2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of January 1

Monday, January 1 – No School

Tuesday, January 2 – No School

Wednesday, January 3 – No School

Thursday, January 4 – Students will be able to determine areas of strength and weakness on topics that were covered during the Fall semester.


Cumulative review

Important documents

Purge Notebook

TTRS forms

Friday, January 5 – Students will be able to construct a line that is tangent to a circle.  Students will be able to determine the area and/or circumference of a circle.


Quick review of Area and Circumference formulas

Practice area and circumference problems

Small groups to work on the constructions of tangent lines to circles with teacher assistance.

areaandcircumferenceofacircleincludinganswersandmodifications-11tkh4b AreaandCircumferenceofCircles-2aw81yp            AreaandCircumferenceofCirclesanswers-22nbw8f

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