2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of September 5

Monday, 9/4 – no school

Tuesday, 9/5 – Students will be able to dilate a line and determine if the image is parallel to or on the preimage.  Students will be able to determine if two triangles have side lengths that are proportional.


Check homework (Mixed review)

Go over homework answers

Quick dilation of a line activity

Proportionality notes

practice using proportionality to find missing information

Students will receive individual or small group instruction as needed based on teacher observation.

Students can re-watch the following video to preview proportionality in triangles.


E.Geompracwkst8A-1m80bvh                ProportionalityinTriangles-1xfwovo

The following video can be used as review of triangle inequality:


Wednesday, 9/6 – Students will be able to determine if two triangles are similar using triangle similarity postulates.


Check homework

Go over correct homework answers

Notes on triangle similarity postulates

Practice determining if two triangles are similar

E.Geomwkst8.5ans-1i0mjul      E.Geomwkst8.5-1maoy3s              8.5practicework-1f6as7z

Thursday, 9/7 – Students will be able to explain in a proof how two triangles are similar.


Check and go over homework.

peanut butter a jelly sandwich directions writing assignment

written explanations of how two triangles are similar

practice proving two triangles are similar

Friday, 9/8 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 70% mastery of similar triangles.


Homework check


Quiz over similar triangles


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