2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of January 8

Monday, January 7 – No School

Tuesday, January 8 – Students will be able to determine the area of a sector given the measure of the central angle and the radius.


Check homework

Lesson on Area of a sector

Practice area of a sector

Example of creative area problems

Practice finding the area of shaded regions

Students should watch the following video prior to class as a preview or after class as a review:


Day-5—Area-of-a-Sector-Homework—KEY (1)-1rknajz Day-5—Area-of-a-Sector-Homework (1)-25mi9s6 Day-5—Area-of-a-Sector-Notes—KEY (1)-2017jqi

7.4-Workbook-CircumferenceArcLengthAreaandAreaofSector (1)-27obus3

7.4-Workbook-CircumferenceArcLengthAreaandAreaofaSector-KEY (1)-2j7asbt

Wednesday, January 10 – Students will be able to use arc length to solve for missing information.


Check homework

Radians with Playdough lab

Students will work in groups to race to solve a series of problems using arc length and area of a sector

The first group to finish will earn 5 bonus points on the Quiz this week.

E.Geomwkst11.5A-xxwyf7          E.Geomwkst11.5B-1dl0x79

Thursday, January 11 – Students will be able to demonstrate a minimum of 75% mastery on the formative assessment.


Check/go over homework

Q&A on all topics covered throughout the week


Friday, January 12 – Students will be able to determine the 2 dimensional cross sections of 3 dimensional shapes.


Students will get back quiz

Students will work in groups and with Playdough to create 3D shapes and will use dental floss to cut the shapes per the lab instructions.

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