2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of December 4

Monday, December 4 – Students will be able to find missing values and lengths of segments using the properties of tangent lines to circles.


Turn in take home quizzes

Guided notes on tangent line relationships to circles

Practice during guided notes

Individual practice

Start homework

Tuesday, December 5 – Students will be able to use properties of chords in circles to determine missing values.


Check Homework

notes on chord relationships in circles:

~congruent chords

~segments of intersecting chords

Guided practice during notes

Practice in the classroom from the geometry book

E.Geomwkst10.2B-1rab8yw                    segmentlengthsofchords-1eynoiu

Wednesday, December 6 – Students will be able to use properties of secants to find missing segment lengths.


Check homework

Notes on segment lengths in relation to secants in circles

Guided practice

Individual practice

E.Geomwkst10.5B-1uce2m3                       segmentlengthsofsecants-27gwpr8

Thursday, December 7 – Students will be able to apply the right relationship given a any problem of the content covered this week.


Check homework

Complete the back of the Wheel of Formula’s

Students will complete mixed practice for accuracy (check every 5-7 problems)

Start mixed practice homework

Friday, December 8 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery of segment lengths in circles.  Students will be able to construct a line that is tangent to a circle.


Check homework

Q&A about quiz topics


Construct a line that is tangent to a circle

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