission slip asap. Please note that appropriate 5th grade behavior is expected in school for students to attend all of the upcoming 5th grade activities.
  5. There will be a Performing Arts permission slip in the red folder this Friday. Please sign the permission slip and return it to school on Monday. A donation is not needed for your child to participate.
  6. Grades have been updated on ParentVUE. Please login and view your child’s grades. By signing the red folder this week, you are letting me know that you are aware of your child’s current averages. See the front office if you need your username or password again.
  7. Reading at home: Students are expected to read 2 1/2 hours at home per week. They need to log this reading either into their agenda nightly or into Biblionasium (a new online reading log that we will begin transitioning to in October). For now, either one is perfectly fine!

August 21-25


Well, today was very eventful! We enjoyed some fun eclipse snacks, Capri Suns/Sun Chips/Black and White cookies and witnessed a total solar eclipse this afternoon. Not your average day around Ford! If your child was absent on the 21st I have written the items on the board that they need to do to be caught up. Morning time is the best  time to do this.

I want to thank you all for being so very patient these first few weeks of school. As I’m sure you can imagine, closing on two separate house right after sending a child to college can be a bit overwhelming. To make things even more interesting, my husband sprained his back last Thursday night and we were in the ER Friday afternoon. Deep breath, it will all settle down soon. Anyway, you guys are so supportive and I want you to know how much that means to me. Your sweet kiddos are right where they should be and we are progressing through 5th grade standards!

Academics for this week:

Reading/ELA- We are beginning our first novel study, Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. All  reading and activities will be done in class. Quiz dates will be posted in the agenda. Vocabulary unit 2 has been assigned for  the week and the test will be given on Friday. Make sure to utilize the vocabulary workshop website to help your child study. It’s a great resource.

Math- We are continuing to focus on the Powers of Ten and multiplying two digit numbers. Continue reinforcing order of operations and expressions at home. As always, there will be a Bell Ringer quiz on Friday. Reviewing these problems on Thursday night is a great way to help your child prepare!

Science- Due to the high number of absences today, we are moving the Cells/Microorganism test to Friday. The format is all multiple choice. Students should use their interactive notebook to study graphic organizers and vocabulary. Our first PBL project is well underway! Thank you for  sending in supplies for  the cell models. I never want you to spend a fortune in supplies so I asked the  kids to bring in as many recycled items from around the house as possible! Everyone did a really great job with this.

Social Studies- Look for the Civil War/Reconstruction learning contract to be in the interactive notebook on Wednesday. This contract will list all of the standards, important people, places, and  events that are included in this unit of study. Please review these with your child and sign the contract.

Have a great week and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Welcome to 5th grade!

It was great meeting you all today!  I am very excited to be your teacher this year!  You all will absolutely love 5th grade.
If you came to Sneak a Peek, please remember to bring in the Receipt of Family Information Guide from the Cobb County folder by Friday, August 4.
Please remember to pack a healthy snack and bring in your supplies Monday morning.
5th grade supply list
I look forward to next week!

Welcome to our learning journey!


Welcome to our new blog!


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