2nd Hour – Mrs. Johnson – Week of January 15

Monday, January 15 – No School

Tuesday, January 16 – Students will be able to find the volume of 3D shapes.


Discuss Cavaleri’s Principle

Work in Geometry book

~sections 12.4 and 12.5

Individually meet with Mrs. Johnson to discuss area and circumference quiz results

Wednesday, January 17 – Students will be able to identify the correct formulas to use given different problems.


Check volume work

Formulas quiz

Grade and correct formulas quiz

Kahoot on volume

Thursday, January 18 – Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of finding the volume of different 3D shapes.


Q and A

Volume quiz

Unit review

Friday, January 19 – Students will be able to determine areas of strength and weakness for the current unit.


Students will use an ipad and the CTLS system to practice problems from this unit.

Students will sign into and start deltamath.com assignment.

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