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October 22-26


Thank you for a wonderful conference week! It was a pleasure meeting with you and sharing your child’s academic progress. If you have any further questions or concerns as we progress through the 2nd marking period please do not hesitate to send me an email.

Academics This Week:

Reading- We will begin our new novel Esperanza Rising.  (Don’t worry…copies will be provided to each student.) There will be reading that students will have to complete at home.  The required reading will be necessary for them to participate in the class activities the next day.  Please be sure to have your child check the agenda each day for their assignments.

Unit 5 Vocabulary test will be Friday, Oct. 26th.

Book Reviews- For the second nine weeks, students are required to obtain 7 stickers.  One of the books must be a biography or autobiography (these books probably will not be 150 pages in length).  Please do not wait until the last minute to get these done.  All book reviews must be logged into Biblionasium for credit. Biblionasiums are done online through Destiny at home.

If your child did not make the goal for the first nine weeks, they still need to make this up.  The first nine week goal was 6 stickers.  By the end of December, they will need 13 stickers.  Remember, every 150 pages equals one sticker…this is posted in the classroom, along with the chart for students to keep up with their stickers.  🙂

Math-Unit 2 test on comparing, ordering, rounding, adding/subtracting decimals will be on Tuesday, Oct.23rd.  The study guide was sent home last week.  We went over the study guide in class.    We will review more in class on Monday and Quizzizz Codes will be provided on Edmodo for extra practice. Please utilize all of these resources to help your child prepare for this assessment.

This week in math we will begin multiplying decimals with and without the models.  It is imperative that students continue to practice and master their multiplication facts.  As discussed at conferences, the goal is to complete 100 problems in 3-5 minutes. Please work on these nightly.

We will resume our weekly Bellringer this week as well.  As a reminder, students are allowed to use their notes, notebook, and the practice problems when taking the quiz.

Hydroponics- We will be placing our seeds in the system this week.

Science-We will begin working on unit 7, lessons 1, 4, and 6.  (Students are responsible for reading these lessons and completing the corresponding pages as assigned.)  Please continue to take home science notebooks to review notes on a nightly basis.  The goal is to have students review daily to prevent “cramming” for the end of unit test.  I will provide a study guide at the end of this unit.


Changing Nations: Acceleration Option Explanations


A Changing Nation- Acc option explanation-1tpsml7

Reading at Home


Reading at home: All students are expected to be reading chapter books nightly. They are to record the title of the book and the number of minutes read in their agenda. Minutes recorded should total a minimum of 150 minutes (2.5 hours) each week. When a chapter book is completed, students are required to login to Biblionasium (access through the Ford Website) and complete a well written book review. Well written includes correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. The main part of the book review is a brief summary of the book. This should be several sentences long and not give away the ending, but highlight what the story is about. In addition to a summary, students are required to answer two additional questions of their choice. They know exactly where these questions are found. Students will be asked to redo their book review if it is not their best work.


Ford Foundation Annual Campaign


Foundation Information
The Ford Foundation Annual Campaign is going on through Sept. 17th.  Please consider giving. Funds raised will be used to create a 21st Century Computer Lab, finance STEM and Project-Based Learning Programs, and fund STEM-focused learning opportunities for our teachers. You can give online too!

10% of all the donations collected by our class will go DIRECTLY back into our classroom! I plan to purchase “brain games” for our room. Students enjoy these learning games so much! Help us add to the collection.

September 17-21


What We Are Studying:

Reading- Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen. We are wrapping up our novel study this week. The students will be working on a reading response, a mini project, and reflecting on the theme of this novel. Hatchet is the first book in a series of books about Brian Robeson. Encourage your child to read the next books in the series: The River, Brian’s Winter, Brian’s Return, and Brian’s Hunt. 

ELA- Personal Narrative Writing. The students will write a final draft for their personal narrative.

Math- Dividing Whole Numbers (2-digit divisors). Continue reviewing previously taught skills (found in their math INB) and double check their homework assignments nightly. While it is not written on specific nights in the agenda, students are expected to spend time each week on Prodigy. This is a great online tool that reinforces standards taught in class and the kids love it!

SST– Changing Nations/ Turn of the Century. Make sure your child has chosen an Acceleration Option from the learning contract that is glued into the SST INB. This is a project that is done completely at home to extend/reinforce standards from this unit of study. A detailed explanation for each option was placed in the binder last week. All projects are due on Friday, October 5th. Please have your child come ask me any questions that they may have. (Two students may work together on the news report option only.) Some students have expressed that they would like to do more than one project. This is perfectly fine and extra credit will be give to students who complete more than one option.



Earthquake Data


August 27-August 31


What We Are Studying:

Reading: Hatchet novel study continued. This we we are taking a closer look at character traits, problem/solution relationships, and figurative language.

ELA: Personal Narrative- The students have completed a rough draft on a topic of their choice. I will begin teaching mini lessons this week on hooks, satisfying endings, and adding details to sentences.

Math: Multiplying- 2-digit x 2-digit and 2-digit x 1-digit Students should be using the traditional algorithm to solve multiplication problems in 5th grade. This is the way you and I were taught! There will be a small quiz on Wednesday over multiplication. Please be working on multiplication facts nightly if your child is not fluent with them. We will begin division later this week and there will be a bell ringer quiz on Friday. Students are allowed to use the bell ringer from the week along with any notes they have taken throughout the week to help them on Friday!

Science: Constructive & Destructive Forces- We are finishing the unit this week. Students need to study/review the notes and graphic organizers in their science INB. I will give additional review items on Wednesday. The test will be multiple choice.


**Students need to be reading a chapter book at home each night. They are expected to read a total of 2 1/2 hours per week.

**Students have a Prodigy login in their agenda. Prodigy is a great way to sharpen math skills at home.

**Early Release is this Wednesday at 12:30

August 20-24


What We Are Studying:

Math: Multiplying by the powers of ten, 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication. There will be nightly homework on these skills. I will be teaching the standard algorithm for multiplication (the way you and I learned). Review homework problems each night to make sure they understand this process. Sometimes is takes a few days of practice for them to learn this new strategy. I will ask that all students bring their math INB home nightly.

Science: Constructive and Destructive Forces. Students should review the graphic organizers in their science INB each night. This week we will be turning our focus to the role of technology and human intervention in the control of constructive and destructive processes. There will be a unit test the week of the 27th. Studying the organizers now will be very helpful!

Reading/ELA: We are continuing our novel study, Hatchet. Ask your child to tell you about our daily readings. This is a wonderful book that usually hooks them into reading for the remainder of the school year! There will also be a vocabulary Unit 2 test on Friday. For studying help, access the vocabulary workshop website! The address is located in the vocabulary book.

On Monday, we will begin a writing unit focusing on Narrative writing techniques.


Information regarding the PTSA sponsored Reflections program was sent home in the red folder. If your child turns in a project, I will add extra credit points to their reading grade. All entries are due between September 11-13.

A paper with your child’s Prodigy (online math practice game) was also in the red folder. I encourage you to create a parent account to view your child’s progress throughout the year. Directions were highlighted on the worksheet. I will be creating weekly lessons through Prodigy that will review standards covered in class.

The 5th grade lock-in is on the calendar for September 7th. More information will be sent home about this event.


Open House Presentation


Open House Presentation 18-19Strickland-202ifzv

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