1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of January 15

Monday 1/15

  • No School – MLK Day

Tuesday 1/16

Wednesday 1/17

  • WU
  • Notes:  American Revolution
  • Visual Vocab – selected 24 words that will be on the vocab quiz
  • review questions

Thursday 1/18

  • WU
  • Notes:  American Revolution in the South
  • The Patriot:  School version, Questions that go with it

Friday 1/19

  • Revolution Battle Quiz
  • Notes:  Finish Revolution if needed / move on to Forming a New Nation if possible.
  • The Patriot:  Finish the movie, questions are due

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of January 15

Monday, January 15 – No School

Tuesday, January 16 – Students will be able to find the volume of 3D shapes.


Discuss Cavaleri’s Principle

Work in Geometry book

~sections 12.4 and 12.5

Individually meet with Mrs. Johnson to discuss area and circumference quiz results

Wednesday, January 17 – Students will be able to identify the correct formulas to use given different problems.


Check volume work

Formulas quiz

Grade and correct formulas quiz

Kahoot on volume

Thursday, January 18 – Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of finding the volume of different 3D shapes.


Q and A

Volume quiz

Unit review

Friday, January 19 – Students will be able to determine areas of strength and weakness for the current unit.


Students will use an ipad and the CTLS system to practice problems from this unit.

Students will sign into and start deltamath.com assignment.

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of January 8

Jan. 8/ Monday

  • WU2:  Jamestown
  • Notes:  Finish Colonization & start Colonial Life
  • scheduled to go get books
  • actv:  tba
  • Pocahontas Cartoon – discuss

Jan. 9 / Tuesday

  • WU3:
  • Notes:  Finish Colonial Life & start French and Indian War (finish if we can)
  • Actv:  Colonization – Constitution Vocab 1 – due today
  • Review ?’s

Jan. 10 / Wednesday

  • WU4:
  • Notes:  American Revolution (taxes)
  • Actv:  Colonization People Chart – due today is the plan (tba)
  • Bloody Massacre (Boston Massacre) discussion
  • Review ?’s if time allows

Jan. 11 / Thursday

  • WU5:
  • Notes:  American Revolution
  • Actv:  French and Indian war Article – “essay”/article summary

Jan. 12 / Friday

  • F&I War Article Due – turn in
  • America Story of Us:  Rebels II & start Revolution

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of January 8

Monday, January 7 – No School

Tuesday, January 8 – Students will be able to determine the area of a sector given the measure of the central angle and the radius.


Check homework

Lesson on Area of a sector

Practice area of a sector

Example of creative area problems

Practice finding the area of shaded regions

Students should watch the following video prior to class as a preview or after class as a review:


Day-5—Area-of-a-Sector-Homework—KEY (1)-1rknajz Day-5—Area-of-a-Sector-Homework (1)-25mi9s6 Day-5—Area-of-a-Sector-Notes—KEY (1)-2017jqi

7.4-Workbook-CircumferenceArcLengthAreaandAreaofSector (1)-27obus3

7.4-Workbook-CircumferenceArcLengthAreaandAreaofaSector-KEY (1)-2j7asbt

Wednesday, January 10 – Students will be able to use arc length to solve for missing information.


Check homework

Radians with Playdough lab

Students will work in groups to race to solve a series of problems using arc length and area of a sector

The first group to finish will earn 5 bonus points on the Quiz this week.

E.Geomwkst11.5A-xxwyf7          E.Geomwkst11.5B-1dl0x79

Thursday, January 11 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery on the formative assessment.


Check/go over homework

Q&A on all topics covered throughout the week


Friday, January 12 – Students will be able to determine the 2 dimensional cross sections of 3 dimensional shapes.


Students will get back quiz

Students will work in groups and with Playdough to create 3D shapes and will use dental floss to cut the shapes per the lab instructions.

1st & 3rd Hour – Coach Storey – Week of January 1

Welcome Back for Spring 2018

Important information

Syllabus:  USH syllabus Spring 18-25v9wah

Pacing Guide:  United States History Important Dates S18-1bapl7g

Jan. 1 / Monday :  NO SCHOOL

Jan. 2 / Tuesday:  NO SCHOOL

Jan. 3 / Wednesday NO SCHOOL

Jan. 4/ Thursday

  • seating chart / attendance
  • Placement forms
  • Go over Syllabus & expectations
  • Notes:  start notes – see note packet given in class (all power points will be posted on the blog as well) – Exploration
  • “Pre test Activity”

Jan. 5 / Friday

  • Warm Up #1:  Who writes History?  Explain
  • Notes:  Colonization
  • Activity:
  • Review Questions:  5 questions, multiple choice, review of previous days notes etc.


Power Point Notes for this Unit of Colonization – Constitution







Forming a New Nation-vwv7z4

2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of January 1

Monday, January 1 – No School

Tuesday, January 2 – No School

Wednesday, January 3 – No School

Thursday, January 4 – Students will be able to determine areas of strength and weakness on topics that were covered during the Fall semester.


Cumulative review

Important documents

Purge Notebook

TTRS forms

Friday, January 5 – Students will be able to construct a line that is tangent to a circle.  Students will be able to determine the area and/or circumference of a circle.


Quick review of Area and Circumference formulas

Practice area and circumference problems

Small groups to work on the constructions of tangent lines to circles with teacher assistance.

areaandcircumferenceofacircleincludinganswersandmodifications-11tkh4b AreaandCircumferenceofCircles-2aw81yp            AreaandCircumferenceofCirclesanswers-22nbw8f