1st & 3rd – Coach Storey – Week of 9/5


Monday, 9/4 – No School

Tuesday, 9/5

  • Warm Up page 201 – think critically
  • Notes:  Jefferson
  • America Story of Us:  Westward 2
  • Visual Vocab – due today
  • People Chart – due today

Wed: WU4 / Notes:  War of 1812 / LA Purchase Map / Jefferson Cartoon / review questions / Most missed test questions review (Revolution – Constitution) * may have to be Thursday, depends on time etc. (tba)

Thur: WU5 / Notes:  Industry and Transportation /  Lab – Jackson, Slavery

Fri: 10 min. review time / New Republic Vocab Quiz / Notes:  Religion and Reform / Presidents video:  Monroe – Jackson


New Nation-2g1oj5m

Forming a New Nation-vwv7z4

Jeffersonian Democracy-2jjykan

War of 1812-19f1jjm

Jackson Years-1xvijyp

Industry and Transportaion-2jarwa4

Religion and Reform-1aql0gr

Manifest Destiny-24beqw5


SSUSH6 Analyze the challenges faced by the first five presidents and how they responded.

SSUSH7 Investigate political, economic, and social developments during the Age of Jackson.

SSUSH8 Explore the relationship between slavery, growing north-south divisions, and
westward expansion that led to the outbreak of the Civil War.

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