1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of October 30

Monday, October 30

  • Gilded Age Notes
  • Industry – West Preview Test
  • Carnegie Article Worksheet

Tuesday, October 31

  • Presidents Video
  • Go over Preview Test
  • Review for Industry – West Test
  • Finish Carnegie Article Worksheet

Wednesday, November 1

  • Industry – West Test
  • Imperialism – Progressives Vocabulary:  populist party, direct primary, 19th amendment, imperialism, sphere of influence, Grange, initiative, Americanization, extractive economy, “Big Stick” Diplomacy, progressivism, referendum, Niagara Movement, Yellow Press, recall, mutualistas, jingoism, moral diplomacy, suffrage, 16th amendment, insurrection

Thursday, November 2

  • WU #9 page 537, map skills #1&2
  • Notes:  Imperialism
  • Imperialism – Progressive People Chart

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of October 30

Monday, October 30 – Students will be able to recall how to simplify radicals without the use of a calculator.


Radicals review

Practice simplifying radicals.

Tuesday, October 31 – Students will be able to use the Pythagorean theorem to solve for missing sides or to determine if a triangle is a right triangle.


Check radical review work

Review the Pythagorean theorem (notes)

Prove the Pythagorean theorem

Practice the Pythagorean theorem

Wednesday, November 1 – Students will discover the short cuts associated with finding the sides of a triangle given one side length if the right triangle is a special right triangles.


Go over homework

Complete task

Thursday, November 2 – Students will be able to use the rules of special right triangles to solve problems.


Check Homework

Powerpoint on special right triangles

practice work on special right triangles

Friday, November 3 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery of special right triangles and Pythagorean theorem.



Introduction to Trig

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of October 23

Vocabulary Quiz – Thursday, October 26 – QUIZLET

Monday, October 23

  • Notes – Politics and Immigration
  • Finish Video – Men who Built America

Tuesday: WU / Notes:  Reform Presidents / Visual Vocab / Political Cartoon / Review ?’s

Wednesday: WU / Notes:  Women’s Reform /

Thursday: 10 min review / Vocab Quiz / Notes:  West

Friday: WU / Notes:  Gilded Age

Notes for this unit:

Expansion of Industry-2gcv11c

Innovations in Farming 17-1ewx8dd

Politics, Immigration, Women’s Reform-1br97dr

Rail Road Industry 17-1k0w9im

The Gilded Age-x4tzkz

The West 17-1ywhmgs

Labor Movement F17-1dpz4ua

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of October 23

Monday, October 23 – Students will be able to complete basic geometric constructions using a compass and a straightedge.

Agenda:  Students will complete a variety of constructions with step by step instructions.

Tuesday, October 24 – Students will be able to construct points of concurrency in triangles.

Agenda:  Students will be grouped and each person will be responsible for a construction in an acute, obtuse, and right triangle.

Wednesday, October 25 – Students will be able to determine the properties of each point of concurrency.


Points of concurrency graphic organizer

Magic squares

Thursday, October 26 – Students will be able to construct regular shapes inside a circle.


Guided practice constructing a hexagon, a square, and an equilateral triangle in a circle.

Start geometric constructions design

Friday, October 27 – Students will be able to Demonstrate a minimum pf 80% mastery of constructions and points of concurrency.


Complete quiz

Complete geometric constructions design

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of October 16

Important Dates

West, Industry, Progressives Vocab Quiz:  10/26

West, Industry, Progressives Unit Test:  10/31

Monday:  WU / Notes: Populists (Farmers and the RR) / Vocab = Progressives / Review Questions

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Labor Unions & Industry / DBQ (in class structure) / Review Questions

Wednesday:  WU / Notes: Rail Roads (impact on Native Americans)  & Technology / People Chart= Industry & West / Part 2 of the DBQ activity

Thursday:  WU / Notes:  Captains of Industry / The Men Who Built America series / People Chart= Progressives

Friday:  WU / Notes: Progressives / The Men Who Built America / finish up and People Chart items

  • Power Points will be posted asap.  I am in the process of altering the notes to fit the NEW Georgia Standards.  There is some shuffling, replacing, adding, and dropping going on.  Please be patient


SSUSH11 Examine connections between the rise of big business, the growth of labor unions, and technological innovations.

SSUSH12 Evaluate how westward expansion impacted the Plains Indians and fulfilled Manifest Destiny.

SSUSH13 Evaluate efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Era.

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of October 16

Monday, October 16 – Students will be able to recognize areas of strength and weakness for current content.


Check and go over parallelogram homework

Students to individually work review 1 and check their answers for accuracy every 5 questions.

Start review 2 upon completion of review 1

Tuesday, October 17 – Students will be able to determine areas of focus for their study plan


Check and go over review 2

Complete and check answers for review 3

Create a study plan to be turned in

Wednesday, October 18 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery of the current content.


Unit 3 test

Write a reflection about study choices made for today’s test.

Thursday, October 19 – Students will be able to evaluate and adjust their misconceptions about the topics covered in this unit.


Get back test

Go over all the answers for the test

Start review number 4

Friday, October 20 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of a 5 point increase over the first test.


Unit 3 re-test

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of October 9

Here’s the Civil War – Reconstruction Quizlet.  Please note that there are only 30 flashcards, but there will be 50 questions on the test.  Be sure to know the particulars of the battles as they may appear throughout the test, not just in the matching section.  Also, don’t forget to look over your 3 political cartoons.

Monday, October 9

  1. Warm Up #3 – Greeley Letter
  2. Notes: Civil War
  3. Preview Test
  4. Civil War Battle Chart

Tuesday, October 10

  1. Warm Up #4 – Political Cartoon #11
  2. Notes:  Reconstruction
  3. Political Cartoon #12
  4. Go over Battle Chart
  5. Activity

Wednesday, October 11


Thursday, October 12

  1. Go Over Preview Test
  2. Review for Test
  3. Begin Industry, Reform & Imperialism Vocab

Friday, October 13

  1. Civil War – Reconstruction Test
  2. Finish Industry, Reform & Imperialism Vocab


2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of October 9

Monday, October 9 – Students will be able to recall properties of parallelograms.


-go over the PSAT problems that were assigned on Friday

-Turn in take home quiz

– review properties of parallelograms

-practice solving problems using properties of parallelograms

Students will receive individual or small group instruction as needed based on teacher observation.





The following video can be used as a preview or review of the topics for today:


Tuesday, October 10 – Students will be able to solve problems using properties of parallelograms and special quadrilaterals.


Review Practice work from Monday

Continue practice problems with properties of parallelograms

start review for the Test on Friday

The following video can be used for review on the topics from the week:


Wednesday, October 11 – PSAT DAY:  the class will not meet

Thursday, October 12 – Students will be able to identify areas that need to be studies for the test tomorrow


Go over the review that was given out on Tuesday

Get review number 2 to work on in class with answers attached

Friday, October 13 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery of topics in this unit.

Agenda:  TEST

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of October 2

important dates:

People Chart Quiz; 10/4

Vocab Quiz:  10/5 QUIZLET

Civil War – Reconstruction Unit Test:  10/12


Monday:  WU / Notes:  War Breaks out / Visual Vocab / Review ?’s

Tuesday: WU check  / Notes:  War Breaks out / Secession Cartoon / Section Review / America Story of us

Wednesday:  WU / Notes:  Civil War / Glory

Thursday: WU / Notes:  Civil War / Glory

Friday:  WU / Notes:  Civil War (tba) Reconstruction / Civil War Battle Chart / Review

Notes:  Scroll down to last entry, power points are located there.

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of October 2

Monday, Oct. 2 – Students will be able to determine if two triangles are congruent using congruence postulates.


Collect/check/go over practice work from Friday before break.

Remind students about USA test prep assignment

PowerPoint notes on triangle congruence postulates.

Practice work





Tuesday, October 3 – Students will be able to prove if two triangles are congruent using the triangle congruence postulates.


Continued practice on using the triangle congruence postulates

Introduction to proofs

Scrambled proofs

Practice proofs

ScrambledProofs-1b9m7m5                 reasons-for-proof-and-examples-1adcdd9

Wednesday, October 4 – Students will be able to formally prove that two triangles are congruent.


Continued proofs practice

-students will be paired up and given proofs to work.

– team that completes the most proofs accurately will    earn bonus points on the next test (1st, 2nd, &           3rd place groups)

Skills check on proofs.

Thursday, October 5 – Students will be able to find the centroid of a triangle by constructing the medians of the triangle.


Students will construct the medians of various triangles to discover that they always meet in the same spot.

After the medians are constructed, students will measure the line segments created to discover additional properties of the centroid


Friday, October 6 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery on triangle congruence, centroids, and proofs.


Questions and answers about any topic from the week.

Quiz on triangle congruence, centroid, and proofs


Practice work on all topics presented so far in this unit.