1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of November 6

Important Dates: for the unit of Imperialism – Progressives

11/9 Vocab Quiz – QUIZLET

11/10 Imperialism Notes Quiz

11/15 “Midterm” – replace LOWEST test score.  Explained in class

11/16 WWI-II Test (tba – depends on how we are doing on time etc.)

Monday: WU check / Notes:  Square Deal / Imperialism Chart

Tuesday:  WU / Notes:  Square Deal / Literacy Test Activity – writing assignment

Wednesday:  WU / Notes:  Progressive Presidents / Progressives Chart

Thursday:  Vocab Quiz WU / Notes:  Progressive Presidents / Colonization Review Day

Friday:  Notes Quiz / Presidents Video:  Progressives  /  Political Cartoon Activity – progressive issues

Unit Notes


Square Deal roosevelt notes-2g25jii

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